Jobs and Careers for MBA Graduates

I simply can’t over emphasize the importance of MBA. In recent years job markets have shown that there is a great need for good business administrators.

MBA is a post graduate degree and if you are thinking of taking up this course then go for it. The reason is MBA graduates are high in demand in the job market.

Companies, small or big are always looking for MBA graduates.

So do not worry if you have to pay a hefty price for getting an admission in one of top MBA college. It is because you worth it.

You will earn all that money back in just few years because you will easily get a job.

Here are some of the jobs you can look for after your MBA.

mba jobs

1. Financial Manager/Analyst

Financial analysts are in great demand. They are needed by banks, financial firms, rating agencies etc for guiding all aspects of finance related issues.

Just like financial analyst, financial managers are required by companies and banking firms too. You can easily get a job with a nice pay package after completing your MBA.

However you will need some experience before you become an analyst.

2. Management Consultant

Management consultant is all about consulting about a business. It can also be called business management.

Companies are going to hire you so that you can run and monitor their daily operations.

You will have a huge responsibility for running an entire unit with hundreds of employees under you.

You need an experience of at least 2 to 3 years.

3. Sales and Operational Manager

A job as a sales and Operational manager requires less experience as compared to others in this list.

You can join as a sales manager as soon as you complete your MBA degree.

You will be responsible for achieving the sales target that your manager has set for you. You will be working and leading your team.

Operational manger is above the sales manager.

4. Investment Fund Manager

Investment fund managers could work for a firm and for individuals also. Here you provide financial advice to your clients about where to invest their money.

You advice them about equities and securities they can invest in. The salary could be great and the job is also in a great demand these days.

However you need some experience and it is not for a fresher.

5. Marketing Manager

A Marketing manager is just like sales manager. Here he will be responsible for expanding the business and getting more customers.

Here you have to be smarter than a sales manager because responsibility is much greater.

Companies are always looking for MBA graduates with an experience of 2 to 3 years especially in retail sector for the job of marketing manager.

6. Accounting Manager

You can start your career as a staff accountant and work your way up till you become Chief Accounts officer.

MBA graduates have a great future in accounting field. They can easily get a job in accounting field because the demand is very high.

Senior accountants can a good salary in an average company.

7. HR Manager/Specialist

MBA graduates have a great opportunity if they want to enter the HR field.

You can enter the field as a newcomer and with experience you can be a HR Manager or HR specialist.

MBA professionals can apply their knowledge when they are recruiting or hiring new employees.

8. Hospitality Manager

I should be mentioning this on the top of the list.

Entire hospitality sector is open for MBA graduates. You can find a job as a hospitality manager in various 5 star hotels, restaurants, spa etc.

They usually look for MBA graduates with an experience of 2 to 3 years in hospitality sector.

9. IT Manager/Director

You may be surprised to know that MBA graduates have a great opportunity when it comes to IT sector.

Business administrators are required everywhere in retail, banking, health, hospitality, IT etc.

As an IT director you will be responsible for planning, managing and execution of IT infrastructure in a company.

If you are an IT manager then you have to look day to day operations under the IT director.

10. Investment Banker

Finally if you are more ambitious then you can become an Investment Banker.

You help companies and organizations to raise capital. You have to be very ambitious if you want to be an investment banker.

So these were 10 jobs and career opportunities for MBA graduates who are coming from a diverse background like retail, hospitality, IT, finance etc.

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