Best Online Jobs in Chennai & Kerala – Earn ₹25000 PM

online jobs in chennai

Cost of living in Chennai and Kerala are undoubtedly on the rise. Unlike their counterparts elsewhere in India, people of Chennai and Kerala are unable to find very highly paid jobs.

Consequently, people from Chennai migrate to Bengaluru, renowned as an IT hub and manufacturing base for several Indian majors.

Meanwhile, people from Kerala migrate to other parts of India and moreover, to countries of the Arabian Gulf. This scenario prevails despite high literacy rates in Chennai and Kerala.

Limited knowledge of the Hindi language in these areas can impede you from seeking jobs elsewhere, but you can use this to your advantage.

Why online jobs in Chennai & Kerala?

online jobs in chennai

Thanks to the advent of Internet and advances in software, residents of Chennai and Kerala can now find simple online jobs. With these, they can earn an additional income.

Alternatively, they can work online full-time for sizeable earnings. However, the question almost every person looking for online jobs in Chennai and Kerala are confused about what suits them or where to find such work.

Here we provide a ready reckoner for best online jobs in Chennai and Kerala. You can choose the one that best suits your skills.

Online Jobs Tips for starters

Before you embark on any online job, here are a few simple tips you may wish to follow;

  • Take an online job that best suits your skills.
  • Verify credentials of the company or organization offering online jobs. A simple search on the Internet and user reviews will review whether the company is legitimate or scam.
  • Read reviews posted online by users of various online work portals. These will give you a clear idea about whether the company pays you or reneges on its promises.
  • Never give details such as your bank account, credit and debit card numbers to anyone offering online jobs.
  • Generally, legitimate companies that offer online jobs do not ask you for a registration fee. Therefore, look for those companies that offer free registration to work.
  • Do not buy any software from companies offering online jobs. Companies who force you to buy their software are generally scams.
  • Ensure the online job you are applying for is easy to perform. Some companies set impossible daily targets and penalize you for any errors. It is better to shun such companies since your payments are not guaranteed.
  • Avoid looking for online jobs through recruitment agencies. Instead, you can easily find them through reputed online job portals.

We are providing almost all online jobs mentioned here. You can signup for the free online jobs training. There is no investment for any online jobs in Chennai & Kerala.

Basic qualifications for online jobs in Kerala & Chennai

To get the best online job in Chennai and Kerala, you will need some basic skills. These include:

  • Good working skills with computers and common software such as Microsoft Office.
  • High level of Internet skills.
  • Expert level fluency in reading, writing and speaking Tamil or Malayalam languages, depending upon your location.
  • Fair degree fluency in English and Hindi languages.
  • A flair or passion for using social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Based upon our research, there is a high demand for specific online jobs in Chennai and Kerala. Depending upon your skills, you may apply for any of these, through reputed employment portals.

Please note, income indicated here is merely for reference. You can make lesser than the amounts we state or higher. This depends upon the hours you work online as well as your skills.

Data entry (Rs.15,000 + per month)

Companies across India as well as educational institutions require forms to be filled online in English. However, not everyone in Chennai or Kerala is fluent in this fourth most widely spoken language of the world.

With basic English skills as well as fluency in your native language, a data entry job online in Chennai and Kerala is something you may consider.

Here, you will have to translate simple data such as name and address, educational qualifications and work experience provided in Tamil or Malayalam. You have to complete and submit online forms in English.

You can refer:-

Online surveys (Rs. 12,000 + per month)

Till a few years ago, the business of online surveys was limited in India. However, with consumerism on the rise in this country combined with entry of hundreds of foreign companies, there is a huge demand for online surveys from India.

This is evident from the fact that several major online survey companies from the US and Europe now enlist respondents from India as well.

These companies pay you in US Dollars, UK Pound Sterling or Euro. With current currency conversion rates, you can earn a lucrative amount by participating in such online surveys.

You can get 20 online survey sites here.

Online Medical Transcriptions (Rs. 25,000 + per month)

Doing medical transcriptions is a great online job for residents of Chennai and Kerala. However, you will require some basic knowledge about medicines and diagnostics to enter this profession.

Online medical transcriptions involve listening to recordings made by doctors while talking to their patient or simply reading medical reports and writing a summary.

You can work as a medical transcriptionist from home or from the office of an agency that provides the service.

Online Translations (Rs. 25,000 + per month)

With an increasing number of Indian and foreign companies targeting India there is a huge demand for online translations from English to regional languages.

Tamil, the lingua franca of Chennai and Malayalam of Kerala are languages very few people of India know. Online translations are usually for business communication, legal documents and various other purposes such as advertising.

Online translations are nowadays in demand from India’s huge cinema industry, especially with movies from Tamil Nadu and Kerala making waves across the country.

Social media marketing (Rs. 20,000 + per month)

You can cash-in on the digital marketing boom by doing home-based social media marketing for any reputed company.

There is a huge demand for people who can do online social media marketing via platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp in Tamil and Malayalam languages.

As social media marketer, you will have to promote products and services of companies through their

Facebook pages, provide updates to customers using Twitter and WhatsApp as well as listen to customer grievances in your native language. The feedback is sent to your Indian or foreign employer.

Online store (Rs. 20,000 + per month)

India’s south Indian states Tamil Nadu and Kerala have a huge diaspora living in different parts of India and other countries of the world. Additionally, millions of people from Kerala work and live in the six Arabian Gulf countries.

There is a sizeable Tamil and Kerala community residing in Malaysia and Singapore as well as neighboring Sri Lanka. While stores across India and in foreign countries stock various products required by these communities, they are not region specific.

Meaning, such products are mass produced but do not cater to specific tastes and requirements. You can open an online store that offers such products to customers in India and abroad.

This is a very lucrative business provided you are able to source such products directly from producers.

Content writing (Rs.20,000 + per month)

Almost every website requires region specific content or write-ups. Content such as blogs about various products and services and press releases are an integral part of the ever growing digital marketing business.

Unfortunately, most content available online is in major languages of the world, including English. Some blogs and websites also carry content in Hindi.

The number of websites offering content in Tamil and Malayalam are few, despite the high literacy rates. Content writing in these languages is a great online job in Chennai and Kerala.

Refer: How to become a writer

Online news reporting (Rs.15,000 + per month)

Armed with a few writing skills and good command over English, you can become an online news reporter for any major national Indian newspaper or TV channel.

For this online job in Chennai and Kerala, you need to have a nose for off-beat news and a good network of contacts that can provide you leads.

For residents of Kerala, this profession is particularly lucrative since reportage about villages and rural areas of the state continues to lag behind on national media.

Micro-Tasking ( Rs.10,000 + per month)

Generally speaking, micro tasking can be described as a simple job. You will be provided data such as advertisements, forms and announcements.

You need to check these for errors and conduct the required corrections. This is a good online job in Chennai and Kerala.

Especially with companies looking for reliable people who can do such micro tasking for them in Tamil and Malayalam languages.

You require good grammatical skills in your native language to enter online micro tasking industry, which shows great potential in India.

Online consulting (Rs.10,000 + per month)

Online consulting is a job that suits almost anyone who is proficient in a particular field such as marketing, engineering, manufacture and design or fashion.

You can offer your services as an online consultant from Chennai and Kerala, depending upon your specific expertise.

With an increasing number of investors eager to enter Tamil Nadu and Kerala, there is no dearth of customers, provided you aggressively advertize your services online, especially via free social media platforms.

Final word

From the above facts, it is obvious that you can find best online jobs in Chennai and Kerala. Remember, the pay scales we mention are just indicators of how much you can earn with your skills.

They do not represent prevailing salaries, wages, rewards, incentives or any other form or remuneration.

Once again, it is advisable to know your own skills before taking up any online job. Proficiency in any of these skills will ensure you bag the best online job in Kerala & Chennai.

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