How to Earn Rs.40,000 and More with Amazon Flex Program: A Complete Guide

Earn Rs.140 per hour as an Amazon Flex driver. Download the amazon flex driver app and apply for the Amazon delivery jobs. Amazon flex pay rate for each block is excellent.
Amazon Flex Program

Did you know it’s now possible to make Rs.40,000 and more every month by starting your own business with zero investment and using the resources you have?

If not, you definitely need to know about the Amazon Flex program from India’s largest online store, Amazon. From June 13, 2019, Amazon allows you to become a partner of this amazing program that pays Rs.40,000 and more per month.

Amazon Flex Program

And Amazon Flex program is open to women and men of 18 years of age and above, provided they meet certain simple terms and conditions.

All you need to do is apply for Amazon flex delivery jobs by downloading the Amazon Flex driver app.

What is Amazon Flex?

In simplest terms, Amazon Flex is a program that allows you to earn between Rs.120 and Rs.140 per hour. All you need to do is deliver packages to customers on behalf of Amazon.

At present, residents of Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore can join the Amazon Flex program.

In the coming months, Amazon will be rolling out the program to more cities and eventually cover the entire India, said Akhil Saxena, Vice President, Asia Customer Fulfilment at Amazon says in a media statement.

Anyone above the age of 18 years including students, housewives, cabbies and rickshaw drivers, retirees, jobless women, and men as well as those with regular employment can join the Amazon Flex program and make Rs.40,000 or more every month.

How? I’ll explain further.

Download Amazon Flex App

The first thing to do for joining the Amazon Flex program is to log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one.

If you are using a computer, visit Amazon Flex here.

You can also paste this link on your smartphone and directly download the Amazon Flex app.

You will have to provide full access to the Amazon Flex program by alerting the security settings of your smartphone. Most importantly, the Amazon Flex app should have access to your geographical location.

Amazon specifies that you’ll need an Android 6.0 or higher smartphone with at least 2GB RAM to use Amazon Flex app and become a program partner.

Additionally, your smartphone should have a camera with flash, GPS location services and active SIM card with voice and Internet connectivity.

Register for Amazon Flex

Now fill in the necessary information and submit your application. You can submit this application on the Amazon Flex program website I mention above or directly from the Amazon Flex app.

Here’s the information you’ll have to provide while registering for Amazon Flex.

  • Full Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Whether or not you own a two-wheeler (moped, scooter or motorcycle)
  • Driving License details
  • Details of vehicle ownership including Vehicle Registration & Road Permit
  • Vehicle insurance and validity
  • Details of Pollution Under Control (PUC) certification of your vehicle
  • Permanent Account Number (PAN) card
  • Details of your personal savings bank or current account at any bank in India.

Usually, Amazon Flex in India takes between five and 10 working days to process your application to become an Amazon Flex partner.

Background Verification for Amazon Flex

Amazon conducts background verification for all Amazon Flex applicants. Hence, your application and details will be given to a background check service provider.

Usually, a background check takes between 5 to 10 days. Hence, you’ll have to wait for your Amazon Flex application to be successful.

If you have any questions regarding Amazon Flex background verification, call telephone number 1800-123-4339 or send an email at [email protected] to resolve your queries.

Waiting for Background Verification

While awaiting completion of the background verification process that takes between 5 to 10 working days here are some essential things that you can do.

  • Watch videos on Amazon Flex website to know the program better.
  • Learn online about best practices to deliver packages from tutorials on Amazon Flex website.
  • Get better acquainted with the area where you are planning to make deliveries as Amazon Flex partner.
  • Learn rules and regulations that govern Amazon India deliveries.
  • Understand proper techniques of handling packages for Amazon Flex delivery to Amazon customers.
  • Get well acquainted with the Delivery Block process that Amazon uses for its Amazon Flex partners. I will explain the Delivery Block system later in this article. But you can read more details directly on Amazon Flex program website.

Amazon conducts background checks because there have been several instances in the past where unscrupulous Amazon Flex drivers have fled with expensive items.

For example, some customers that had ordered a mobile phone were shocked to find a soap bar inside the package.

Amazon Flex Delivery Blocks

You won’t be the only Amazon Flex partner working in any specific area. Also, packages from Amazon have to arrive in your area before you collect them for making deliveries.

Hence, the Amazon Flex program has a system known as Delivery Blocks.

How much does amazon flex pay per block?

You have to select an area where you’ll deliver for Amazon as its Amazon Flex partner. Hence, you can select only Amazon Flex delivery blocks available in your selected zone.

Usually, your delivery zone would be an area of 5km to a 10km radius. More specific details about zones are awaited from Amazon.

In simple terms, a Delivery Block is a schedule when you can deliver packages to customers.

  • You can choose any Delivery Block on any given day that suits your schedule.
  • However, the Delivery Block has to be available. Meaning, it should not be taken by someone else.
  • You can bid for Delivery Blocks in advance.
  • To ensure that packages reach customers on schedule, Amazon Flex program doesn’t allow you to book overlapping Delivery Blocks.
  • There are no limits on how many Delivery Blocks you can select. But it’s essential to deliver stuff during these Delivery Blocks. Failure to do has serious consequences. You will lose the money you get from delivering from Amazon and can also forfeit your Amazon Flex partnership.

Delivery Blocks that are booked or available will show on your Amazon Flex app in the form of orange and black dots.

There is a number of factors to decide how much money you will earn per block with amazon flex. Most Amazon flex drivers earn anywhere between Rs.120 to Rs.140 per hour. You can maximize this earning by accepting instant offers.

Amazon Flex pays you in hourly blocks. When you schedule a block, you already get the idea of how long it lasts and how much can you earn with each block.

Here I suggest you read Amazon Flex FAQs to better understand how the Amazon Flex delivery Block system works.

Cash-On-Delivery & Undelivered Packages

As you would know, Amazon’s cash-on-delivery (COD) system is very popular among Indian online shoppers. This means the Amazon Flex driver receives the money on behalf of Amazon while delivering the stuff.

There are strict rules for Amazon Flex program partners on handling cash-on-delivery packages.

  • The Point-Of-Sale or cash machine provided by Amazon has to be returned to the original pick-up location when you finish deliveries for the day.
  • All money collected from customers for COD orders has to be properly accounted and handed over at the original pick-up point when you finish for the day.
  • Furthermore, any packages that you couldn’t deliver for any reason, have also to be handed over at the original pick-up point when you sign off for that day.
  • Failure to do so can have severe consequences such as losing an Amazon Flex pay and membership or even criminal charges, since it involves large amounts of cash and expensive stuff.
  • If you don’t have change to provide a COD customer, you have the facility to credit the balance in their Amazon Flex Pay account.

Cash Tips from Amazon Customers

There’s some ambiguity over this issue.

In India, it is a common tradition to offer a cash tip to Amazon Flex drivers and some customers are very generous. They also offer food and beverages to Amazon Flex drivers. This tradition dates back centuries and prevails to date.

Amazon India hasn’t specified any rules and regulations over tips that some customers give to Amazon Flex drivers or accepting food and drinks from clients.

Hence, we can assume that any tips given by a customer would be yours for keeps. However, I suggest you double-check this with Amazon to avoid any hassles later.

Insurance for Amazon Flex Partners

Amazon India covers its Amazon Flex partners under a group insurance policy. However, your vehicle and stuff are taken for delivery aren’t insured. Also, Amazon doesn’t cover any third-party expenses, if another vehicle sustains damage due to an accident you cause.

  • Amazon provides accidental death coverage of Rs.500,000 for Amazon Flex partners on duty.
  • Additionally, Amazon provides Rs.500,000 coverage for permanent disability sustained during an accident while on duty as Amazon Flex partner.

Hence, it is advisable to have own personal insurance cover for self and vehicle before applying to become an Amazon Flex partner.

Payment from Amazon Flex

As Amazon Flex program partner, you’ll get between Rs.120 to Rs.140 per hour of work. Amazon will not pay you separately for fuel expenses.

Since Amazon delivers from early morning to about 9 pm daily, you can make more money by working for longer hours. You can choose when you wish to deliver packages as Amazon Flex partner. Timings are flexible but Delivery Blocks have to be available to suit your schedules.

Payments are made every week, on Wednesday. Your money will go directly into the bank account whose details you provide while registering.

It’s also worth remembering, your income from Amazon Flex is taxable under Indian laws, if you are working elsewhere and have a regular salary.

However, you’ll have to pay taxes only if your income from a regular job and Amazon Flex exceeds the Income Tax exemption limits.

Important Warnings about Amazon Flex

There are several YouTube videos and blogs that speak about how you can use Amazon Flex to start own business. They advise you to become an Amazon Flex partner and employ people for actual deliveries.

This is not allowed by Amazon.

You can lose your Amazon Flex membership by asking third parties to deliver goods on a commission basis.

Amazon will conduct your background check and take you on board as Amazon Flex partner only if you have a clean record.

If you entrust delivery to others, your Amazon Flex membership will be automatically terminated.

Worse, you can land in serious trouble such as criminal cases if the person you employ flees with a package containing expensive stuff or cash from COD deliveries. Remember, it’s your PAN card and details that Amazon has and not of the third party.

Therefore, do not venture into such a very risky business with Amazon Flex program that some blogs and YouTube videos are promoting.

Amazon has a separate program for logistics companies and small businesses to deliver packages. This program allows registered companies and small businesses to send their Amazon Flex drivers to customers.

In such cases, logistics companies and delivery agencies have to provide several guarantees to Amazon and sign a proper contract. This program has nothing to do with Amazon Flex, so don’t confuse between the two.

Wrap Up

India is the eighth country on Amazon’s global map where Amazon Flex program is available. Amazon Flex is an excellent program where you can earn extra income or your livelihood from Amazon, if you meet their eligibility criteria.

As the program becomes popular, you can expect intense competition within your area. Hence, I suggest you register today for Amazon Flex program and start earning big money at the earliest.

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