Different Types of Airport Jobs in The Field of Security

Airport Security personnel carry on with them the grave responsibility of keeping the peace and order as well as the overall safety of all people within the airport’s facility including the passengers, other airport personnel and staff. Apart from the security staff you usually see manning each airport entrance and luggage check, there are other different types of airport security job. These teams of security personnel help maintain a smooth and safe airport operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Different types of Airport jobs entail different requirements, training, responsibilities, salaries and benefits as well. Some are tasked to stand at a certain post for the entire shift, while other airport security personnel are tasked to constantly move around to maintain peace and order. Basically, the harder the different types of airport jobs get, the higher the pay and benefits.

Airport Security Jobs

Taking a look at the different types of airport jobs can help a lot of people appreciate and bring importance to these men and women who are willing to put themselves in danger and keep watch of any illegal activities within the airport facilities. Here are 5 of the most common types of airport security jobs and their area of responsibility.

  1. Door keepers

The first and last line of defense and security of any airport facility are the door keepers. These are the men and women situated in every entrance and exit within the airport. These security personnel often have the usual scanners that serve as the initial security check for any form of illegal substance or weapon carried by incoming passengers.

  1. Luggage scanners

As soon as you enter the airport facility, a second line of the security team is waiting for your baggage screening. These security personnel are well trained to operate scanners and x-ray machines to take a look inside any luggage without it being opened. Illegal firearms, drugs and many more are collected by this security team department.

  1. Dangerous goods and cargo inspector

Not all illegal items and substances are seen only inside people’s luggage. Cargos are also tools used by many to illegally transport goods and other items. Similar to that of a baggage screening personnel, cargo inspectors are trained to use machines to scan for any illegal cargo shipment.

  1. CCTV security personnel

Another type of airport security jobs is the CCTV security personnel. These are the ones responsible for monitoring the entire airport facility with the use of state of the art closed circuit television cameras, situated at every corner of the airport. This type of airport security job requires a keen eye and technical training with surveillance cameras.

  1. Transportation security manager

Different types of airport jobs vary on the type of responsibility that is being carried out by the security personnel. Transportation security managers are the ones responsible in making sure that all operations related to transportation and screening operations go on smoothly and securely. This type of security manager keeps other personnel in line with the airport’s goal of public safety and peace and order.

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