Writing a Thank You Letter After the Interview

I wrote this article to tell you how to write a thank you letter after giving a successful interview. You know you have being selected and a joining letter would be send to you in coming days.

So it is important to write a thank you letter to your employer expressing your gratitude and reaffirmation that company has made a right decision by recruiting you.

thankyou letter

Importance of Writing a Thank you Letter

It is very important to write a follow up thank you letter once you have being selected for the job.

Recently in a survey conducted by a company 75% of interviewer said that a follow up thank you letter from their candidate affects their decision making process.

Hence you must right a thank you letter.

First reason is company will take you seriously as an important asset. They will realize your value and it can help you later for higher pay and perks.

Secondly reaffirmation is important so that company does not change its mind in the last moment.

So these were two reasons why you should always write a thank you letter.

Tips for Writing a Thank You Letter

How do you write a good thank you letter? Well here are some tips

1. Do it as soon as possible

Write the letter as soon as you gave the interview. Do not wait for long otherwise you might fade away from the memory of the interviewer. So hurry up.

2. Reiterate your loyalty to the job

In the letter reiterate your loyalty to job saying you are going to stick to the job for a long time. Sound serious not casual.

3. Remind the employer your strengths and weaknesses

You need to elaborate on your skills that how you will be an asset to the company but at the same time you need to mention some of your weakness.

4. Try to be more realistic

Be realistic and do not shy away from mentioning your weaknesses because you have to undergo some sort of training after joining the company.

5. Keep letter short and thank everyone

Finally your letter must be short and thank everyone you visited during your interview.

Few Samples of Thank Your Letter after the Interview

Now you know that importance of writing letter and few tips how to write one let us see some of the popular samples. Either you can write a thank you letter or e mail it over internet. But the format remains the same.

The first sample is bit complicated but the second one is very simple.



[Address1]: Street Address

[Address2]: City, Pin Code

Dear Miss/Mr.

[Entire Body]

Thank You for appointing me …………..

[Body End]


[Your Name]

[List of References]

Sample 2

Good Morning [Interviewer’s Name]

[Body Start]

Thank You for taking your time out with me yesterday about the {job title} position with {company name} ………….

I can help the company grow with my strong skill set in {ability in/strength}

I am upbeat about the joining {company name}. You can catch me at my {email address} and {phone number}


[Body End]

Best Regards

[Your Name]

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