Clear First – Why You Want to Appear for IBPS SO

You might have already heard about Bank PO. However in this article we shall talk about Bank SO (Specialist Officer).

By the end of the article you will be surprised to know why Bank SO is much better job option than Bank PO.

So let us start with differences and similarities between Bank PO and SO job.

Bank PO vs. Bank SO

Let us start with comparing both of them for their salary.

Job Description

Lower Pay Scale

Upper Pay Scale

Bank SO

Rs 14,500

Rs 32,000

Bank PO

Rs 14,500

Rs 32,758

You will be surprised to know there is hardly any difference in the pay scale. So why do we prefer Bank SO job more?

We see this in coming paragraph.

Now compare both of them for work environment

Bank SO Bank PO
Work environment is less competitive so you can lay low. Work is very hectic and you come up with something new daily.
No added perks like transportation. Added perks like transportation.
You might be surprised to know there is hardly any meaning to SO or special officer.
As Bank SO you will be working on one particular job profile. However as a Bank PO you have to work for various verticals.


So these were few basic differences between Bank PO and SO.

What You Have to do as Bank SO?

Before I give you some great reasons why you should go for Bank SO over Bank PO you need to know tasks and duties that you have to perform as a Bank SO.

Here is the list of various tasks assigned to Bank SO.

1. Bank SO – Marketing Officer

As a marketing officer your task will be bringing more customers to the bank and increasing net profit. You will manage budget for advertising on newspaper, TV and other PR practices to reach out to customers.

2. Bank SO – HR Officer

The major task of HR officer will be formulating and implementing HR policies that increase the productivity of the bank. You will also be part of selection and recruitment committee.

3. Bank SO – Law Officer

As a law officer you have to defend reputation of the bank. You will also draft legal notice and documents for the bank. You will also deal with frauds, accusations and other legal issues.

4. Bank SO – IT Officer

IT department is very important as you handle the entire data center maintenance and issues related to ATM. You will also be responsible for network security and other queries.

5. Bank SO – Agriculture Officer

Here as a field officer you have to deal with banks in the rural areas of the country. You have to explain various plans and schemes to the people there.

6. Bank SO – Rajbhasha Adhikari

You will be promoting the National Language Hindi in the banks across the country. You will translate and proofread important documents.

So these were some of the duties that you have to take up as a Bank SO.

5 Reasons Why You Must Appear for IBPS SO Now

The most important part of the article is why you must clear IBPS SO first. Here are 5 reasons for it.

1. Less Hectic Job

You can’t even imagine that your work as Bank SO will be very less hectic compared to Bank PO. You will get limited task daily. Therefore you can pursue your other hobby in free time.

2. Work Only in Metropolitan Cities

Here your job location will be in metropolitan cities. You don’t have to travel to rural India like Bank PO. You will live in a city so you can live a peaceful life.

3. Almost No Job Transfer

Job transfer is not very frequent like Bank PO. You don’t have to shift places and you can stay in a given city for years to come.

4. Deal with Only Bank Employees

One of the major benefit is you deal with only bank employees and not clients and other customers. Here you work with employees of the bank and there is no tension dealing them.

5. Great Salary and Perks

Finally with so less work pressure you get good salary and other benefits just like a Bank PO. You might notice from the first paragraph that salary of Bank PO or SO is almost same.

So these were 5 reasons why you must clear IBPS SO first.

Preparing for Bank SO Exam and Interview

The exam pattern for Bank SO is same as Bank PO.

You have to appear for a written exam and then for an interview.

The exam is held once in a year.

The entire selection process is completed in just 2 steps.

Step 1: Common Written Exam

Step 2: Interview of shortlisted Candidates

So start preparing now.


  1. can you provide me some old question paper of bank so agriculture officer that can help me for exam…


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