Top 5 Tips on How to Answer “Why Should We Hire You”

Why should we hire you

Nobody can say what questions an interviewer will ask you while applying for a job. Obviously, some of these questions would be fairly easy. However, there’re tough ones too. And one of these difficult questions is: “Why should we hire you?

You could respond to this question too with complete confidence. If you know how to answer, that is.

Therefore, in this brief tutorial, I will guide you on how to answer to this somewhat tricky question: “Why should we hire you?”

Why should we hire you

To do so, first it is important to understand the challenges that an interviewer faces. And how you can use these challenges to your advantage.

Challenges Interviewers Face

The first thing to remember is that an interviewer or the panel that will interview you are already employees of the organization.

You aren’t. You’re just one of the jobseekers among many.

Therefore, any wrong decisions by one or more interviewer can cause losses to the company. Once you understand this scenario, it’s easy to understand the challenges that interviewers face.

  • Interviewers have to judge whether you’re suitable for a job within a short span of 10 minutes to 30 minutes in most cases. This is too short a time to form an astute judgment.
  • Your resume, bio-data or Curriculum Vitae is the only other resource available to interviewers. Hence, they’ll usually ask some questions based upon what you mention. There’s no way an interviewer can know whether a jobseeker is lying about qualifications or experience.
  • Interviewers have to find out a lot many things about you during that short span of time. Other than finding if you’re suitable for the job, they’ve also to gauge your skills like attitude, etiquette, interest, leadership, and problem-solving skills, among others.
  • Often interviewers don’t know what questions to ask, if there’re several candidates at the same time. Therefore, they usually avoid asking the same questions to different applicants.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the interviewer to find what is the benefit for his organization in hiring you or choosing you over other jobseekers that may hold matching or somewhat similar qualifications and experience.

Here, there’s one very important point to remember. Never make any false claims on your resume or biodata or CV.

You might get past the interviewer but your lies will be found out during Employee Background Screening. And you could lose the job and face severe embarrassment.

Given these facts, how would you answer this question: “Why should I hire you,” within two to three minutes, impart an excellent impression and win over one or more interviewers?

Here’re some useful tips.

Tips for Answering “Why Should We Hire You?”

Answering this question depends on two factors: whether you’re a fresher or an experienced job seeker. Therefore, respond to this question using the following tips.

1. Say Why This Job Matters

You’re applying for that job for some reason. Maybe it’s an organization you wish to work for and see excellent career prospects. Or you’re looking at launching your career with this particular organization and gain skills as fresher.

Therefore, speak about the reasons why you’re applying for the job and how working there benefits you. Unless you see personal and professional benefits with the employer, you wouldn’t be applying. And interviewers know that too.

Hence, it’s better, to be honest about the reasons behind your application.

2. Leverage Your Experience or Inexperience

If you have adequate experience for the job, say how it would benefit a new employer. Speak about the value you can add to the organization, should they hire you.

Tell the interviewer that you can start performing well within a very short period, thanks to your expertise and qualifications.

And if you’re a fresher, point out you’re a quick learner and would be able to start delivering the necessary results within a realistic time span.

Speak why training you would prove beneficial to the organization. Use your academic qualifications and mention how they would come handy for the employer in their field of business.

3. Speak About Your Vision

When you speak about a vision for yourself, you’re indirectly speaking about your plans to grow with the company. And this signifies you’re willing to exert extra efforts to enable the organization’s progress.

When you answer ‘Why should we hire you,” speaking of your vision enables interviewers to know you’ll be an employee that means business.

Usually, there’s another question: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” Try and find how you should answer this question and include a part of it while answering why someone should hire you.

Employers prefer hiring candidates that have a goal for themselves and are willing to tie them with the company’s objectives.

4. How the Employer Benefits

How the employer benefits should come while finishing your answer to this question: “Why should I hire you?” If the employer wasn’t interested in your services, you wouldn’t be there at the interview in the very first place.

The very fact that someone took the efforts to go through your application, include you on the shortlist and invite for an interview clearly indicates that. This means, the employer also has some interest in hiring you. After all, they’re not doing charity.

When you include the above three points, round off your answer about how any- I repeat- any employer would benefit by hiring you. This is a clear indicator of your confidence.

It sends a loud and clear message that by losing you, the company could be inadvertently gifting away your talents to a close competitor.

No interviewer on this planet wants to regret losing someone that could be an asset to the organization. And you need to drive home this message during an interview.

5. Use Your Wit

Most Indians consider an interview as a cat-and-mouse game of sorts. That’s a sheer myth. Instead, an interview is a healthy way to put your views clearly across to your future employers.

Therefore, use your wit instead of that traditional seriousness or fake smiles that people suggest. Usually, the cheer you spread during an interview by using your wit creates a lasting impression than those fake smiles and serious, long faces that some articles preach.

When asked “Why should we hire you?” you could try something witty such as “Because I’m irreplaceable.” A candid, witty answer like that usually amazes the interviewer. It also shows your confidence levels and sportiveness.

No interviewer will view you negatively if you provide a witty answer, as long as it isn’t vulgar or offensive or reeks of overconfidence.

Of course, when you say you’re irreplaceable, it’s imperative to qualify the statement. Here, use the above four points to emphasize your point.

Closing Thoughts

Never look for typical answers while preparing for an interview. Understandably, the Internet is rife with suggestions on how to answer tricky interview questions.

Renowned American motivational speaker, Dr. Stephen R. Covey says: “Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. They listen with the intent to reply.”

Therefore, it’s important to listen to the question and understand it. That would fetch better results. However, most of us tend to rush and reply to some vague fear of failing the interview. The five simple techniques I mentioned above should help you clear any interview.

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