What to Do When Your Parents Want To Choose Your Career Path?

I was tortured by my parents for taking up a course that I never liked. I always wanted to become a writer however my parents wanted me to be an engineer.

I am Shashi Suman from Bangalore. I was not good at math, physics and chemistry, I somehow passed my 10+2 and wanted to become a writer or a blogger.

But my parents wanted me to enroll in an engineering college because all my friends were joining an engineer degree course. I remember I had to fight with my parents but they did not listen to me. But in the end I did what I Liked.

If you are also faced with similar situation then what should you do. Well I wrote this article to help you out if you are facing similar situation.

choose career you like

Going for a Career Counselor

If you and your parents disagree about your future career course then you can settle this dispute by going to a career counselor. Although going to a career counselor is not one of the best options available but you should give a try.

While talking to your counselor you must put your point forward and explain why you want to go for a particular career that you like. On the other hand your parents will give their point of you and career counselor will tell both of your what to do.

If career counselor is taking your parent’s side then you must reject it but if he/she agrees with you then you need to convince your parents.

Choose a Career What You Like Not your Parents

If going to a career counselor fails and your parents are forcing their will on you then you must not abide them. You need to tell them clearly about your career choice. Never give an impression that you want what your parents.

If you want to choose other career then you should given arguments to your parents that why you want to go for that route. You should make a choice about a career that you like and want to pursue in future.

If under pressure you accept your parent’s choice then you are ruining your life and later on you might not become anything in your life.

What if Your Parents are Not Willing to Support

If you deny your parents choosing a career then it is quite possible that your parent may not support you. After all you need your parents to support your financially. IF you choose any other career you need money to pursue that career.

And it is quite a possibility that your parents decline to support your financially and emotionally. Then you have to prepare yourself and take on this world.

Because after that life won’t be easy for you. It is quite a possibility that under pressure from your parents you might crumble.

But in next to next paragraph what to do if your parents are not willing to support you.

Finding the Middle Ground with Your Parents

There is a chance that you can find a middle ground with your parents where both of you agree on a career.

There are times when your parents might be right and you are wrong. The reason is simple that they don’t have money for financing the career that you want to pursue.

Hence they are telling you to choose a different career path. In that case, you could agree with them and after completing the course you can do what you always wanted to do.

It can also happen that your parents agree with you because you are on the right path. The course you want to do has a better prospect and the cost is also very less.

Both of you can agree on some middle ground.

Staying Out, Start Working and Continue College

Finally what if there is no option left and you have to do what you want to do. In that case you must be prepared to leave your parents and get ready to explore the world.

You need to find a job may be part time and finance your college or course that you always wanted to do. Choosing a work would be very difficult because you need enough money to sustain your dream.

If you are working part time then you can attend college. But if you are not working part time then you have to miss your college. Best case scenario is that you choose a part time job and go for correspondence course like IGNOU or Manipal University.

You get time for studying as well as attending the college. The fee structure is also very less. However this should be your last option if nothing works out.

So these were few tips what you need to do if your parents are forcing their will on you.

This article is contributed by Shashi Suman who writes career tips on SureJob.

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