Get a Grip & Move on for Sake of Job

A great sportsman and sports idol was asked, "What makes you such a great hockey player? " His fast reply was, "I'm going where the puck will be, not where it is".

That isn't merely an angle, but it is a required talent to stay out in front of a changing job marketplace and to maintain your revenue. By work, I mean either working for someone else, working for yourself or both.

Either way, you have to be able to work out where your job is going, not where it is. That is applicable to the present job you hold or the job you are looking for. grip on job

There are 2 economies in our country : one is the old paternalistic economy made of firms who hire folks to do their work. In that economy, if you are a worker, you've a better than fifty percent possibility of losing your job.

The other economy is a new one, infrequently called the free agency economy in which folks are anticipated to take care of themselves one way or the other for which they have command over how things get done. Put simply, they're their own master.

In the new economy made from independent agents who are learning to look after themselves, success doesn't begin with the large splash. Rather, most new firms and practices launched every year are moderate in scope.

As an example, beginning a cleaning service or pet sitting business, at first investing less than Rs.25,000 but making enough to pay your debts in half a year or a year.

A few individuals, naturally, do start bigger, mortgaging their home or taking out small company loans to create a massive business. The secret is to find the style and size that suits you.

Making a living in the old economy also has its hazards. Companies hire folks, use them up and to avoid costly benefits, allow them to go at the drop of a hat.

Then they're expecting laid-off staff to hang around in front of job boards waiting to be called back to work. That perspective is a victim mind-set which asserts " Someone else must look after me because I am not sure how.

"Regardless of if you only exercise the chance to be your own agent and supervisor part-time, acting on your own behalf in this fashion has it's advantages.

You'll have a bigger sense of control of your work life. Self employed folks have a larger sense of work satisfaction. They demonstrate better psychological and physical health and stop work burnout.

Maybe most critical, having any amount of your revenue generated from your own business gives you the capability for a rather more balanced life. Step away from the job board, at least sometimes, and go where the action is preparing to occur.

There, you can start to make your own future as your own free person and benefit from the new developing economy in our country. Good luck.

This article is contributed by James Seah who is writing in career related topics. He writes for number of top blogs including Career Mantra.

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