Different Jobs in Toy Design and Manufacturing

Bringing joy to others is one of the most rewarding and worthwhile experiences in the world. Giving to a child is especially enjoyable because you can see their honest gratitude and excitement. If you love toys and are still a kid at heart, consider a job in designing and manufacturing toys. Here are some different job options.

Becoming a toy designer is a great career option. This job requires a lot of creativity and ingenuity. You need to think from a child’s perspective while also considering a parent’s viewpoint. Creating a new toy with a fresh idea is challenging with so many options available on the market. Kids are flooded with hip, new toy trends. Toy designer needs to make something that will stand out amongst the crowd and have “wow” factor. Some basic knowledge of childhood growth and development is also essential to ensure you are creative age appropriate toys for your consumers. In addition, toy designers need to keep safety precautions in mind. They need to use safe materials and make sure the materials will be developed correctly. You don’t want anything with loose pieces hanging off that a child may choke on! You also have to think about that fact that the parent will by purchasing the item and they want to see good quality for their money. As a toy designer you may choose to work independently for yourself or for a larger company. Working for yourself provides you with flexibility while working with a company can give you many more resources.


You may also decide to work as a toy maker. This is an ideal career choice if you are good with your hands or with machinery. These individuals take the designer’s idea and make them a reality. You may choose to work with creating handmade or wooden toys for specialty stores. Or you can work for a company that creates toys in bulk. This may involve working with machinery or other technology and tools. You may also work in the warehouse with handling incoming or outgoing shipments. Other manufacturing jobs include computer control operators, assemblers or fabricators who all help in the creation process of the toy business.


A merchandiser is the individual or team who markers certain products. This position involves designing displays, coming up with slogans and promoting the toy with marketing techniques or strategies. There are also different options available in sales. You may choose to work for either a manufacturing company or even a toy store where items are sold. If you are passionate about getting fun toy ideas out there and into the public, this would be great for you. You can help toy stores determine which products are best for their consumers. You can also help shoppers find the perfect toy for the child in their life. On both ends of the spectrum, toy sales can be very exciting.

Making toys is a fun and ever-changing career path. You will delight children for years to come and really have a positive impact on their youth and childhood experiences. This can be a very rewarding career path for an individual who never truly wants to grow up! Who knows, maybe one day you will design the top toys for 2015



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