How to Approach Friends of Friends for Job Opportunities

In the market for a new job? You’re not alone. So are about an estimated 125 million other people looking for a job in India.

That means you’re not going to be able to rely on ads alone to find job openings, so you’re going to have to be creative if you want to find your next job sooner rather than later.

One of the most effective ways to find job opportunities today is by networking. In fact, according to the Department of Labour, more than 63 percent of all jobseekers find a position from networking.

Networking, when done well, can expose you to many new people and open the door to opportunities you might never have known existed otherwise. But, it does take work and effort.

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In fact, your friends – and their friends – can be a valuable source of information and job leads.

But, how do you meet those friends of friends and broach the subject of job opportunities? Fortunately, you have the internet, which makes networking much easier today.

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Step 1: Who are your friends and acquaintances?

Not everyone has networked before, so it can be intimidating. You might not even realize how many people might have the potential to help you.

Start by identifying people you know that might be able to help you.

Your list might include your friends, former classmates, formers co-workers and employers, people in any organizations to which you belong (clubs, colleges, sports, etc.), and people with whom you have some type of relationship.

Don’t forget to talk to family members, too.

Step 2: Start talking to your friends

The best way to approach friends of friends is to start by contacting your friends and the other people on your list.

Just give them a quick call or drop them an email, telling them you’re looking for new job opportunities and give them a brief roundup of your experience.

Ask them if they know of any job opportunities, and offer a copy of your resume if they do know something that might be a fit for you.

If your friend has a friend who might know of a job opportunity, ask that person if they can introduce the two of you, maybe through an email or a phone introduction.

That can often get the ball rolling and give you the opportunity to network with that friend of a friend.

Step 3: Join social networking sites

The internet makes connecting with people so much easier than it was a generation ago. If you’re not signed up for social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, sign up now.

Once you’ve created your profile – and make sure it is complete – you can start adding connections. Connect with your friends and then see who’s on their list of connections then ask your friends for an introduction.

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You can also typically send an introduction email to people you don’t know, but only do that for people who are somehow connected to you – a friend of a friend, for example.

Use your profiles on social networking sites to spread the word that you are looking for job opportunities, and join relevant professional groups, especially on LinkedIn, where you can chat with other people on discussion boards and make new connections that way.

Step 4: Follow up with a thank you

When someone helps you out, a friend or a friend of a friend, thank that person for his or her time and assistance.

And, don’t forget to thank your friend for introducing you to his or her friend. Both will be more likely to help you in the future if you show your appreciation.

Approaching friends of friends, who are often literally strangers to you, can be intimidating. But, the more you do it, the more comfortable you’ll become.

If more than half of all jobseekers find jobs through networking, you must learn to network if you want to find job opportunities not always advertised through traditional means.

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