Some Easy Money Making Ideas on Internet

I have spent countless hours racking my brain for new money making ideas ever since I was a kid. I’ve searched the internet, asked people I know, observed others, and thought about new ideas that I could use to make money.

Have I been successful?

Whether or not I’ve successfully made loads of cash is not the right question. In reality, I have been successful in finding, creating, and trying tons of ways to make money.

When I was a kid, I made and sold crafts, sold baked goods, cleaned, weeded gardens, washed cars, and did countless other activities. As a college student, I searched the internet looking for new ideas, mainly ones that I could do online, to make extra cash.

I have found that some ideas to make money were more successful than others, and I’ve learned that you can actually make money from home. 

Something that moms, homebodies and people that hate their jobs everywhere have been trying to do. I’ve been able to finish my college education debt-free by using some of thesemake money online ideas even while avoiding the dreaded part time job. That is something I’ve been very thankful for.

Here I have listed all the ideas that I’ve either tried and succeeded with or have seen others succeed with. Some of these are easy ways to make money and others are quick ways to make money, but none of them are get rich quick schemes.

Earning money takes work, and the amount of money you make is relative to the time and effort put in to make the money.

But enough about how I found these ideas. What’s most important is learning about these easy money making ideas and ideas to make money from home so you can get started right away.

Even more important is that you take the right actions toward getting there. If you don’t take the right steps, you could miss something important that could keep you from succeeding or cost you money in the long run.

Win Cash and Prizes

If you have a few minutes to spare each day, you can signup & start saving some money. You can win points called “SwagBucks” and redeem them for cash, gift cards, or prizes.

You can win prizes by searching the web, watching videos, filling out surveys and offers, playing games, finding codes, winning contests, and more.

Spend a little more time, and your points can add up fast. Use SwagBucks to search the web everyday and you’ll earn lots of points. Sign Up for Swagbucks for free here.


Get Paid to Save

Do you shop online? One of the easiest ways to make money online is to save with your online purchases. Never make an online purchase before signing up for Ebates. Always check to see if they have the store you are buying from.

Visit the link through Ebates and you can earn cash back. You can earn up to 10 to 30% cash back on your purchases through Ebates. It’s an easy step that allows you to make some extra cash. Sign up here:

Paid Surveys

Paid surveys pop up everywhere as a way to make money online fast and make lots of it. Surveys aren’t a scam in general, but some scams do exist.

If you’re looking for an online idea, this is definitely worth looking into. Here I review the online survey sites I’ve tried, used, and still use and how to find survey sites that will make you money and not waste your time.

If you are looking for more similar ways to make money then check this list of online jobs where you can find around 7 trusted ways with easy guidelines to earn online income.

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