Will I Be Rich In Future: How to Know?

Do you want to know if I will be rich in the future? This article will provide you with the five indicators needed to become rich in the future.
will i be rich

Everyone on this planet dreams of getting rich. I mean, everyone, including a tribal that lives in the hills or forests of the world. That’s because we want to possess either in cash or money as we know it- or possessions- as tribals know it, which makes us rich. Therefore, the wish to get rich is universal among humans.

Some people are already rich, others are on their way to getting rich, some are destined to live poor, and there’re a few others who don’t know if they can become rich in future.

Actually, even a person living in total poverty today can become rich in future. Either they don’t know how to become rich or are lazy and don’t want to become rich. 

Will I Be Rich In Future: How to Know?

Then we also have a few people who may not have any possessions or money. Yet, they’re rich. This might all sound very confusing to you. Of course, getting rich isn’t something simple. Therefore, it would definitely be hard to understand why some people have a lot of money and are rich while others have very little or almost nothing but are also rich. 

I will therefore explain what the meaning of being rich is.

What is the Meaning of Rich?

If we refer to any dictionary in the world, there’s one common definition of rich. It means someone or something having a lot of wealth or possessions. This term applies to humans as well as animals. And it also applies to things.

We call someone a rich person because they have a lot of money and other possessions such as property or gold, industries or business.

what is the meaning of rich

Often, we see words such as a particular fish being rich in nutrients such as Omega-3 oils. That’s because the fish carries an abundance of such oils in its flesh and skin.

Next, we have things that are described as rich. For example, the word rich is often used to describe a bar of chocolate that’s loaded with taste or flour that has been fortified with certain vitamins to make it nutritious.

But what about those people that have nothing and yet feel rich? 

Actually, these are the people that’re actually rich, in my opinion. They may have few or almost no material possessions such as wealth or property, gold or business or industries or anything. Yet, they’re rich because they possess one superb element. And that element is contentedness or satisfaction.

This means such people are not happy- they’re joyful, which is higher than happiness. And such people are satisfied with what they have and hence, enjoy their life.

In stark contrast, a person having only money and possessions isn’t always joyful. They might be happy for some time but aren’t really content with what they have. Instead, they’re always looking out for more ways to make money instead of enjoying what they have. And they die without having fully lived their life to the fullest.

Yes, both types of persons are rich: the person that is content despite having little is rich. And the person having lots of money and possessions is also rich in a purely materialistic way. Who is richer than the other is your decision?

Now, let’s come down to the main question. How to know if you can become rich.

Firstly, let me assure you that everyone can become rich, either by being content or by having lots of money. It depends on what you’re looking for. It is not necessary that money will bring you happiness or that the lack of money will cause sorrow.

Therefore, here’re some of my guidelines that could help you to know if you can become rich.

How to Know Will I Be Rich In Future?

Regardless of whether you want to become rich with lots of material possessions and money or be content and joyful, use these broad guidelines. These would help you know if you can be rich in future.

1. The Demand for Your Skills

skills with high demand

The first thing that decides whether you can become rich in future is the demand for your skills. I am not speaking merely about your educational qualifications and work experience. You could have the best educational degree from a top university and have enough experience in some of the largest companies in the world. Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have the skills necessary to get rich.

Instead, the skills necessary to get rich are those which you could use to make some money. The ancient philosopher from China, Confucius, once said that if you love what you’re doing, you wouldn’t have to work a single day of your life.

Through these words, Confucius actually means that if you have the necessary skills and you can do something with ease without getting disturbed or stressed, you will find each day enjoyable. In such cases, the work that you do doesn’t seem cumbersome or heavy or even stressful. 

This means your skills enable you to enjoy the work that you’re doing. Hence, you wouldn’t even feel like you’re working. 

It is important to know that such skills don’t necessarily come from your educational degree or work experience. They come from doing what you like the best. Because when you do what you love, you will excel at work. This translates as prosperity. 

At the same time, you have to know whether there’s a demand for your skills and what you love doing. If there’s no demand, there’re two options. One is to start your own business using the skills you have, and the other is to adapt your skills to ensure there’s a demand.

2. Your Health

Your Health

The ancient Persian scientist and physician Avicenna clearly said that a person’s life depends on the status of their mental health. In fact, Avicenna goes on to say that if a person is physically ill chronically, they will also suffer from some mental problems. And a mentally infirm person will always experience problems with their physical health.

By this definition, which is accepted even by modern medicine and psychology, our physical and mental health plays a great or perhaps the only main role in deciding how we live. In fact, our physical and mental health will also decide whether we can become rich in the future.

If you’re serious about becoming rich in future, either through contentment and joy or by owning lots of money and property, consider the state of your physical and mental health. Nowadays, most of us have some issues with our physical health due to hectic or sedentary lifestyles.

And usually, we also face a mental health issue, though we don’t want to admit it. The physical health issue could be something such as being overweight or having diabetes or high blood pressure, or some other similar ailment. Unless we get proper medical tests done, nobody can claim to be 100 per cent medically fit.

Now coming to mental health. If you’re stressed, you definitely have a mental health issue. That’s because stress left without proper treatment can bloom as anxiety, that later translates as depression. Furthermore, depression generates a lot of other mental and physical health problems.

A person who is physically unwell and mentally stressed can never become rich through work or business. This happens because they’re unable to reach their fullest potential. Yes, they might prosper in business or get a large salary from a job. Yet, such money will be much lesser when we compare it with what they could earn if they were physically and mentally fit.

Therefore, if you have any health issues, it's best to get them treated properly. These health issues can actually prevent you from becoming rich in future. The only way to know for sure is to take proper medical tests to prove you have no health problems and, later, take proper care to ensure that your physical and mental health aren’t harmed in any way.

3. Clear and Realistic Goals

Clear and Realistic Goals

Another way to know if you can become rich in future is by knowing your own goals. Are your goals realistic and achievable?  This is the question you should be asking yourself.

All of us have vague ideas of our goals but no definite plans. This means we know what we want in life, but we don’t know how to get there. There’s a very famous quote by an anonymous person. It says: “If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” This superb quote has, unfortunately, been attributed to all sorts of people. The fact is, these words are ancient wisdom and don’t have to attribute to anyone.

If you have big enough goals, surely, you would need the plan to achieve them. If your goals are to become very rich, you should know how to get there. Doing anything without a proper roadmap is like trying to reach a city without having a ticket or even the money to travel.

Normally, all large goals consist of three kinds of other goals. These include short-term goals, mid-term goals and long-term goals. When you achieve this one by one, you achieve your main goal.

Therefore, if you have a goal and a roadmap for how to achieve them, find if they are realistic and achievable. Nobody becomes a Millionaire overnight unless they win a lottery or inherit wealth. You have to work hard to become rich.

4. Own Mindset


Another important thing that decides whether you can become rich in the future is your own mindset. Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous bestseller book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ says correctly that before you change your pockets from poor to rich, it is necessary to convert your mindset from poor to rich.

With these superb words, Robert Kiyosaki tells us from his own experience that you can never become rich if you think like a poor person. A rich person works with an altogether different mindset. They take measured risks, and they know how to utilize their money. In contrast, a person with a mindset of poverty doesn’t take risks and instead looks for safety.

If you have a rich mindset, you would surely wish to invest your money and make it grow. This means you’re willing to take a few risks. Often, such risks pay off if you do the right kinds of investments in the right kinds of businesses. This means you can become rich.

However, if you have the mindset of a poor person and look for security, you miss on all the prosperity that awaits risk-takers. And hence, chances are that you would remain poor.

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5. Inspiration


Nobody can become rich unless they’re inspired to become rich. And if you have no inspiration to become rich, chances are that you can’t become rich in future.

What exactly is this inspiration, you might ask me? To put it in the simplest possible words, your inspiration is a combination of your desire to become rich combined with the efforts that you’re willing to give to become rich. If you have such inspiration, you will know that you can become rich in future.

Determination to succeed comes from our own inspiration. There’re two things that inspire us. It could be our parents or teachers, friends or a star player or an actor or actress or some historical figure. This is an external inspiration because, in most cases, we can’t copy these people.

Then, there’s another kind of inspiration that comes from within us. For example, if you have a lover or if you’re married, you would be inspired to impress your partner or spouse. This is self-inspiration because nobody has told you to do that.

The renowned American motivational speaker and author Dr. Stephen R. Covey said that inspiration should be like a fire from within. If anyone else tries to light this fire, it would burn for a short while and die out. This is what happens when we seek inspiration from external sources.

Therefore, before you think of getting rich, find out whether you have the necessary inspiration because inspiration is the fuel for everything we do in our lives.

6. Ability to Take Risks

Take Risk to Become Rich

One of the secrets to becoming rich in your future is the ability to take risks. You might think, “Taking risks is hard,” but that's what some people think who are not rich. Let me correct that with the proper definition of taking risks and becoming wealthy.

Taking risks also means trying new things, like tasting a new type of delicious Indian food or learning a new game. Do you remember your first time when you tried riding a bicycle? You weren't sure if you would fall, but you tried anyway. That's taking a risk! Even if you fell, you got back up, didn't you? That's how we learn – by taking risks and learning from our adventures.

Sometimes, taking risks can be compared to planting seeds. Farmers in India plant tiny seeds in the soil, and with hard work and care, those seeds grow into beautiful crops. Similarly, when we take risks in life, our efforts can grow into success and wealth, just like those crops.

You know, some people started small businesses even when they didn't have a lot of money. They believed in themselves and their ideas. They worked really hard, and guess what? Their businesses grew, and they became rich! They didn't let fear stop them. They were like brave adventurers on a quest.

So, being willing to take risks in India means being brave and trying new things, even if they seem a little scary at first. It means believing in yourself and not giving up, no matter what. Just like the heroes in our favorite stories, you too can take risks and write your own success story.

In the end, when you think about being rich in the future, remember that taking risks is like using your superpower. It can help you achieve your dreams and find your own treasure in the exciting adventure of life. So, keep your chin up, take those risks, and who knows, you might just become the superhero of your own story, living a rich and happy life!

In Conclusion

This simple five-step formula will help you to know if you can become rich in the future. Understandably, you might not have some of these elements. But that isn’t a roadblock or hurdle. Instead, you can always work towards finding these elements for your life if you want to become rich.

As I said earlier, richness isn’t only about having lots of money in your bank or properties under your name. Richness is also a mental state. If you want any of these kinds of richness or both, start working towards them from now. Nothing is impossible in the world. As the old proverb goes, the word impossible also means, I M Possible.

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