How To Download YouTube Videos for Desktop and Mobile for Free

YouTube is words topmost video-sharing social platform. Lots of music, and educational, entertaining videos are available here, which you can watch online, but if you want to download these videos for watching offline, then it’s slightly challenging. Here I have mentioned all the ways for downloading YouTube videos for Smartphones & PC.
Download Youtube Videos

If you wish to download YouTube videos, the best way is to opt for its premium subscription. But, many people might find it expensive or have their own reasons.

So, here I have listed down various ways to download these videos and keep them for offline use. 

However, It is illegal and against the policy of YouTube to download, broadcast, sell, license, or exploit any content. But, it has shown no intentions to penalize the downloaders to date.

It is still okay to use the given ways for your personal use. It is difficult to impose a ban because YouTube videos are visible to even the users who haven't signed-in with their accounts.

How to download Youtube videos

How To Download YouTube Videos For Desktop

Here are a few easy and quick ways to download YouTube videos if you are using a PC.

1. Use a video downloading tool/converter

It's very easy to use a converter to download YouTube videos. These are the steps you have to follow.

Step 1 – Play the YouTube video you want to download

Step 2 – Copy the video URL from the URL box 

Copy URL

Step 3 – Open any video converter website from the list below. Here I am using the website.

Step 4 – Paste your URL/link in the converter box

open converter website and paste Youtube video link

Step 5 – Then choose the required quality you want to download your video at.

Choose required video Quality

Step 6 – Click on convert

Press Convert

Step 8 – then click on Download.

Step 9 – video will be downloaded.

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2. Use browser add-ons

This can be a little tricky because you need to make sure the extension you choose is working properly. Most of the Firefox or Chrome extensions are either disabled or have malware. 

Step 1 – Open your Firefox or Chrome browser. Here I am taking Firefox.

Add Extention in Crome from top right corner

Step 2 – Search ‘YouTube Downloader' or ‘YouTube Video Downloader in the search box. You will find various extensions/add-ons. Here I used the ‘Easy YouTube Video Downloader Express' extension.

Step 3 – Click on “Add to Firefox” to download the add-on.

Click on add to Firefox

Step 4 – Go to youtube and play the video you want to download

Play Youtube video which you want to download

Step 5 – In this extension, you will get a download option just below the video.

Step 6 – Choose the required quality to download the video. and click Download. Video will be downloaded.

Choose quality in which you want to download

3. Use a VLC media player

This can be a very safe and secure way to download videos. Though it's a bit lengthier than the other options available, it can be trusted.

Step 1 – Open the required video on Youtube

Play Video on Youtube

Step 2 – Copy the URL of the video

Copy URL of video

Step 3 – Go to the VLC media player

Step 4 – Click on the option of “media”

Step 5 – Then choose “open network stream” (for windows) or File > open network (for Mac)

Go to VLC Media Player _ Click Media _ Click open network stream

Step 6 – You will see a page with a text editor

Step 7 – Paste the URL you have copied over here.

Paste URL and click Play

Step 8 – Then click on play, and the video starts playing.

Video start playing

Step 9 – Press “Ctrl + J” to open codec information

Step 10 – Copy the video information from the “location text box” which is there at the bottom of the page.

Press control + J

Step 11 – Paste the copied URL into your web browser and click on enter


Step 12 – After the video starts playing, right-click on the video

Step 13 – Now select the option of “save video”.

Right click and save video

Now the video starts downloading.

4. Download directly without copying the URL

If you don't want to go ahead with the copy-paste method of URL this is an easy way to download a video. You have to simply type “ss” in the URL box.

Step 1 – Open your required video

Play the video you want to download

Step 2 – Type “ss” in the URL after “www.” but before “”

write "ss" after www. and before

Step 3 – Press “Enter”

Step 4 – You have directed automatically to a downloading site. Here, the URL of the video appears in a box

You are directed automatically to a downloading site

Step 5 – You can choose the format and quality of the video

Choose required video quality

Step 6 – Now, click on “download”

Click on download

The video will start downloading in no time

How To Download Youtube Videos For Android & iOS

1. Youtube premium

Youtube has launched its premium feature to which you can subscribe. In India, it costs around 140 rupees per month.

You can download almost every video and store it for 30 days. Apart from this you also enjoy an ad-free experience and background play. 

2. Use the converter app or website

You can always use a variety of converter websites available online or even a few apps. But the problem is that I cannot give you an exclusive list of these sites or apps because most of these stop working after some time. It is technically illegal to download Youtube videos from third-party websites. One which I found working when I was writing this article is mentioned above.

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If you regularly download videos from youtube for any reason it's highly recommended that you take a premium subscription. It is safe and comes in handy with lots of other features making your video binge a good experience. But, anyways you still have lots of other options available if it's just an occasional thing.

Here is the list of sites that are currently working. 

  1. Instube
  2. Snap tube
  3. Y2 mate
  4. ByClick
  5. VDownloader
  6. Clipconverter
  7. Deturl
  8. Bit downloader
  9. Video download capture
  10.  2Conv

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