Top 5 Lucrative Career Options People Ignore after HSC

You have just finished your HSC exams, and a whole burden of studies is lifted from your shoulders. But, before you heave a sigh of relief, another crucial question pops up in your mind, and that is, “What career should I opt for now?” Mom is proud you to take up medicine, Dad wants you to make him proud by going for engineering, and you are confused to the core about your next career move. And it will be a move that will determine the course of your future, so you must not go wrong here.

Apart from the traditionally esteemed career options after 12th such as Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, Law and Teaching or a top sarkari naukri, there are a variety of off-track yet highly lucrative career paths that students often ignore after completing their HSC.

Moreover, the commonly considered career streams listed above are not easy to get into and difficult to finish too. The initial investment in the form of fees and later for setting up clinics is way high and not affordable by everyone. So, if you are caught in a similar dilemma after your HSC, consider taking up the below profitable career options:

1. Content Writing

Many students are gifted with superb language skills, and they score really well at school in various writing competitions. If you are one of those, you could consider taking up the content writing profession to make the best use of your language skills and earn good bucks.

2. Nutrition Counseling

The healthcare industry is fast booming as everyone is becoming health-conscious nowadays. Fitness is the latest buzzword, and health eating is something everybody wants to adhere to.

During such times, the role of nutritionists and dieticians has become significant as these are visited in large numbers by people aiming to eat healthy and look fit and smart. So, do consider taking up nutrition counseling course. It will pay off in a big way.

3. Beauty Salon/Spa Management

This is an age where everyone wants to look good at all times. Even housewives and ordinary people want to groom and beautify themselves to look their best. The beauty industry is at peak popularity nowadays.

So, capitalize on this market requirement and go for professional beauty courses that can help you in a big way later by setting up your own beauty salon or be a part of one. The same goes for spas. People are so stressed out today that they need some outlet for stress-removal and a place where they can relax completely.

It is so common nowadays for people to make spa visits at the weekends for pain-relieving massage sessions and other body treatments. The beauty salon and spa industry is here to stay for long, and you won’t find any dearth of customers too. So, if you possess hand dexterity and are inclined towards aesthetics, do consider this option.

4. Travel/Tourism

With improved standards of living, people no longer travel only during festivals or special occasions. The travel & tourism industry is flourishing because people travel more both nationally and internationally.

Whether it is undertaking religious travels for worship, foreign tours for fun and recreation or vacation tours to special and exotic places for letting their hair down, people travel more nowadays than they ever did.

So, sign up for any courses related to travel and tourism management and get set to go far and wide while earning good bucks and enjoying yourself too.

5. Hotel Management

Eating out, clubbing, café culture and fine dining is becoming common nowadays as people love to please their taste buds with all kinds of delicacies and spend their weekends enjoying to the hilt.

Hotel management is a very good career option in the wake of the flourishing commercial food industry. So, think about this option and see yourself managing five star hotels in future.

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