How to Become a Paytm Service Agent and Earn Money (Upto Rs. 30,000/Month)

How to apply to become a Paytm PSA or Paytm bank agent; how to log in, and how much commission you will get; this is our ultimate guide for you to become a Paytm agent
Paytm Service Agent

It’s very typical to find youth without cash in India. From vegetable vendors to luxury restaurant owners, everyone has a QR code for you to scan. Just a few seconds, and you’re done with the payment. This is a boon of digital payment apps.

You would have heard the “Paytm Karo” catchphrase on Television or YouTube. It was an advertisement by Paytm to promote mobile payments. Today, Paytm has a community of over 20 million merchants and business owners. It is one of the oldest digital payment apps in India.

If you have just used it for making payments, how about you earn from it? Yes, You can be a Paytm service agent and earn upto 30,000 rupees per month. If you think that’s interesting, let’s delve deeper and learn how to become a Paytm service agent.

paytm service agent

What is Done by the Paytm Service Agent?

A Paytm service agent is supposed to promote Paytm. How? By selling its products. Paytm has several products like:

  1. Paytm QR (quick response) code 
  2. Paytm soundbox
  3. Paytm EDC card machine
  4. Paytm Fastag

Also, you have to make bill payments and ticket bookings for the consumers. You earn a commission on transactions for:

  1. Movies
  2. Mobile Postpaid 
  3. Cable T.V.
  4. Train
  5. Landline
  6. Electricity
  7. Bus
  8. DTH
  9. Flights
  10. Gold loan
  11. Insurance
  12. Bank payments 

If you actively promote these Paytm products, you will not only contribute to the growth of Paytm but also increase your earning potential through commissions.

How Much Can You Earn?

As a Paytm service agent, you can earn upto 30,000 rupees in a month or more. You can take it up as a full-time, part-time, or even a free-time job.

Apart from selling products, you will also be paid for onboarding merchants and business owners to Paytm. You will have to place QR codes in their shops. You earn a commission on making bill payments and booking tickets for users.

Here is how Paytm rewards you for the work:

Product or serviceCommission
Merchant On-boardingINR 150 for placing a QR code in the shop.Additional INR 150 if the shopkeeper uses it to receive payments. 
Merchant On-boarding with PAN Extra INR 25
Engaged MerchantINR 125
Issue of FastagUpto INR 100
Sell SoundboxINR 150-200
Onboarding PSA (Paytm service agent)If a new PSA onboards 5 merchants, you earn INR 500

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What Do You Need?

Usually, when it comes to earning money in this way, it is not easy. What comes in the process is a load of documents and verifications or else a high educational qualification. But to apply for PSA (Paytm service agent), all your requirements are only:

  • A copy of the Aadhar card
  • A copy of your highest educational certificate
  • You must be minimum 18 years old
  • Android phone with data package
  • An initial investment of INR 500
  • Good networking and communication skills

Steps to Become a Paytm Service Agent:

If you want to become a PSA, begin by applying to the Paytm administration specialist using your Paytm account. You can access it from your mobile phone or P.C.

You must upload your Aadhaar card, highest academic certificate, and a photo here. Please keep these records handy and follow the steps to become a Paytm Service Agent.

Firstly, download the Paytm App and sign in to your Paytm Account. Now, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Launch the Paytm App on your smartphone.
  1. The option to search for a Paytm Service Agent is already displayed. If not, simply click here.
  1. Tap the “Apply Now” button if one is available. A form will appear.
  1. Enter the necessary information precisely (Name, Email, Educational Qualification, and so forth).
  1. Now, choose an online course time to learn instructional activities about Paytm Service Agent.
  1. To finish the registration procedure, upload an image of your Aadhaar card (front and back), your highest education certificate, and your most recent photo.
  1. You will now be required to take a selection test consisting of five questions, at least three of which you must successfully answer. Each question will be worth ten points.

After successfully enrolling, a merchandising kit will be delivered to your location within 7-working days. It will include the following items:

  • 1 – Identification card, Paytm bag, tape, and marker (black)
  • 10 – Sun packs and standees 
  • 50 – Paytm accepted stickers and QR code sticker

What Next?

Now that you have become a Paytm service agent, the question that stands ahead is what to do next and where to begin from? It usually is a personal preference of how to start, but I would suggest attending the webinars hosted for the PSAs.

These webinars are simply some sessions to assist you. They’ll help you work more smartly and efficiently as a PSA. It will also teach you to speak, impress and approach customers. Also, you’ll be learning a lot of other technical as well as soft skills.

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PSA Webinar Timings

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 11 AM & 5 PM.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 11 AM.

Beware of Scams

Becoming a Paytm Service Agent (PSA) is an excellent way to earn extra money in your free time. But watch out for tricksters or people you don't know who ask you to become one. They might be from a dishonest company.

Only apply to be a Paytm Service Agent (PSA) on the official Paytm website. If someone else offers you the job, be careful and do some research. Call the Paytm helpline to make sure it's a real opportunity.

Sometimes, it might be a real chance, but it's tough to tell if it's a scam. Scammers can fool you into a bad deal, so always be careful and check everything thoroughly. Make sure you join the right company and earn real commissions.


Now you know the steps of becoming a Paytm service agent. You will earn as much as you work. Being an agent can really benefit you even if you work part-time. The best part is you can dedicate most of your time to your existing job, profession or business. This can be a good side hustle.

A few easy steps, some dedication, and a topping of communication skills are all you need. So, download the app or visit the website and get started as a Paytm service agent.

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