4 Types Of Hotel Jobs With Accommodation

No matter how big or small a hotel is, they always employ specialized staff. Hotels are already established in big cities, as well as small towns. They offer a space for people to stay and an opportunity to engage in the amenities provided by the establishment. In order for a hotel to function at its best, they hire specialized hospitality staff which merges the individual skills and knowledge of each employee for a common goal and that is to provide excellent quality customer service to each of the guest entering the hotel.

Depending on the job position, hotel employee’s earnings vary. If you are an applicant looking for a job, consider yourself lucky if you saw an advertisement opening hotel jobs with accommodation. While looking for a job, you may be from a different place and you need a place to stay in – here are some of the types of hotel jobs with accommodation so you won’t get lost or be hassled with your transient status.

Types Of Hotel Jobs

1. Hotel Managers

Often times, hotel managers are hired to supervise all transactions and systems during their shift. This is the primary reason why they have to be stay-in. If you are looking for hotel jobs with accommodation and you have the credentials, you might want to eye for a hotel manager position.

The main role of hotel managers is to oversee the other employees as well as address the concerns and issues of the guests. They are also in charge of supervision of the maintenance of the hotel. He or she must have undergone special training or finished a college education that involves hospitality management. Out of all the hotel jobs with accommodation in our top 4, a hotel manager would be the best.

2. Food Service

One important sector in hotel management is food service. Chefs prepare the menus and are in charge with kitchen staff during their shift. Wait staff serving diners take the orders from their guests and attend special requests from them. Food service crew needs to stay in house because food is a vital component in any hotel business. You can definitely find hotel jobs with accommodation if you are eyeing for food service crew for a career opportunity.


Most hotels hire people with pleasing personality for customer relations. These workers have variety of roles in the hotel. They can be receptionists in the front desk, greeting guests and accommodating questions from them. They are also in charge of taking reservations via phone and they are the direct representative of the hotel to any client or travel organization that wants to promote and offer discounts.

Since hotels want the best for the jobs, they are willing to recruit employees from different locations and provide them with proper housing or staff house.


In order to keep the cleanliness and system organization in the hotel, the housekeeping is necessary. The housekeeping staff’s main role is to clean the rooms in between guests and offer daily services to them. These include making their beds, doing their laundries, collecting garbage, restocking bath products and towels.

Maintenance technicians are usually stay-in and they offer one of the most stable hotel jobs with accommodation due to the fact that they should be alert and attentive about the systems and processes in the hotel. Building maintenance including plumbing, electrical needs, furniture building and others need skills from experienced workers. The main job of these maintenance people is to keep the building safe from danger and secure while making sure everything is working at its best and without any problem.

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