Get Paid to Read & Click Ads from Best PTC Sites

Can you believe I have earned more than $80,000 (INR 4.5 Million) just from PTC sites (Paid to Click Sites).

There are dozens of best PTC where people can get paid to read ads and complete simple tasks. But I will tell you only the top & highest paying PTC sites available for worldwide users.

You can easily earn $200 to $500 per month by clicking & reading ads or doing number of short & simple tasks. You need to work only 30 minutes daily on these PTC sites.

If you have more time and need more income then you can also work on more online jobs along with PTC sites. Here are 4 best PTC sites where millions of people work & earn money.

Best PTC Sites (Paid to Click Sites)

Here are  few of the top 10 PTC sites that pay highest income in Worldwide including India & USA. You can see my income proofs of $80,000+ from these sites.

1. ClixSense

I like ClixSense more than any other PTC sites. I have earned more than $61,000 (Rs 3.9 Million) just from ClixSense. See my income proof below.

ptc sites income

It’s very simple to join & work on ClixSense.

Here are the steps to signup on ClixSense-

  • Just click this ClixSense link & fill the signup form.
  • After signup, you will receive validation link in your email. Click the link to validate your account.
  • Then login to your ClixSense account with your username and password & complete the other details of your profile.

All PTC sites including Neobux & ClixSense pay money through Payza. They sends the money in your Payza account & you can then withdraw this to your local saving bank account.

Creating account on Payza and requesting money from Payza is very simple.

You can get paid by reading ads & doing other activities on ClixSense.

You can refer these 2 links for further information on ClixSense & Payza-

  1. Complete Guide to Earn from ClixSense
  2. How to Create an account in Payza

2. NeoBux

I have earned more than $8000 from NeoBux in just the last 9 months. Although I joined Neobux 4 years ago but I started working in Neobux 6 months back. You can see my earning proof below.

ptc sites

Neobux is one of the best PTC sites in India and available for worldwide users. In NeoBux you will have several ways to money and you will get your payment instantly upon your request.

They will provide many ads you can click and get paid. The amount you earn per click goes up to $0.02 and especially if you are from a tier 1 country it is not unlikely to earn $1 per day just from viewing ads.

Each advertisement will also give you 1 point and 4 AdPrize chances.

You will also find tasks from CrowdFlower and you can earn several dollars per day by completing them.

NeoBux pays more than any other PTC site for these simple jobs, thus if you like this type of work, it would be advisable to complete them on NeoBux and not in any other PTC / GPT site.

There is no lack in offers for points and coins.

They have several offer-walls available such as TrialPay, Matomy, etc. Especially coins can be converted directly to money you can cashout and the more coins you will convert at once, the higher the amount you will receive per coin will be.

By waiting until you have many coins, you can increase your earnings by up to 70% The points you can earn by clicking ads / AdPrize and by completing point offers can be used for a free golden membership as well as other services.

NeoBux also provides a free lottery with its unique AdPrize where you can view one advertisement and win a prize if you are lucky. The available prizes are from $0.25 to $50, from 10 to 1000 points and free golden membership for 1 year (regular value $90).

In your summary page, you might find surveys from Pollfish you can complete for money. These surveys can be found in other websites as well but NeoBux will pay you a higher amount than most of the other sites.

They offer a referral system where you might earn a lot from your rented and direct referrals.

A NeoBux member who was making $3000 per month gave me a simple strategy that a new member can use and make minimum $20 per day in just 5-6 months.

I am very EXCITED to Share this Strategy with you because when I applied this with my account, I earned $230 in just 20 days time.

Read This Neobux STRATEGY Here & earn lots of money with Neobux.

Click here to Join NeoBux

3. RebelPrize

One of the top PTC sites for people who are looking for genuine & trusted paid to click sites. There are multiple ways to earn from RebelPrize.

You can join RebelPrize from this link and then check confirmation link in your email to activate your account.

You can then login to your account to find multiple ways to earn cash from RebelPrize. One of the top way is to go to Earn tab and then find offers and tasks.

You can check the available offers and tasks and complete them to get points. You can later convert these points to PayPal cash, gift cards or rewards.

There is a ’WIN’ section in the dashboard which gives you chance to win Raffles, Lucky Numbers or Contests.

You can also refer RebelPrize  through your referral link provided in the ‘Invite’ section to make more money.


4. Paidverts

Paidverts is a new website but gaining very fast popularity in PTC world. There is some good scope of earning from Paidverts. You can find lots of good reviews from Paidverts users.

But there is little trick in working with Paidverts.

First you join Paidverts fom this link. Once you join it, you need to view BAP ads and accumulate BAP points. Next day your BAP points will be converted to paid ads & after viewing these ads, you will get receive the cash.


Some of the tips for making better income in Paidverts-

  1. View all the 16 BAP ads (activation ads) daily.
  2. Within 8-12 hours of viewing all the BAP ads, you need to check for paid ads & see all the ads.
  3. If you pay just 0.05, then you will get recycled ads worth $1 which are not seen by other members.
  4. If you earn $1 and buy an ad pack, then its more beneficial for you because you not only receive $1.5 worth ads but you can also advertise your banner or affiliate links or your website (if you have)
  5. Refer people in Paidverts through your referral link & multiply your income.

NeoBux also pay you through PayPal. So you don’t need to worry, you can use your PayPal account to receive the payment from both the sites.

Important points about PTC sites

There are thousands of PTC sites but most of them are fake. Only few of the sites are really trusted & paying their members.

And ClixSense & NeoBux are 2 sites which are powerful and paying their members without fail.

How to Increase your earning in PTC sites?

You can not increase your earning by spending more time on PTC sites because ads are limited and there is no way to view more number of ads than what site is providing.

But there are 3 solid ways to multiply your income from PTC sites

  1. By viewing all the ads daily. Make it a habit to view the ads everyday at a fixed time.
  2. By referring the sites to your friends, relatives & other known people in your group. You will earn part of the income from each & every referral & multiply your income very high.
  3. By taking their premium membership. This way, you will receive double commission for viewing the ads and also you will receive double commission when your referral view the ads.

So this way you can earn money from PTC sites.


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