What to do if Your Employer is Not Paying You Salary?

Well sometimes it happens that your employer is not paying the salary for the work you have being doing since you joined.

I have experienced once in my life when my employer refused to pay me the salary of a month. I was new and I really did not know what to do.

So I left the job without asking him my salary for one month. I just let it go.

However, after working for few years I came to know what you can do if your employer is not paying.

If you are new to marketplace and employer is not paying you then you can try doing following things.

Talk to Your Employer in Private and Warn Him of Consequences

If your employer has not paid you for a month now then you can go up to him and talk candidly. You have to tell your employer that they must pay you on time otherwise there will be serious consequences.

When my employer refused to pay me I talked to him and warned him of serious consequences and he was willing to pay me next month. It can work if your employer is good.

Form a Gang with Your Co-workers and Mediate with Your Employer

Now if your employer is not listening then you have to use other methods. You could form a gang with your co-workers which have not being paid by your employer.

All you need is to gang up and talk to the employer asking him to pay their salary on time. If he doesn’t then you all should stop working. Definitely your employer would take it seriously because pressure is too much.

Become a Member of a Labor Union and Report to it

If your co-workers are not with you then you could join a labor union or a labor union of a political party in your area.

Every political party has a wing dedicated to labor right. You have to pay monthly fees to be a member. If anything goes wrong with you then you could all the members and threaten your employer to pay you the salary.

A group of members with a political affiliation will be ready to help you and you get your salary.

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Move to the Court and File a Case

If nothing is working for you then you could file a case in the session court. If you have time and money then you can take your employer to the court.

If you feel you are on the right side then you might win and employer has to pay you compensation.

So these were few tips that you can do if your employer is not paying you on time.

This is a guest post written by one of our contributor.

  1. I would rather prefer to go to court of law, preferably labour court. We shall get justice as per prevailing labour law. Even the expenditure we incurred for conducting the case will be compensated.

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