30 Best & High Paying Content Writing Jobs

content writing jobs

Do you know what is content writing and which are the best content writing jobs?

“Content writing is broadly defined as creating an article for blogs and websites for online marketing or public awareness. The main objectives of content writing include providing information that translates as action.

The process includes using keywords that people search frequently with research from very reliable sources that people can trust and take action.”

Content writing is one of them.

content writing jobs

Content writing is the best ways to make money from the comfort of your home.

If you want to get started in content writing, you have come to the right place. In the beginning, it might sound intimidating but it isn’t.

Due to the sudden fall in the economy, small and big companies are hiring more freelancers than ever. A large proportion of this includes freelance content writers.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

It’s amazing if you have a degree in English literature or journalism and mass communication. But don’t worry if you are from a different background, you can still excel as a content writer.

I know you are looking for a job in content writing. It is a diversified field and has its different branches.

I will first show you 19 best content writing jobs and then I give you the list of best platforms where you can sell your content writing service.

Best Freelance Content Writing Jobs

You can work full-time as a content writer for a company or you can provide freelance content writing service. Most of the content writers like to work as a freelancer because they can make more money and have more time freedom.

Here are some of the best content writing jobs.

1. Blogger

This is the most popular form of writing among content writers. Blogging has been popular ever since the internet became more accessible. Anyone can start blogging, and you can do it too.

You just require a website and consistency in writing on your blog.

You can buy a domain name and hosting to start your own blog. Today, you can create a blog for as low as $1 per month.

Then, you can start writing on a niche that you find interesting, like travel, digital marketing, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

Many people have made lots of money over the years by blogging.

Not only that, you can also find a blog writing job on popular blogs. It is a well-paid form of content writing and requires an excellent command on words.

If you think you can give it a shot, you can try it.

2. Blog Post Writer

There is a great demand for article writer or blog post writers because of the exponential growth of blogs on internet. Blog posts are based on a specific niche. A blog writer has a great deal of knowledge on that particular niche.

A blog writer writes the post easily and engagingly. Blog posts are usually longer and contain lots of subheadings for the readers to understand easily.

3. Copywriter

Copywriting refers to the precise writing that is intended for marketing purposes. A copywriter writes copies that include advertising copies.

The aim of copywriting is to increase brand awareness and brand reputation. 

Copywriting deals with creativity at its best. Copywriting can be your thing if you get enough exposure by reading certain books and working. 

Copywriting is a high-paid job, and you can become a freelance copywriter or a full-time copywriter.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writing is used to create user manuals for anything such as your mobile phone to a complex machinery.

It involves studying various  technical specifications and explaining them in simplest words to end users who can be household consumers or workers at a factory.

Technical writing is also used by companies looking at buying or selling machinery. Technical writers are generally engineers.

5. Business Writer

Business writing is all about professionalism and precision. In business writing, you should expect to write error-free and to the point content.

Business writing is intended for the proper connection between a business and its stakeholders. It is not about slang and metaphorical language.

The most important part of business writing is editing. You have to finesse your editing as well as writing skills to give business writing its shot.

6. Guest Post Writer

There are millions of blogs on the internet that consistently feature writers on their blogs. It is best for creating backlinks, getting traffic, as well as receiving good exposure.

Guest blogging encompasses all topics of people’s interests. It is a great opportunity for young as well as experienced content writers.

However, getting a guest post gig can be hard. But, with enough experience and exposure, you can do it easily.

7. SEO content writer 

Content writing on the internet is ultimately all about SEO (search engine optimization). It refers to the writing that involves a good knowledge of SEO and keyword research.

The main objective of SEO writing is to gain reach and exposure from search engines e.g. Google. It is the perfect amalgamation of creativity and technical stuff.

The role of an SEO content writer is to write excellent content and then edit it according to on-page SEO requirement so that it ranks high in Google and other search engines.

SEO in itself is a huge field, and if you want to be an SEO content writer, you need to learn at least basic SEO.

8. Editorial writer

Editorial writing includes editorials on current issues. Editorials are usually written by a senior content writer.

The most popular form of editorial writing includes newspaper editorials and magazine editorials. 

You need to have enough expertise to become an editorial writer. However, you can get a chance for writing editorials in smaller publications fairly easily.

9. Social media writer

Social media writers are those who write captions for social media posts of other people. It can make you a decent sum of money.

Nowadays, it is not just about pictures, but also about a creative caption. A caption can influence people and, therefore, famous people are willing to pay for captivating captions.

Although keep in mind that you won’t get credit every time the caption you wrote.

However, if you love to write captions and you are good at it, you should try writing it for other people and make a good income.

10. Ghostwriter 

As the name suggests, a ghostwriter is a person who writes for someone without getting any credit for the words.

Ghostwriting might be a questionable thing for some writers, but for the others, it is a good way to make money. Ghostwriting has many forms including blogs, books, ebooks, papers, etc.

11. Scriptwriter

Scriptwriting is an in-demand profession in the entertainment industry. All the movies, series, etc. are written by a scriptwriter first.

At present, Youtube is flooded with short movies and stories. For this, the production team requires a person who can write an appealing script for them.

If you have a knack for writing stories, then scriptwriting is your cup of tea. Scriptwriting demands exceptional creativity, and only a few people can do it efficiently. 

These types of content writing jobs are hard to find, but once you find it, it will open all the gates for your career in this field.

12. Email Writer

Emails are one of the best tools for branding and marketing. Brands spend a lot of money on email marketing. For this, they hire writers who can write emails that can bring leads.

Emails are usually crisp and catchy, therefore, you should write accordingly. 

Experienced writers make a great sum of money by just scribbling emails. Some writers even charge $1000 for an email.

Email writing is an art in itself, and the number of leads or sales it generates defines its success. 

13. Press Release Writer

A press release writer is proficient in writing official statements for the media. It is more of an announcement.

Press releases have a particular format and it includes an introduction, headline, and seven other elements.

Different organizations launch press releases for news and media agencies. Press releases serve as a representative of a particular organization. 

14. Communication writer

A communication writer is someone who can write well-researched and compelling advertising copies for the internet, newspapers, magazines, etc. 

An editor then edits it and gives feedback.

15. Songwriter

Songwriting is a form of poetry. It is exclusively for those who love to write poetry. Songwriting has a huge scope, keeping in mind the ever-increasing interest of the young generation in music.

Songwriting is an art that is learned deliberately. You have to think creatively and decide on a song structure first. 

It is not just about words, but also about rhyming, melody, chords, and music. 

If you are a music enthusiast and know a thing or two about chords and stuff, you can try songwriting.

To know more about songwriting, find it here.

16. Long Content Writer

Most writers can squeeze up to 1500-2000 words per day. In long content writing, the piece of writing can be very long. It can be between 2000-4000 words and even beyond. Long pieces of content aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Only the most patient writers can do that. 

Writing long content comes with practice. 

It can be a daunting task for newbies, but trust me, it is equally enjoyable like the other types of content. 

In long content writing, you can write ebooks, long essays, tech articles, etc. 

The long content type is more detailed.

17. Report writer

As a report writer, you have to be vigilant towards various industries like education, tourism, food, entertainment, etc. in report writing, you are required to analyze data and write a detailed report based on it.

You need to have excellent research skills to write compelling reports. It is a great choice for people who have analytical skills.

18. Subtitle writer

Do you have any idea who writes the subtitles of movies and videos? Subtitle writers do! 

Subtitle writing might sound like an easy job, but it isn’t. You have to be a keen listener, fast typer, and good command over the language.

If you know languages other than English (like French, Spanish, German, etc.), you can also do it.

Subtitle writing pays you less than the other writing jobs, but it is worth a try if you have just begun. 

It doesn’t require much thinking, but it does require proper attention.

19. Transcriber

A transcriber is someone who listens to an audio recording and converts it into written form. Many a time, interviewers take interviews in audio form.

A transcriber is somewhat like a subtitle writer, but transcribing requires a more formal language, it is mostly done for official works.

If you want to become a transcriber, you just need to have a fast typing speed and proper listening skills.

You can find transcription jobs here.

20. Proofreader

Proofreading means reading an already written content and rule out mistakes and errors.

Proofreading is not an easy job, sometimes a proofreader has to read thousands of words and extract the errors. It requires patience and a good knowledge of grammar.

You can find more about online proofreading jobs here.

21. Resume Writer

Your resume is a single sheet of paper that speaks for you. It has to be a ‘killer’ resume. However, most people don’t know how to craft their resume and get a good job. To fix this problem, resume writers come to the rescue.

Resume writers are adept in writing the best resume, and you can become one if you have enough interest in resume writing.

22. Cover Letter Writer

Cover letters are motivational letters that people attach with their resume or curriculum vitae.

It tells the employer about you, your skills, and ‘why should they hire you?’. Therefore, cover letters have to be precise and appealing.

A cover letter writer deliberately understands your skills and writes a letter that compliments your resume.

Legal writing involves formal writing intended for official purposes. It includes writing a memo that gives answers to a legal question. For example, disclaimers and terms and conditions come under legal writing.

24. Creative writing

Creative writing can be best described as ‘out of the box’ writing. Creative writing utilizes imagination and literary ornaments to turn the piece of writing into a work of art. 

Creative writing can include short stories, anecdotes, etc.

25. Whitepapers

Whitepapers are authoritative and well-researched write-ups that involve a case-study or an issue. It is written in a way that involves the readers and makes them aware of an issue and promotes a particular methodology to solve that issue.

26. Podcast writing

Podcasts are becoming popular day by day. People are getting busier and have no time to watch videos. Therefore, content creators are making podcasts.

A great podcast includes a well-written script. Podcast writers write the script for a podcast that covers a particular issue or topic. 

Podcasts don't have to follow a formal tone. They should be interactive and easy to understand.

27. Book Writing / Editing

Book writing is a time-consuming task. Only patient writers that possess thorough knowledge and skills can master it. 

Books can be short as well as long. A book writer can write a book for himself or another person. To publish a book, you can either self-publish it or contact a publisher. 

28. Product Description Writing

Product description writing describes the features of certain types of products, for example, headphones or hand sanitizer. To write a product description, a writer must have a thorough knowledge of that product.

A lot of people read product descriptions before buying a product, therefore, these articles are very popular.

29. Report writer

As a report writer, you have to be vigilant towards various industries like education, tourism, food, entertainment, etc. in report writing, you are required to analyze data and write a detailed report based on it.

You need to have excellent research skills to write compelling reports. It is a great choice for people who have analytical skills.

30. Brand Journalist

A brand journalist is a journalist who is specifically hired for a brand to formulate engaging stories about it. 

The main purpose of a brand journalist is to spread awareness about a particular brand among its audience and consumers. 

To become a brand journalist, you must know how to tell a story. Individuals who have a degree or diploma in journalism are preferred for this role.

Platforms where you can Find Content Writing Jobs

If you want to enter the vast field of content writing, you have lots of options to explore. Please note that your writing isn’t limited to just SEO content writing or ghostwriting. You can try whatever suits you and that’s how you will find your ultimate passion.

Now that you know about the different types of content writing, it is now time to know the different platforms where you can find some work for you.

(initially, it will be hard to find a suitable gig for you, but eventually, you will find better options.)

1. LinkedIn

If you haven’t made a LinkedIn profile yet, I highly recommend you make it. LinkedIn is not just a social media platform for professionals; it is a place where you can find a reliable job too. This is the very reason why almost 675 million people have already made their LinkedIn profiles.

On LinkedIn, you can create a professional and attractive profile. You can share your skills, experiences, certifications, etc. there. 

You can post informative content related to your field (content writing, here). There is a setting on Linked where you get notifications for recent job openings on your field. You can easily apply for the job and find a perfect job for you.

Make an account on LinkedIn

2. Upwork

Upwork is probably the largest platform for freelancers of all types. It is a reputed website where freelancers are paid well and it involves less risk. 

It is the right platform to start with. You can find all the writing-related jobs here. After you spend some time here, it will become easier, and you can increase your hourly rate simultaneously. 

However, on Upwork, you need to have a strong professional background, to start with. The ordinary and amateur profile has low selection percentage. 

You have to keep on trying, that’s how your profile will get recommended.

Make an account on Upwork now.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr is a place where people go to hire freelancers at a cheap price. It is one of the most popular platforms that freelancers use worldwide. 

The signup process is easy and anyone can join it for free.

You have to keep in mind that every time you earn from a gig, you can keep 80% of it and the rest 20% goes to Fiverr.

You can sign-up and make an account here at Fiverr

4. Internshala 

Internshala is a platform for Indian students and graduates where they can find an internship in different fields. 

At present, Internshala also started providing jobs to freshers. I have personally used internshala as a content writer newbie.

Although the hiring companies pay you less, you can still use the Certificates and Letters of Recommendation that you get as testimonials. This is the perfect place to start and find a suitable internship. Make an account and start looking for fresher jobs and internships now on Internshala 

5. Guru 

Guru is also another freelancing platform where you can work and earn money. In Guru, you can sign-in via your Facebook or LinkedIn account. 

You have to provide official documents like address proof, identity proof, etc. to prove your authenticity. 

Click here to sign up.

6. Medium

A lot of people don’t know about Medium. Medium is an ad-free platform for writers all over the world. It is primarily for writing and sharing articles. 

Medium has launched a program called Medium Partners Program where you can sign-up. Medium pays you for the article if it reaches people. Viral articles can get anywhere between $100- $6000 or more. 

If you want to make money by sharing your write ups, then you should enrol in the Medium partners program. 

7. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is an Australian company. It pays you for the freelancing gigs like ghostwriting, blogging, article writing, etc. 

Finding gigs will be harder in the beginning, but it will get easier after some time.

Join Freelancer now!

8. People per hour

People per hour is a UK based freelancing company that provides gigs to freelancers. It is one of the best websites to find content writing work.

Join People per hour here.

10. Work n Hire

Work n hire is an Indian platform that helps freelancers and people who are waiting to get things done. You can give Worknhire a try.

11. Freelance writing

Freelance writing has been in the market since 1997. Here you can find gigs like journalism, blogging, copywriting, etc. Join Freelance writing here.

12. BloggingPro

bloggingPro is a platform for all the bloggers. If you want to get paid by writing blogs, you should join BloggingPro now.

13. iWriter

On iWriter, you can earn $2.5 dollars for a 500-word article. After enough experience and a better rating, you can become an elite writer and make more money.

Join iWriter and find out how!

14. WriterSlab India

In WriterSlab India, you can find freelancing opportunities if you’re Indian. You can expect to find all sorts of writing jobs here.

Join WriterSlab India and see it for yourself. 

15. Thoughtful Minds

In Thoughtful Minds, you care expected to complete thesis work, research papers, online homework, etc.

If you are willing to write such type of content, then this is the right place to start.


The internet has opened huge opportunities for making money online. Content writing is one of those jobs that doesn’t require a specific degree. You just need to have a little creativity and proper knowledge of English.

Most people learn content writing while practicing it. Therefore, you need to buckle up and start learning.

Once you start, things will align themselves. Now you know what to do and how to start, I hope I guided you well.

Start looking for work in content writing and change your life!

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