15 Best PayPal Games That Pay Real Money Instantly in India in 2022

Eager to know how to earn PayPal money playing games in India? Check out the 15 best PayPal cash-earning games that pay instantly to Paypal or gift card to all your favourite outlets and more.
Paypal games

Are you looking to make money online? What if I told you that you could earn money while playing your favourite game?

Paypal games are one of the safest, best, and most straightforward methods to make money online. Having cash in your pocket and currencies in your bank account is usually advantageous.

This article will tell you which games are reliable and pay quickly via PayPal. Read the article to see all the excellent Paypal real money apps and games you may try; scroll down.

Paypal games

Why Should You Give it a Shot?

Isn't it true that we all play some game? Now Playing pointless games for no pay is a massive waste of time in any case. Instead, invest your time in games that pay out swiftly through PayPal or other payment methods like Paytm, Mobiwik, and Net Banking.

To be quite clear, neither of the games we'll discuss in this essay will bring you wealth. However, they might undoubtedly be one of the ways to increase your earnings.

Top 15 Best PayPal Games that Pay Real Money

I have listed down some of the best and legit PayPal games that pay real money instantly to your PayPal account. You can download and play these games today to start making money.

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1. Shake Money Dice – WIN Gifts and Cash 

Shake Money Dice

There are no in-app purchases required, and there is no need to pay to win money in this free dice board game. Users can earn money and receive rewards by playing dice puzzle games.

Many of these games are too complex for kids. However, this money dice game is somewhat different. Everyone can enjoy this game. The game's difficulty level is appropriate, there are many other reward options to select from, and there's a chance you'll win a cash carnival. 

Total Downloads50K+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.8

2. Cash 'em All: Play and Win 

Cash 'em All

The legitimate software Cash 'em All will pay you to play mobile games. I can guarantee you will appreciate this software if you attempt the game. You'll enjoy the variety of games you have to choose from.

A specific quantity of coins will be added to your cash 'em All account balance for each minute you spend playing a featured game. The coins you have earned can then be changed into other rewards. You can use PayPal to convert it to cash, depending on where you live, and a different currency will be utilised.

Total Downloads10M+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.0

3. GAMEE Prizes: Real Cash Games 

GAMEE Prizes

This software is quite intriguing. There is a lot to play with and win prizes from.

An incredibly well-liked application called GAMEE Prizes claims that playing free games can earn you real money.

A sweepstakes software purports to pay users merely for playing games. The app is accessible to Android and iOS users everywhere and is free.

You can earn daily cash prizes and entry tickets to the weekly money draw by completing assignments and participating in competitions.

Total Downloads10M+
Rated For (Age)18+
Google Rating4.0

4. Make Money – Real Cash Rewards 

Make Money – Real Cash Rewards

You'll adore this application. Every aspect of it! You will adore the design, and it is incredibly rapid. The hues. It is quite simple to navigate.

Through Rewards and Paid Surveys, you can make Real Cash and deposit it into your PayPal account. You may make money with Make Money by taking paid surveys or playing games. You can find additional assignments with higher monetary incentives. With this genuine cash app, let's start your work-from-home lifestyle.

Total Downloads5M+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.6

5. Cash App: Make Money 

Cash App_Make Money

Try out this free software, and by completing quests, you can win credits. You receive daily free money when you use the Daily Check-in Bonus.

Utilise Paypal or Google to play GiftCard or Bitcoin and benefit from both free cash and real money winnings.

Rewards in real money, but real transaction money (which can be withdrawn via electronic transfers to PayPal or Amazon accounts). No nonsense. Even if some people find advertising to be a little dull, money has a price!

The games are fantastic. It comes highly recommended.

Total Downloads10K+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.8

6. Lucky Chest Win Real Money 

Lucky Chest

Playing Lucky Chest is completely free, and you can win real money.

No payment of any type, including purchases, is required to participate in or win any game.

By playing Lucky Chest, you can collect Coins and Cash that can be redeemed for different gift cards, premium payments, and other prizes.

Your Cash Prize can be deposited into your PayPal account.

Every day, you'll automatically get scratch cards. The prize you have just won will be immediately revealed when you scratch the scratch card.

Enter our numerous raffles for a chance to win big cash prizes.

Total Downloads500K+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.3

7. Cashyy – Play and Win Money 


A software called Cashyy can top up your PayPal account for free.

Play free games, complete quests, and earn coins you can redeem for gift cards.

All you have to do to get free money is play the game and finish the quests. You make more money the more you play.

Get Cashyy for nothing (no advertising, no deposit, no in-app purchases)

Play your preferred game from our selection of missions and earn rewards.

Total Downloads5M+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.1

8. Money Bingo – Win Rewards and Huge Cashouts 

Money Bingo

It's time to begin your new money bingo journey, Bingo Lovers! Let's go! Play bingo with your loved ones and friends in the best bingo games!

Your bingo game will reach a spectacular Bingo WIN thanks to daily chance, hourly cash, huge bingo power-ups, and stunning minigames!

With this mobile bingo software, you can play bingo games online and have a blast playing bingo! You can play bingo at home instead of paying to play outside! You may play bingo on your phone with this mobile bingo and win Bingo Infinity by using a strong prop! Games are entertaining, and each month brings new Bingo Holiday features! Let's speak bingo and enjoy our Lucky Bingo Party!

Total Downloads1M+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.4

9. Money 2048 3D – Cash Rewards 

Money 2048 3D

Any time of the day, withdraw amounts over our minimum to your PayPal account! Although it may take up to 7 days for payments to reach your cash-out provider, the majority arrive in under 24 hours or instantly.

If you don't successfully merge the 3D cube, it will bounce up and down when you shoot it instead of remaining in place.

How do you play?

  • Aim carefully when moving your 3D cube.
  • With the same colour and number, shoot and strike the cube.
  • To create a new cube, combine two identical ones.
  • Continue combining cubes and updating your own record until you ultimately reach 2048 to earn rewards.

You can make money at any time and from any location. Simple and easy.

Total Downloads10k+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.8

10. Gaintplay – Make Money Now 


Simple tasks can be completed to earn rewards using PayPal, Paytm, and more.


This software rewards you with real money for engaging in common activities like playing games, listening to music, using a few apps, and participating in surveys.

It is the greatest app for you to work from home and receive payments directly to your chosen method.

So what characteristics exist?

  • 1. Playing games can earn you money
  • 2. Surveys: Earn points for answering basic inquiries
  • 3. Earn Money With Your Phone
  • You are compensated for bringing friends.
  • View offers and surveys with big payouts
  • Free in-game currency
  • Gaintplay will pay you cash right away for your purchases and financial savings!
  • Everything can be tried without cost.
Total Downloads100K+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.6

11. Money Bricks Ball – Earn Money 

Money Bricks Ball

Play easy games for free and make money!

You can make money at any time and from any location. Simple and easy.

Any time of the day, withdraw amounts over our minimum to your PayPal account! Although it may take up to 7 days for payments to reach your cash-out provider, the majority arrive in under 24 hours or instantly.

Its striking features are that it is free to play, has smooth control, and has 3000+ levels. 

Download it and challenge friends from all around the world!

Total Downloads100K+
Rated For (Age)3+
Google Rating4.5

12. Match To Win: Win Real Cash 

Match To Win

Without making a purchase, you can win real money and prizes and payout using PayPal. You might be lucky today!

Earn money and benefits! Earn tokens so you can enter to win cash prizes in sweepstakes.

No in-app purchases or deposits are required to download or play Match to Win.

Play match-3 puzzle games set in exotic locations like the sunny islands of Hawaii, Paris, San Francisco, Rome, and more! You may enjoy more than 300 brand-new match-3 levels in Match to Win. Be fortunate today!

With our instant winner scratchers, you may win real money! Your lucky day might be approaching soon. Gain real money with daily opportunities to discover new prizes. 

Total Downloads5M+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.0

13. FunTap – Make Money by Games 


You can earn money playing games with FunTap. It allows you to work from home and earn money.

It couldn't be simpler: FUNTAP suggests games to you that you haven't seen elsewhere. The more you play them after downloading them, the more money you make! PayPal and Amazon gift cards are available for withdrawal!

The fact that you can make money from playing them is its biggest feature. This is a rare chance to find the top mobile games AND make money. Along with allowing you to watch movies, perform surveys, and test out new apps, we also provide fantastic discounts.

Total Downloads5M+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.0

14. Toloka: Earn Online 


Toloka is an app that allows users to make money online with no investment. When it's convenient for you, choose tasks, carry them out online or offline, and earn rewards.

On Toloka, everyone can make money; no specific skills are needed. Simple tasks can be completed without prior experience. All you need is a smartphone, intermittent internet connectivity, and free time to work on freelance projects.

It's possible to earn money using Toloka. To succeed, though, you'll need to exercise caution and diligence because only then will you be able to produce work of sufficient quality and quantity to justify your efforts. 

Total Downloads10M+
Rated For (Age)12+
Google Rating4.4

15. Cash Ball – Get Real Money 

Cash Ball

Try Crash walls if you have plenty of time; you'll be awarded diamonds that may be swapped for free money. You will only receive a very modest sum of money, but the more you play Cash Ball, the freer money you will receive.

PayPal is the only way to get the cash (the money will send every 3-4 days) 

Total Downloads50T+
Rated For (Age)Teen
Google Rating4.0


While there are always ways to make money through games, remember that such programmes will not pay you hundreds of dollars. When you truly need money, some offer you to create PayPal money instantly.

As a result, you don't have to completely avoid them. Because so many of us enjoy wasting time on our phones playing games, the idea of making money from it is very appealing.

However, I recommend installing a couple to check if any of them contain your favourite games and compare how much you might get from each one, as the same games will appear in multiple apps. As a result, you'll have more time on your phone.

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