How to Write a Sick Leave Application and Email: Tips and Samples

sick leave application

All of us fall sick, don’t we? Understandably, we aren’t able to attend office or school when we’re down with anything from a bout of flu to loose belly and sometimes, something much more serious or even life-threatening.

Here comes the role of a Sick Leave application.

Usually, I simply call in my office and inform my condition, adding that I require the day or even a couple of days off from work. While this does work, company rules require that I write a sick leave application or email.

Not because my employers don’t believe or trust me. Because it’s a legal requirement that companies have to comply with.

Therefore, let’s understand what’s a sick leave letter and how to write one.

Understanding a Sick Leave Application

sick leave application

To understand what’s a sick leave application, we’ve first to know what’s exactly sick leave. Every company allows its employees to take an off from work of a specific number of days every year.

Some employers calculate the number of days of on the basis of the calendar year- from January 1 to December 31. Others on the basis of the financial year in India, which begins on April 1 every year and ends on March 31 the next year.

Yet other companies calculate leave on the basis of the date of joining as a confirmed employee.

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Rules about Sick Leave

Providing sick leave is compulsory for employers under India’s labour and employment laws.

At the same time, laws also allow employers to seek necessary evidence of sickness from any employee that avails sick leave. This proof is usually medical certificates issued by a medical practitioner and in some cases, government clinics and hospitals.

An employer cannot deduct your salary for taking leave if you’re unwell. However, the employer has the right to deduct salary if you’re unable to provide proof of sickness.

Therefore, remember you’ve to utilize this benefit of sick leave carefully. Bunking for pleasure affects work and hence, Indian laws also protect companies.

Importance of Sick Leave Application

An employer bears some loss when you’re off from work and take sick leave. Your colleague or co-worker has to take up your duties and work overtime. The company pays for this overtime work.

Further, there could be some work or assignment only you’re aware about. A sick leave delays this work.

Records of the number of days you’ve taken sick leave have to be maintained by Human Resources (HR) and Administration departments, under labour laws.

Hence, a sick leave application is very important. If you take more sick leave than your company allows, you could lose pay for those days.

Therefore, it’s very important to write a sick leave application or an email requesting for one or more days off because you’re unwell.  Let’s explore how to write a sick leave letter or sick leave email with tips and samples. It would help you and your employer too.

How to Write Sick Leave Application & Email

Here’re some basic yet important tips on how to write sick leave application and emails. These would prove very handy should you have to take sick leave.

Clearly Mention the Subject

The first and most important thing while writing a sick leave application is to mention the subject. State explicitly that it’s a request for sick leave. Mention the starting date and the last date- meaning the date before resuming duties.

Address it to the Concerned Person

If you’re working for a large company, a sick leave letter might usually go to the HR or Admin department. Therefore, state the name of the official in charge correctly.

Never write a generic or general letter such as ‘To the HR Department.’ When you personalize a sick leave letter, it reaches the right person.

Send a Copy to Department Head

Sending a sick leave letter to the HR and Admin department is fine. But you also need to send a copy to the head of your department or immediate senior.

This ensures they’re able to assign your urgent tasks to somebody else. By doing so, you’re minimizing the losses your employer may incur due to your absence.

Mention About Medical Treatment

Usually, sick leave for a day only wouldn’t merit visiting a physician. However, if you’ll not attend work for more than two days, it’s best to state the name and address of the physician or clinic where you’re taking treatment.

This is a clear indicator that you’re genuinely ill and not misusing your sick leave.

Sudden Medical Leave

A sudden medical leave or sick leave is taken when you fall sick without experiencing any prior symptoms. In such cases, the first thing to do is call your senior and the HR or Admin department.

And send a sick leave email informing them about your inability to report for the day. And say when you would be able to resume work. This leaves an excellent impression on the employer.

Regret Inconvenience to Employer

This is something you need to do genuinely. Always state that you sincerely regret any inconvenience the company or employer would face due to your absence.

And state that you’ll strive best to minimize any losses immediately upon resuming work. This speaks of excellent corporate culture and a sense of responsibility.

More Tips on Sick Leave Application & Email

Here’re some tips you may wish to include on your sick leave application. You can mention the number of sick leave days still not taken. Hence, the person reading your sick leave letter or sick leave email finds it easier to check and update your records.

Another tip is to send both, a sick leave application and sick leave email. You can send an email from your smartphone if you require sick leave immediately. To do so, it’s important to keep email addresses of your senior, HR and Admin departments handy.

Wrap Up

Before wrapping up, here’s something you need to understand clearly: never claim sick leave just because you wish to take a day off as paid holiday.

There can be occasions when you may genuinely require a long sick leave for any reason. And if that happens, it would most likely be on an unpaid leave basis.

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