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How to Write a Clear Career Objective for Resume

career objective

Sending in resume is your first step while applying for jobs. The first impression you give a prospective employer is through your resume. The resume is your brand ambassador and representative. It will speak aloud for you. You may be well qualified and possess skills required for that dream job. Yet, if you fail to…

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167 Good Resume Words That Could Get You Hired

Writing a winning resume is similar to producing an advertisement that actually makes consumers purchase the product, because in reality what you’re doing when writing a resume is actually selling yourself to an employer. Your resume must contain good resume words; these are used to capture the reader/ hiring manager to actually consider you for…

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How to Write Your Skills and Experience on a Resume

skills experience on resume

Writing a resume can be difficult especially for new graduates or entry-level jobseekers. They usually encounter a problem when it comes to writing their skills and experience. Learning how to write your skills and experience on a resume should not be difficult at all. Listing Down Your Experience In a resume, you will need to…

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Get the Attention of the Interviewer with a Visual Resume

What is the basic reason for creating a resume apart from the purpose of introduction? Impression! Impression is the most important thing that a resume has to create if it needs to stand out from the rest of the lot. An interviewer or a recruiter is bombarded with a large number of resume e-mails daily.…

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10 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed

Are you worried about your unemployment, even after attending many interviews or even after applying for many jobs? Rather than worrying about your unemployment, this is the right time to identify the reason behind the same. Here are the 10 reasons, why you may not be able to find the right job opportunity for yourself:…

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How to Get Ahead in Recruitment of Government Jobs

There are lots of opportunities in private sector and multinational companies but still today‚Äôs youngsters are trying for the government jobs. The main reason people dream for Government jobs is the job security, lots of perks, accommodation, good working environment, insurance etc. There are some people/agents who take money and assure you about the job…

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