An Ideal Study Plan For Competitive Exam Preparation

Millions of students every year in this country apply for various competitive exams conducted under the UPSC.

Not just UPSC but there are other competitive exams that are conducted after 10+2 for getting a seat in an Medial or Engineering college.

Usually students face immense challenge clearing these competitive exams. Only small percentage of students are being able to crack these exams.

Why is it so difficult? Well! There are many reasons.

Students have to take up 10 to 12 different competitive exams in short period of time just after they completed their 10+2.

They get no time to prepare for these competitive exams which are so different from one another.

A competitive exam for UPSC could be different than an entrance exam for getting a seat in an engineering college.

Competitive Exam Preparation

So in this article we try to address two different issues.

One is how to create a time table so you get enough time for preparation of at least dozens of these exams.

Second one is the questions that are asked in these competitive exams. Usually all the competitive exams have quantitative aptitude, reasoning and general knowledge.

If your exam is for engineering college then you have to learn physics, chemistry, maths and likewise for medical exams.

So how do you prepare for different exams with different patterns in a small period of interval?

Creating A Time Table

Well! First is creating a time table.

Usually you appear for your 10+2 exams in March or April of a given year. It depends upon the board you are in.

Then just after that exam you have to appear for the entrance exams like JEE, AIEEE, exams held in your state.

The best way to prepare competitive exams that are held for engineering and medical colleges is to concentrate on your regular 10+2 course.

It is because these exams will have questions that are from your 10+2 syllabus, questions from physics, mathematics, chemistry etc.

You have to start preparing for the Exams right from the month of December. You have to be ahead of time because you have to appear for the board exams as well as so many competitive exams held after the board exams.

Although the pattern for board and the competitive exams are different but the syllabus is same.

Focus on your board exams first because they have equal importance as of different competitive exams.

Once you are through with board exams you will get a lot of spare time. Do not waste that time and use it for preparing various competitive exams.

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Exams

As I said earlier board exams and competitive exams are totally different.

Whether the exam is for UPSC or Engineering/Medical they have objective questions.

Most of the students are not prepared for this because they simply do not practice enough to crack these questions.

Quantitative Aptitude questions are very common and they will be asked in every competitive exam.

You have to practice every type of questions otherwise you may find it very difficult to solve them when you are sitting in an examination hall.

Similarly you have reasoning questions that are quite common with competitive exams.

Your ranking will totally depend upon how well you perform in these exams.

These objective questions have negative marking so you just can’t fill those bubbles and expect high rankings.

Practice hard, try to solve questions as much as you can and if you can’t solve a question then leave it blank.

Attend All Exams

An ideal study plan is incomplete without attending all exams. Try your best to appear for all exams.

I know it is very difficult because you have to appear for 10 to 12 different exams at different places.

Attending more and more exams boasts your confidence and you get hold of how exams are being conducted.

It is not easy to sit 3 hours and get all the questions right. You have to adapt yourself to the environment.

So the best way to adapt is appear for as many as exams you can.

You will learn how to handle pressure like never before.

Moreover attending more exams increases your chances of being ranked in the merit list of one or another exam.

So attend all exams.

Keep Your Eye on the Ball, Target for One or Two Exams

In last paragraph I explained why to attend all exams.

However you must keep an eye on one or two exams.

Obviously you will be going for the ranking that is best among all exams you have given.

For example, if you are going for an engineering college then the first target should be JEE and then AIEEE and last other competitive exams held in different states.

So your study plan should be something like this. If you are aiming for JEE then appear for all other competitive exams because it is really good for you.

You may not be able to qualify for the JEE but your results would be much better for AIEEE and specially entrance exams held in your state.

This should be the strategy if you want to get good college.

Coaching Classes and Study Material

Finally you have to decide whether you want to go for coaching classes or not.

Coaching classes have advantages as well disadvantages.

The advantage is that you get more exposure and get to meet other students who are competing for the same exam.

You also get to know new tricks to solve problems in the examination room.

However there is also a disadvantage. Coaching classes can distract you.

Usually it happens that there are too many students and it is more like having fun then preparing for exams.

So you have to decide yourself.

As far as study material is concerned then do not compromise on it. Buy as many as good books so you are well prepared.

So this was an article on ideal study plan for a competitive exam.

No plan could be ideal but you can read and implement this.

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