25 Foolproof Tips to Find Your Dream Job

You all want to get a job that pays you well and at the same time you enjoy working every second. However, it is very difficult to get such a job.

Competition is very tough. There are thousands of candidates for one job. So how are you going to do it? Well to beat competition and stay ahead of everyone else you have to have certain qualities in you.

So I jot down a list of 25 tips that might help you getting a dream job. You must read all tips and try your best to implement in your daily life.

Start early in your life and you might get your dream job.

1. Early Bird Catches the Worm

Yes, you need to realize very early when you are in your high school. I know, when you are in 10+2 you want to have fun but you have to start preparing yourself if you want a dream job later in your career.

Start giving attention to your career from now on.

2. Personality Over Academics

This is where everything starts. If you want to get your dream job then it is personality that is very important. It is more important than your academics or a degree.

A guy with an average academic performance but with a great personality is better than a guy with great academics but no personality.

3. Get Serious While You are in College

If you were not serious in your school then now it is time to get. College is not for having fun. You have to start focusing on your career while you are in 1st semester.

Whether it is academics or your personality you have to be focused on your career. There are many opportunities you can take even after your HSC.

4. Start Giving Interviews As Much As You Can

Fear could take you down. You need to bring out your inner fear and you could do it by giving more interviews and meeting new people.

It is not necessary that you will get selected in your first interview. Hence, you have to practice giving interview so that you become perfect. Try these common interview questions first and if you want to prepare for government jobs, then check these advanced 101 tips.

5. Attend Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

For brining your fear out, you need to attend seminars, conferences and workshops. You will get to meet people where you share your ideas with them.

You will get an idea how things work very early in your life. Explore the world and your area of interest by meeting new people.

6. Take Part in GD and Co-curricular Activities in Your School/College

Group discussion and co curricular activities are very important. Do not overlook them if you want to get your dream job.

Do not miss group discussions because in a job interview group discussion and networking is very important. If you were not serious in school then at least you could be serious in your college.

7. Start Focusing on Your English Write Now

English language is the key to success and for getting any dream job. Without English you cannot succeed in this corporate world.

Moreover, English is not your first language then you have to learn it. I think for getting a dream job English should be your first priority. Here is one of the best article that will show you how to improve your English.

8. GK and Current Affairs is Must

Today just academics is not enough you have to have an edge over other candidates. Hence, general knowledge is very important. You have to know things other than your academics. So study current affairs and things that are going around the world.

9. Work on Arithmetic and Aptitude

People tend to ignore arithmetic and aptitude. If you want to apply for a job then the first thing is clearing written exam.

Written exam is all about clearing arithmetic and aptitude test. You cannot ignore them because they are not so easy to tackle. So you have to practice a lot to become perfect.

10. Give Importance to EQ over IQ

Today, EQ is more important than IQ. Emotional Quotient stands out than Intelligence quotient. We all listen about developing IQ but no one talks about EQ.

It is EQ that will get you a dream job. For developing EQ you have to develop your overall personality.

11. Right Kind of Courses like English Speaking, Public Speaking etc

If you feel you have a weak point like you can’t speak good English or you fear speaking in public then you could go through a short crash course.

If a course can help you to improve your English then there is nothing wrong in it. Similarly you can attend courses for speaking in public.

12. Nothing Wrong in Visiting a Career Counselor

If you are not sure about your career then you could consult a career counselor. Although it should be your last option but there is nothing wrong visiting one.

Career counselor could guide you about choosing a career that is best for you according to your ability.

13. Always Remain in Touch with Competitive Magazines and Employment News

If you want to succeed then you have to work hard. Therefore, you have to remain in touch with competitive magazine and employment news.

Competitive magazines might help honing your skills and you could tackle written exams very easily. Magazines and other journals help you staying up to date about things going around the world. You can search in Google to download some of the best magazines.

14. Volunteering Jobs are Very Good for Gaining Experience

Experience of any job is very important to find a dream job. Any recruiter would ask for experience if you are going for a job interview.

If you volunteer then you might gain some experience which could be important later on. Hence, you can work for an NGO for small period of time and gain some experience.

15. Take Your Last two Semesters Very Seriously

Although all 8 semesters are important but last two could make or break your career. Hence, take your last two semesters very seriously.

Recruiters always check your academic performance and especially your performance in last 2 years. Therefore work hard in your last 2 semesters because that is going to give you a dream job.

16. Travel a lot to Get Ideas

Travelling all around the country and outside could open your mind and boost your confidence. You get to know other cultures and meet new people.

Later in your career you will need this experience. Travelling is very important and you cannot ignore this as fun.

17. Choosing Between a Government Job and a Private Job

Yes, you have to choose between a government job and a private job. What would your dream job be?

You have to make your mind because government jobs are way different from private jobs. Preparing for government jobs is different than private jobs.

If your feet are on two boats then you might end up getting nothing.

18. Tackling Written Exams

For any job you have to clear written exams. Arithmetic and aptitude test is most important here. You need to develop a strong IQ and problem solving technique. So start working from now on and it will be easier for you in coming days.

19. Special Preparation for Giving Interviews

You know people fail to get their dream job because of an Interview. If you want to appear for an interview then you need to start preparing very early in your life.

If you want your interview to be successful then a good personality is very important. Only a person with developed personality can overcome an Interview.

So start working on your personality.

20. Build Connections for Reference

You have to have connections with important people. Start developing a network of people that might help you getting a job.

Today reference is very important, if you don’t have required talent or skill then reference might solve your problem. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a network of close friends.

You must know how to use Internet. Here using internet does not mean chatting, talking with friends on Facebook or other fun stuff.

You have to create your own social profile that will enable recruiters to take notice of you. Also stay in touch with various job searching websites like monster.com, jobsearch.com etc. for private jobs.

22. Getting an Internship Could Make things Easier

Internship could make things a lot easier for you, but it is very difficult to get an internship. However, you must keep trying if a company is ready to take you as an intern.

If you are an intern then you get idea how things work, you gain experience and you are ready to apply for a job market.

23. Spend Time in a Library and Reading Books

Do not kill your time. Time is money, you have to devote your free time reading books, magazines and other journals. Books are the best friend.

You get knowledge about different areas and it will help you develop your personality. Knowledge plays important role in developing your personality.

24. Keep an Eye on Campus Selection

If you are in college then always keep an eye on campus selection. Companies come to college campuses to recruit fresh talent.

If your academic performance is good then companies might take you as an intern. Therefore prepare for campus selection and you might end up getting your dream job.

25. Attributes like Attitude, Hard Work, Honesty and Desire to Succeed

Finally, I would say you have to have an attitude if you want a dream job. Attitude is more important than anything.

You also need hard work, honest and a strong desire to succeed. You must have all these qualities if you want to succeed.

So these were list of 25 foolproof tips to find your dream job.

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