10 Jobs You Have Never Heard of

Till now we know only the job of Doctor, Teacher, Engineer, Lawyer etc. But there are still different professions, which you may not have thought of and not imagined at all. This different profession also offers a good payout.

So here are some of the 10 Jobs You Have Never Heard of

unheard jobs

1. Water Slide Tester

In amusement park you may have taken a ride through the water slides and you must have enjoyed it very much. But till now you may not have thought that this slides are tested by the Water Slide Tester.

Water Slide Tester has to test the stress factor and have to check the safety concerns. Their job is to rate the Water Slide and then give the report to the company. No qualification is required to become Water Slide Tester.

Mostly companies hire college students as Water Slide Tester as they are more flexible to work at any time.

2. Chief Listening Officer

Chief Listening Officer job has to keep a watch on online social media platform for their employer. They have to check what people are saying about their employer online, any complaints about company, any tips or any ideas they have to report the information to the concerned department.

Chief Listening Officer is a new job and it is a new demanded job profile in corporate companies. To become Chief Listening Officer a degree in Marketing or equivalent qualification required or depends on the company requirements.

3. Personal Shopper

In today’s world most of the high profile people are too busy or don’t have interest in shopping or can’t take proper decision while selecting products. So now there is a rise of Personal Shopper who helps in doing shopping to the clients and this is one of the existing jobs.

As a personal shopper you can shop for families, help senior citizen in grocery shopping, can shop for companies for selecting gifts for different occasions.

To become personal shopper degree not required if you are working for an elderly client for grocery shopping but if you are working as fashion personal shopper then fashion degree or knowledge must.

4. Food Stylist

You must have seen in Food Blogs, Cook Books, Magazines etc. the stylish photos of the food. Food Styling is done to look food freshly made and tasty.

Food Stylist has to use different techniques to look food appetizing like to cook meat undercook as completely cooked meat while not have a proper texture.

A Food Stylist has to work with photographers, chefs and editors. To work as a Food Stylist you should have a passion for cooking and an eye for detail.

5. Imax Screen Cleaner

Imax Screen is too big where the images are larger than the life and we enjoy for watching movies at Imax Screen. If the screens are full of dust will you get the good quality of the picture? Have you thought those big screens also need to get cleaned?

These screens are too large and dust get on them very easily. To clean these screen is a difficult and time consuming task. So there are some companies who clean the Imax Screen.

6. Teddy Bear Repair Technician

Like kids we all also love Teddy Bear but as the time passes the Teddy Bear gets damaged and throwing Lovable Teddy Bear is heart breaking. Even the adults get disappointed of thinking how to repair or are there any chances of repairing Teddy Bear.

There is a Build-A-Bear Workshop where a Teddy Bear Technician repairs the Teddy Bear. Now no more losing the loved one Teddy Bear, even though if it is damaged. If you love teddy bear you can also learn how to repair teddy bear and guarantee your business will bloom.

7. Furniture Tester

As comfort ability of the furniture can’t be checked through computer a person is required here to test furniture. If furniture is designed attractively but is not as per the comfort level then do you think this type of furniture would be sold out? No

A Furniture Testers job is to test each and every piece of furniture before it is sold. Furniture Tester has to check the comfort level of the furniture by sitting, sleeping and checking from up and down. Even furniture tester is offered a good pay.

8. Global Mobility Consultant

In today’s globalized world many big companies relocate their employees from one country to another country. Every time it becomes difficult for an employee to relocate. Now there is a rise of Global Mobility Consultant who helps the employees for smooth relocation.

Global Mobility Consultant helps in finding the new homes at new locations or whatever the help is required by the client after relocation. To become Global Mobility Consultant you should have different country and culture knowledge.

9. Pet Food Taster

Now as per the name you must be thinking a Pet Food Tester has to just smell the pet’s food but no they have to actually taste the food. Pets can’t say and can’t let us know how the food made for them taste. So here a Pet Food Testers job arises.

If the Pet Food companies want to sell the food made for pets, first they have to test it. The food is made as per the pet’s requirement. Pet Food Tester job is to check the taste of the food, the flavor and tartness.

10. Personal Chef

A Personal Chef works for an organization or plans a cooking meal for a family. A personal chef’s job is to prepare whole meal and do all the kitchen work including grocery shopping and cleaning utensils.

Personal Chef has to do cooking of different cuisines and as per the diet of the client. In some organization or with some families personal chef has to work daily or twice in a week or as per the clients requirements.

Don’t get confused for a personal chef with private chef (maid) who comes to your home and cook food. To become a personal chef a proper training is required.

If you are bored with your current job try out for the upper never heard jobs. Enjoy Working!


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