5 Disadvantages of Online Data Entry Jobs

Do you know that data entry jobs are not that simple as you may think? It is not just about typing few forms as some of these guys are propagating on the Internet.

You must have real idea what actually data entry jobs are before you plunge into this line. Usually in data entry jobs companies will give you image files that are nothing but photographs of documents.

You have to see them word by word and write them into a MS Word document. One image file can be a paragraph containing 100 to 150 words or it can be a whole page with 700 to 800 words.

You get paid for every single image file (paragraph or a page) you write down it to a Word document.

Online data entry jobs can really make some money if you are in a college looking for extra income or if you are a housewife or even a retiree.

However it is my responsibility to tell you the disadvantages of online data entry jobs so that you do not live in a make believe world. Here are they.

Finding A Genuine Company

We all know Internet is like an ocean and there is always a chance that you may lose in it. You will have a great problem while searching a genuine data entry company online. Data Entry Jobs Disadvantage

There are many companies that claims to give you a job as a data entry operator however many of them are just fraud. So you will really have hard time looking for one real company.

Even if you find one then I would suggest you not to pay any registration fees unless you enquire everything about the company. A genuine company will always give you a phone number to clarify your doubts. So this would be your first challenge.

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Achieving Accuracy

Next thing would be achieving accuracy. Every data entry company will demand you an accuracy of 99% that would mean only one or two mistakes.

If you are not able to achieve the desired accuracy then your that particular file will get rejected. Remember the image files that I talked about before are mainly medical transcript.

The words are really hard to spell and you cannot find them in a normal English dictionary. Sometimes these image files are blurred so it becomes difficult to understand few words in them.

Very Tiresome

Typing word documents by seeing image files that are not clear is really cumbersome. If you are a beginner then your eyes may even get hurt because you are not used to paying such an attention.

You have to concentrate hard pressurizing your brain and eyes. Moreover to make substantial amount of money you will have to type at least 40 to 50 image files daily within a timeline. This will really take a toll on your eyes. So take this point under consideration.


What’s more is the payment issue. At times it happens that after hard work you might not receive payments on the right time. The reason that companies will give you is that they have rejected your work because lack of accuracy.

They might even threaten to suspend your membership. You are left helpless as you can not complain anywhere because everything is online. This might even shatter your dreams.

Lack Of Support

As if this was not enough lack of customer support is like rubbing salts on your wounds. If you want to take some guidance from the company about the work you are going to do or regarding payments then there is a lack of support from their end.

You will not get reply why they rejected your work even if you met the accuracy. However it depends upon company to company.


Lastly I would suggest you to think twice or thrice if you are planning to start online data entry jobs. Firstly think about the genuine company, secondly about achieving accuracy and how it is time consuming, thirdly about payments on right time and last but not the least is the customer support to answer your queries.

You can also think of starting other online jobs mentioned here. There is some good potential of earning money from these online work. Some of these online jobs can even make you full time income.

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