60 Best Money Earning Apps in India

Are you looking for the best free online money earning apps in India? Here is a list of 60 top money earning apps in India for 2024! You can download these money making apps for free and earn real money online by completing simple tasks without any investment.
60 real money earning apps in india without investment

With the best real money earning apps now available in India, you can turn your idle moments into productive ones, using just your mobile device.

Discover some of the top-rated money earning apps in India, not just limited to this country but also available in other countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Bangladesh, Philippines, and more. Get ready to boost your income and make the most of your spare time.”

60 real money earning apps in India without investment

Top 60 Money Earning Apps in India

These money-making apps are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. The download links for the Google Play Store are provided. Some of the apps have been around for a while and are legitimate, while others are newer but already gaining popularity. Choose from a range of trusted and popular options to boost your income.

You can download these apps on your smartphone for free & start earning from day one.

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1. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

In an era where data is king, Google steps up to the plate with its user-centric app, Google Opinion Rewards. With an impressive rating of 4.3 stars from over 3.36 million reviews and a whopping 50M+ downloads, this app undoubtedly has a vast user base. But what makes it so popular?

At its core, Google Opinion Rewards is brilliantly simple. Users are invited to share their opinions on various topics through short surveys that, as the app claims, “take seconds.” In return, users receive credits which can be accumulated and then used across Google services. The screenshots indicate a transparent reward history, detailing the amounts earned per survey, which can be as straightforward as identifying desserts you're familiar with.

A significant highlight is the app's commitment to user privacy and control. “Your data is never sold,” it proudly states, ensuring users that their information won't be misused. Moreover, users are always in control, with options to review and edit their profile settings at any time.

For those who have a few seconds to spare and wish to monetize their opinions, Google Opinion Rewards is a handy tool. Not only does it provide a quick way to earn, but it also ensures your voice is heard in shaping the products and services you love.

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2. BrainBaazi


This app comes from Times Internet, the same company that provides the Times of India newspaper online. BrainBaazi has two live quiz contests per day with Rs.100,000 as prizes. If you get all the answers right, you earn part of this Rs.100,000 paid to your online wallet immediately. You can also play Bingo and other games or enter their draws and win more cash

3. Roz Dhan


Another best app to earn money using your Android smartphone. On RozDhan, earn Rs.50 by signing up. Additionally, RozDhan allows you to withdraw your money to your Paytm account after the first two days on the app.

Besides, you can earn real money, i.e., hundreds of Rupees in Wallet Cash daily by doing simple tasks. 

You have to perform tasks such as checking daily horoscopes, completing puzzle tasks, doing surveys, visiting famous sites, reading news, etc. Here you can convert your walking steps into earning money. 

RozDhan provides free games means you can earn money by playing games for free. You can earn rewards by spending 10 minutes daily on the Roz Dhan app.

You can download Roz Dhan from the Android Play Store. More than 25 million users have used it to date.

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4. Meesho


Are you thinking of starting your online business with zero investment today? So here the Meesho app is the perfect platform to start your business hassle-free.

You can resell on the Meesho app and earn money in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Browse

First, you can download the app, sign up and browse through various high-quality products at wholesale prices.

Step 2: Share

Once you have found a product you want to sell, you can share it with your friends and family via Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram and get new orders.

Step 3: Earn

Once you get orders, add profit to the wholesale price of the products, collect the payment, and place orders on their behalf. In the case of COD, profit will be transferred to your bank account.

That's how you make money with Meesho.

5. Task Bucks


To make money with the Task Bucks app, you have to earn coins and later convert coins into cash.

  • You have to play quizzes and games to earn coins.
  • Complete simple tasks on the phone.
  • Participate in daily contests and win Free mobile charges
  • Earn through referrals.

You can transfer TaskBucks coins to your wallet or get free talk time and data recharge. So you make money through data recharge.

6. Dream11 Fantasy

Dream 11

with over 50 million downloads, this is perhaps the most famous app to earn money. However, Dream11 isn't the place to get money for free. Instead, you have to select 11 players and build your own cricket team.

You have to put some money on each player. If the player performs and your team wins, you can earn the jackpot prize of Rs20 million. There are smaller prizes, too, for winning teams and players who did well in any particular match.

7. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most popular money making apps in the world. You can either make cash or get gift cards.

There are over 10,000 gift cards redeemed by members every day. You earn free gift cards by taking surveys, earning cash for grocery receipts, cashback shopping at your favorite store, and discovering new products and content.

You can join today and get a $10 welcome bonus.

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8. Cointiply

Cointiply gives you an opportunity to earn real bitcoin. There are 20 ways to earn real bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some of them are

  • Collecting daily coins
  • Complete daily surveys
  • Play Fun games
  • Watch videos
  • PTC ads

Later, you can withdraw your coins to any Bitcoin, Doge, LTC, or dash wallet. They already have 2.7 million members, and you, too, can join.

9. Honeygain


Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows users to make money online by sharing their internet connection. You get paid in USD or BTC.

Honeygain builds the residential proxy network.

The average size of a single payout by Honeygain is around $26.58.

10. Earn Karo

Earn Karo

First, you build your network on social media platforms like Whatsapp, YouTube, Facebook, etc., and then share your EarnKaro profit links. Whenever someone shops via your link, you get a commission.

Profit rates will depend upon your partner and get tracked and added to your EarnKaro account within 72 hours. You can transfer profits to your bank account.

They have 2 million members, and you could be one of them.

11. Current Rewards

This money-earning app is really great for young people who want to make money playing music and games.

You make money through:

  • Listening to free music
  • Giving your opinions through surveys
  • Try free games, and apps, and watch short videos
  • Earn from referrals.
  • Get paid for shopping and save money

According to Current Rewards, you can earn more than $600 yearly in rewards.

12. Premise


The Premise app allows you to make money by completing surveys, and sharing information like grocery prices, people in your neighborhood, and information about your city.

Earn money by mapping your community, taking photos, and sharing your opinions.

Generally, with Premise, you make money by taking surveys and sharing local information.

13. Spin and Win Cash

Make unlimited money by playing spin and scratch games. You play different games of your choice and get cash rewards.

Some of the popular games you can play are

  • Spin the wheel and collect coins
  • Scratch the coupon
  • Use the daily reward option

You play games to earn points, and later, you can redeem points for real free pocket cash.

The app is free to join.

14. Pocket Money

You can earn unlimited Free mobile recharge and wallet cash with Pocket Money by completing simple tasks.

Earn through your smartphone and pay your bills, movie tickets, cab rides, etc.

According to Pocket Money, you can earn up to Rs 7000 daily by doing

  • Find popular and high-earning offers
  • Complete specific tasks on a day, like consuming data
  • Watch Pocket videos
  • Play Tambola
  • Refer and Earn

They have over 6 million members who have availed of free mobile recharge worth millions. You can join them too.

15. Toluna


Toluna is an app where you can make Rs.500 or even more over some weeks by answering their paid online surveys.

Toluna is an American company and has a presence worldwide. They pay you in points for each paid survey you complete successfully. These points are redeemable for cash.

16. GlowRoad

GlowRoad is India's biggest social commerce app to buy 1000s of high-quality products for wholesale prices.

So how do you make money from this app?

Well! You first buy yourself to save money and share with others to make money.

First, search through their high-quality products. Once you have identified the right product you think your customer will buy, click on the “Share to Earn” button. Share the product on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If someone buys the product, collect the payment and place the order with GlowRoad. Profits will add to your bank account.

17. Big Time Cash

Big Time cash pays you to play video games. They have paid thousands of dollars to their members.

They share back a portion of their advertising revenue with one lucky winner through a draw. Their free-2-win model allows users to earn money without paying anything.

You just have to join the app and unlock the games to get greater cash rewards.

18. Shop 101

Shop 101

With the Shop 101 app, you can Resell and make money from the comfort of your home.

According to Shop 101, you can resell and earn up to Rs 25,000 per month. You place orders on behalf of your customers and earn money on each sale.

Your profit margin is credited directly into your bank account.

You can also refer and earn money from Shop 101.

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19. GetToCash


GetToCash pays you for playing games. You play games and get rewarded. The more you play, the more you make.

This app lets you earn gift cards while playing games. To earn an extra bonus, you can also invite your friends to GetToCash.

They don't pay you cash!

20. Toloka


Toloka pays you to complete specific tasks. So what are these tasks?

These are field tasks like finding an organization and adding information about it, like photos, buildings' entrances, business hours, etc.

You can make money by doing tasks like watching videos, evaluating a search engine like Yandex, and checking a website.

Earnings will be calculated in dollars, and you can withdraw funds in local currency using PayPal or Payoneer.

21. Real Cash Rewards

Real Cash Rewards

Real cash Rewards is one of the high paying rewards apps. They give you hundreds of thousands of credits compared to other apps, which give just one thousand.

You earn credits by trying free apps, testing services, completing surveys, and giving your opinion. They offer high paying offers and high paying surveys.

You also make money with their referral program.

Later you can redeem your credits with cash through PayPal.

22. Real Cash App

Some of the ways to make money with the Real cash app are:

  • With playing games. The more you play, the more you make.
  • Complete paid surveys
  • Earn with your smartphone by selecting and downloading the highest paying apps and testing them.

After completing all the tasks, you can check your balance on the Make Money app. You can receive the money by requesting PayPal.

23. Frizza

Frizza allows you to earn cash and Paytm wallet money. With this reward app, you can get instant cash by playing games, watching exciting videos, installing apps, etc.

You can refer to this reward app to your friends and earn Rs 500 per referral. Later you can transfer your money to your Paytm wallet using the money-making app.

You can also earn Paytm cash for free recharge and bill payments.

24. MoneyTime

MoneyTime is the Best App to earn money online in India. You can earn money using the MoneyTime app in the following ways

  • Fill out surveys and earn cash.
  • Spin the wheel or just rotate the wheel is a gaming app to earn PayPal cash.
  • Scratch to earn money
  • Walk to earn money
  • Share the money games app with your friends and earn through referrals.

The app is very legit, and you can make money from your home.

25. TaskBud

With the TaskBud app, you can perform certain tasks and earn free wallet cash and gift cards.

You make money through playing games, installing an app, completing surveys, referring the app to your friends, and doing other simple tasks daily.

Later you can redeem your TaskBud points in INR and withdraw your money into your Paytm wallet account.

26. MoneyTree Rewards

The MoneyTree Rewards app lets you earn money, gift cards, and vouchers online.

You can earn points by trying out new apps, answering surveys, and watching TV. Some other ways to earn money are playing games, watching videos, answering surveys, and their referral program.

Later you can exchange your points for rewards like money, gift cards, and vouchers.

MoneyTree Rewards offers some of the highest paying offers.

27. SquadRun

The SquadRun reward app allows you to perform certain tasks arranged in the form of small “missions” that SquadRun trains you to perform.

However, to get missions, you have to qualify for the first. If you don't qualify, you don't get missions to complete.

The more successful missions you can complete, the more money you get to earn.

Once you have earned Rs 60, you can redeem the cash into your Paytm or UPI account.

To know more about missions, download the app.

28. Dosh


You shop with the Dosh app and get cashback for shopping on items you already buy. You can shop and dine at the places you visit every day, like Wendy's, Papa John's, Domino's, Gap, Grubhub, etc. You get real cashback.

You have to download the Dosh app and securely connect with your credit and debit cards. Every time you use your cards, Dosh searches for offers, automatically redeems the offer, converts it into cash, and deposits directly into your Dosh Wallet.

You can also refer the app to family and friends.

29. Poll Pay

As the name suggests, Poll Pay is a reward app that pays you for completing surveys.

You have to register with the Poll pay first, participate in surveys to increase your balance, and later exchange the balance for PayPal credits, Amazon vouchers, and many other gift cards.

You can also invite your friends to Poll Pay and earn extra cash. It is one of the highest paying reward apps.

30. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel app offers you cash payment for completing certain tasks like

  • Surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Certain Offers
  • Playing favorite games
  • Participation in raffles
  • Performing Multiple tasks
  • Contest – 2 times a month
  • Referral Program

You earn coins and later redeem it for hard cash. One hundred coins = $1 USD.

PrizeRebel pays up to $10 for completing just one survey. The threshold payment amount for PayPal is $5.

31. Daily Status Earn Money

The daily Status app rewards you for watching or sharing content online. You will make money doing the following things

  • You watch videos, see images and GIFs and read quotes
  • You share content with your friends
  • You upload content
  • You make money by sharing your referral code.

You can easily earn a few hundred dollars by spending some time online.

32. Bubble Burst

With Bubble Burst, you can make real money by playing video games.

You just have to unblock the awesome games and get rewards. Play games at home, at bus stations, metro, or subway, and make money.

You make money by winning money cash out with PayPal, collecting prize tickets, earning rewards, and competing with your friends.

33. Earneasy24


Earneasy24 is an app for Indians who wish to make some extra money during their spare time. All you have to do is download the free app and watch their ads. You have to complete some simple tasks, such as filling in captcha codes and solving captcha puzzles, to earn points.  These points are equal to money and you can redeem them when you collect Rs.500 worth points.

34. Cash App Money

How do you make with Cash App Money?

  • Invite people with your promotion code and make money
  • Complete an available offer app
  • Write reviews and praise

You can easily earn up to $100 per week.

Earn cash back money rewards and gift cards!

35. Play and Earn

As usual, the Play and Earn reward app allows you to make money by playing video and puzzle games, referring to referrals, taking surveys, participating in contests, etc.

You earn coins by doing these tasks and later convert them into real money.

You cash out amounts to your PayPal account and receive them within seven days.

However, on the flip side, users of this app are not happy with certain games because they won’t work correctly.  

36. Money Bricks Ball

This app offers cash payouts for playing games. You can cash out amounts to your PayPal account.

Though games are straightforward, members have payment issues with this app. Even after playing and winning games, their deserved money is not credited to their account.

37. Reward Fox

On completing “Instant Cash Tasks,” members can earn hundreds of rupees daily in wallet cash through RewardFox.

Some tasks are completing surveys, installing apps, playing games, daily rewards, and referrals. For each person you refer, they pay you Rs 10.

They offer instant cash withdrawal to your Paytm wallet, which you can use to recharge your mobile.

38. CashApp

CashApp claims to be an easy task make-cash app. You earn real cash by completing simple tasks like surveys, watching videos, giving opinions, trying different services, free trials, etc.

The best thing about CashApp is no gift cards or discounts; you are paid cash in your PayPal account.

There are no complicated missions, and very easy to make money.

39. Brain Battle

Brain Battle is an app where you can make real money playing video games. They have already paid tens of thousands of dollars to their players.

You have to play any of their games and collect at least one ticket to enter into frequent cash prize draws.

The more you collect the tickets, the higher your chance of winning a cash prize.

You don’t need to buy the app or pay anything to win. 

40. ClixSense


ClixSense is one of the most popular cash reward apps. They pay you for completing tasks like surveys, watching videos, offers, playing games, bid wall, multitasking, polls, offers, contests, and their referral program.

They offer surveys that can pay you up to $10. They pay you via PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Payoneer, etc.

One hundred coins make $1. Their threshold payment amount is $5 via PayPal.

With ClixSense, you can make some serious money.

41. Math Cash

Math Cash

Do you want to improve your math skills and make money doing so?

If your answer is yes, then this is the app for you. You can solve different arithmetic expressions, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and make money.

The app is 100% free to play. You earn points and later redeem them into PayPal cash. The threshold payment amount is $10.

However, if you use VPN proxies or bots, your account may be suspended. So be careful!

42. Sikka


You can download this app and get paid for answering occasional surveys. Make Money 2021 will update high-quality surveys, polls, and daily tasks, letting you earn easy and fast cash rewards with your phone.

Download the app first, scroll the offer list, choose new surveys with high rewards, and complete the surveys to get PayPal credit or Amazon gift rewards.

This app offers surveys that are of high quality and pays relatively more than other apps.

43. GemiPlay


Gemiplay is a site where you can earn by completing offers such as playing games, downloading apps, watching videos, completing surveys, opinions, etc. They are promising to offer a referral program very soon.

GemiPlay offers you 100 free points ($.01) daily.

The site offers payment via PayPal, Coinbase, Amazon, Payoneer, etc. Their minimum payout is $1.

However, from my experience, I don’t think the site is genuine, and you can totally skip it.

44. Cash’em All

Cash’em All

Earn free gift cards and money by playing free games with Cash’em All app.

You can choose and play your favorite game from their list and get rewards for every minute you spend playing free games.

Play games, collect coins, and later exchange them and win cash prizes such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play vouchers, Psn cards, etc.

You can transfer money directly to your PayPal account.

45. Solitaire

You may all know about Solitaire; it is basically a card game app where you can make real money playing free video games.

They have already paid tens of thousands of dollars to lucky players of this app.

You just have to play, draw cards, get tickets and enter the lottery. To unlock more games and get more excellent cash and money rewards.

46. Stato

Stato is quite a unique app. It lets you make money from Whatsapp Status.

You can create original content, upload it and make money from views. Upload creative content and get a lot of followers. To get followers, you can share your content on social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

Stato allows you to earn much money from your activity in Stato.

47. Coffey

Coffey pays you for serving coffee, unlike all other apps on the list!

Coffey is a revolutionary paying money system that allows you to earn coins and convert them to real rewards.

You receive visitors, serve them coffee or cake and make money in Coffey mobile app. You can have the highest rating restaurant and make as much money as possible.

Set Cook on the app! Make money by having happy customers. Earn points and convert them to real money and withdraw via different methods.

48. Gamee

You can play 70+ different video games in one app with Gamee and earn instantly. You can play games like spin the wheel of FORTUNE, compete in the daily ticket leaderboard or take part in the lucky Games to win $100 every 4 hours.

Collect free tickets, and you will automatically participate in the giveaways of $5 given every month.

You can also invite friends to get lots of tickets and free dollars.

49. Happy Coins Earn Money CashApp

Play games, get coins, and exchange them for real money. You can choose between many different games. With these Playstore games, you earn coins. Later you can payout directly to your PayPal account or in the form of a voucher from your favorite brand.

First, open happy coins, play a game, and choose a payment option. You will receive your credit in less than 48 hours.

50. Cashyy

According to Cashyy, “Discover free games accomplish missions and win coins to exchange with gift cards.”

You just have to play, complete missions, and receive free money. The more you play, the more you earn.

Coins that you have earned can be exchanged for gift cards such as Amazon gift cards, Google Play Coupons, and PlayStation cards. You can also get cash directly transferred to your PayPal account.

51. Earn Money: Real Cash Games

CashGamer is a 100% free app that allows you to make money or gift cards to play free games, take surveys, participate in daily or weekly auctions, and invite your friends.

Once you have accumulated 600 coins, you can exchange them for real PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards.

To participate in a weekly contest, you have to earn tickets by playing 90+ games or inviting friends. 

52. Rewardy

Rewardy app allows you to make money by completing surveys, playing free video games, downloading apps, and inviting friends.

Download the app, scroll through the offer list on the app, pick your favorite offer, complete it and make money.

The cash reward is credited to your PayPal account. Grab your free cash rewards and PayPal credit. 

53. Match to Win

Match To Win is a free Sweepstakes App! You have to earn tokens that can be entered into sweepstakes for cash prizes. You earn real cash by scratching off games, weekly prizes, playing games, and puzzles.

You earn daily gifts and special offers by playing games and solving puzzles. You can also win money from free cash giveaways. Cash Dash allows you to win instant real cash every day.

Later you can cash out via PayPal.  

54. Earn Tap

With Earn Tap, you can make money playing games. You can discover some of the best mobile games on Earn Tap and earn cash.

You get either Amazon gift cards or Steam Gift cards or pay directly using PayPal.

The app is great, and members are very happy with it. You can start playing and earn money. 

55. Chingari


Perhaps the only app in the world that pays you for socializing online- Chingari. This app has ratings of 4.2 stars and has been downloaded over 100 million times. Once you register, it’s possible to meet people online, over the app. The longer you chat with the online friend, higher your income. This app is somewhat like the paid friendship services in the US. However, nobody pays you for your friendship on Chingari, except companies that float rewards.

56. Earn Money Games

Earn Money Games is a cash rewards app that pays you to watch short videos, try free apps, play games gives your opinions through surveys, share your daily steps report, charges your phone, and invite your friends.

After completing tasks, you get a lot of gold coins. Later you can cash your gold coins through PayPal.  

57. PocketCharge

PocketCharge is a small-sized app that helps you win Paytm money by doing specific daily tasks, watching videos, playing games and quizzes, and inviting friends to play with the app.

With a simple click, you can withdraw the rewards from your PocketCharge Wallet and transfer the amount to your Paytm wallet.

Win exciting prizes and turn them into Paytm money.

58. Cash Up Rewards

Cash Up Rewards

You play games to earn gift cards and redeem them for real rewards such as Gift Cards like Google Play or PayPal cash.

Some of the ways you can make money are by playing scratch card games, resolving quiz games, spinning the fortune wheel, and making referrals.

59. Reward Supreme

Reward Supreme pays you a reward for completing simple tasks like surveys, giving opinions, trying services, free trials, etc.

You can get free internet data to redeem to your Paytm wallet.

They pay you to cash in your Paytm account. No gift cards or discounts!

60. Money Ball

Play money ball and collect coins to redeem into PayPal or Paytm cash credit. The cash will be paid through an online transfer into your bank account.

You can earn cash by playing games, completing the Playtime offer wall, or filling out paid surveys. Further tasks can be found for money rewards. Money Ball: Make Money app is free and pays better than other apps.


These are the best-earning apps because I have checked reviews and ratings before adding them to this list. You can make real money working on these apps in your free time.

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