10 Best Tips on How to Improve Spoken English for Interview

Do you want to know How to Improve spoken English? Here are the 10 most basic but effective tips on how to learn & improve English speaking in interview that can help you nail an interview and get the dream job.
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Finding a job becomes an easy process once you know how to crack the interview. This is the part where most people screw up. Why is the interview important? It is because it tells about your personality more than your resume.

For ages, interviewers have interviewed thousands of people, but they have selected only a handful. Most people get rejected, despite being talented.

Giving a successful interview is an art. For that, you not only need a firm grip on English but also smartness and confidence while speaking.

English is the most frequently used language in professional life. If you think your English is not that strong, this is the right article for you. Here, you will know how to improve English speaking in 10 simple ways.

Why and how to improve Spoken English for Interview?


English is your gateway to the whole world. Apart from all the monuments and railways, the British left the legacy of English and modernized India. Fast forward to seven decades, and English has become even more critical.

More than half of India’s population has become bilingual to a certain degree. To excel in the language, it needs equal hard work. 

The English used in interviews is professional and doesn’t include local slang, jargon, and strong language. Moreover, it also requires an above-average command of vocabulary and grammar.

These minor points are of great value, no matter how small they seem. All these things tell a great deal about an individual. Therefore, they are of great concern, especially those who want to achieve their dreams and make a difference. 

Tips to crack your interview in English

I have summarized this list of the 10 most effective techniques through which you can take your speaking skills in English to the next level. Use these tips and transform your English like never before. After practicing these tricks consistently, you can nail any interview you want! 

1. Make a goal

“You are your worst critic”- Ellen Hendricksen

You indeed know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else. To start anything, it is crucial to know where you stand. Are you starting from scratch or know a thing or two about English?

If you are reading this right now, you know English better than most people. But there is always a scope for improvement. Therefore, take out the pen and paper list all the goals you want to achieve in a specific time. That’s how you can graph your progress and get where you want to.

2. Develop a reading habit

Reading habit is, by far, the most overlooked and yet the most important thing when it comes to learning any language. Speaking of English, you should read everything that comes on your way. Reading voraciously is what all successful people do.

Warren Buffet alone reads 500 pages a day. Imagine if you just read a few pages every day. Slowly, it would become your habit. 

How to develop English communication skills with reading?

Reading is known to be therapeutic for the mind. It aggravates creative thinking and keeps you updated. Reading also improves vocabulary and educates you about different things with better insights.

Read this article to know the benefits of reading.

What should you read?

Honestly speaking, you should read everything. You can read favorite novels, newspapers, fiction, stories, press releases, blogs, eBooks, etc.

List of best novels to start with

List of best blogs to start reading

3. Increase your vocabulary

To give a smooth interview, you don’t need heavy words or words that only exist in the dictionary. But you can’t deny the fact that each word depicts a different emotion, and it is ‘essential’ to use the right word at the right place. How can you do it? By increasing your vocabulary.

Vocabulary is often considered for competitive exams, but it is just as important in an interview. A strong vocabulary portrays a better image of you. 

Pro tip- don’t stuff your sentences with words that sound exaggerated or ‘over the top.’

Personally, I use the Magoosh app for enhancing my vocabulary.

Here are some other tools for improving vocabulary.

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4. Make conversation in English

You won’t learn English unless you start speaking it. Nowadays, most schools prepare students at a young age. Talk in English with people around you to build fluency and confidence.

Also, discuss common topics like politics, general issues, global issues, etc., in English to understand new terms and gain more insight.

5. Improve your self-confidence

I have seen many people around me with a truckload of knowledge and expertise. But due to the lack of self-confidence, they can’t express it. The truth is, finding self-confidence is easy for some but really hard for other people. At the same time, don’t forget self-confidence is an acquired trait. You can learn to be self-confident easily if you have the proper knowledge. 

Here are some ways that can help you with becoming more self-confident.

Don’t fall victim to Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome refers to the feeling of ‘I am not enough’ or ‘others are better than me.’ It is a natural phenomenon, but sometimes it goes too far and stops people from becoming better.

6. Improve listening

Great leaders are excellent listeners. It is so underrated that everyone wants to be heard, but no one wants to listen. If you want to be heard, you have to know how to listen first. In this world of eternal rush, it is hard to take out some time and listen peacefully.

Don’t just listen to people around you; listen to great leaders and influential people. If you find it hard to read a book, try to listen to it. You can also get better at listening to a language consistently.

Listening has always been an inseparable part of communication. In an interview, before answering questions, you need to understand them. Therefore, start listening to different things and people to become better.

Listen to podcasts on how to improve English communication

Podcasts are full of wisdom and save a lot of time. Start listening to podcasts on Spotify, Google Play Music, iTunes, etc., and become more productive.

Podcasts have the potential to educate you in any girls you like, be it language, current affairs, international and national issues, you name it.

Here is a list of the best podcasts you should listen to.


Listening to an audiobook is an excellent alternative to reading books. You can do it in your leisure time. Many platforms provide free or paid audiobooks. If you are a busy person or find it hard to read, try out Audible, Kobo, Hoopla, and more.

There are many free audiobook apps on Google Play too. You can download them and listen to free books anytime you want. Also, there are many different English Grammar blogs where you can learn English.

Listen to English songs

English songs are a great way to learn the language. There are so many entertaining as well as meaningful songs that can improve your vocabulary and speech.

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7.Overcome your weaknesses

While trying different things, you are most likely to find your weaknesses. Remember, weaknesses can become your strengths if you work on them appropriately.

Study your weaknesses and try to overcome them. Don’t run away. There are people who lose their confidence in front of people who they think are smart. 

It will become a lot easier once you know exactly where to work upon. That’s how you can transform your weaknesses into strengths.

8.Write something

Take a leap of faith and start penning down your thoughts. Writing is as important as speaking and listening. Some people are afraid to pen down thoughts. It is not necessary to share your write-ups on social media. Start small and once you get comfortable, write on different topics. 

If you don’t have a writing habit, start journaling daily experiences. 

Trust me, writing will change your life and you will improve your English skills in a better way.

9.Try answering common interview questions

There are some evergreen questions that most interviewers ask during an interview. It is best if you prepare answers to these questions for better flow. If you answer with preparation, it will create a better impression on the interviewer. This will increase your chance of selection. Some of the most common interview questions are-

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What is your most significant achievement to date?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What are your biggest priorities?

It is best to take a deep breath, think, and find the correct answer to these questions. The smarter and more confident you are, the better your chances of getting hired will be.

For more questions, read this.

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10.Practice, practice, and improve

The tips mentioned above will be useless if you don’t practice them consistently. Therefore, use the knowledge you have and practice daily. That’s how millions of people have learned English, and you can nail it too. Prepare well for the interview and become a better version of yourself. That's the best way how to improve English speaking.


In this article on how to improve English speaking, you got the answer on how to improve spoken English. All these tips will help you in becoming a fluent English speaker. Always remember, the most effective and essential tip for improving English is repetition and practice. Without practice, you can’t speak fluently. The more you surround yourself with English, the easier it will become to speak English confidently.

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