Online Classes Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Classes

Thanks to the development in Science and technology, every sector in the industry has been growing in much advanced and better manner.

However, somehow, the dependency on internet has increased so much that even to get the direction of a map we look for GPRs system instead of asking any individual. In education sector too, the development has taken place.

The availability of internet all over the world has made it possible to sit and learn simply at your home and gain knowledge without wasting your time in travelling. Let us take a brief look on how the online class in today’s world have been playing a dominant role and is it really advantageous to go for such classes?

What is Online Classes?

Also known as distance learning, this type of classes has been gaining lot of attention from quite some time due to the interactive education that you can acquire simply by sitting at home.

Online classes entirely depend on the availability of computer and internet. The addition of Skype and web cam has also made it easy to have a face to face class no matter in which corner of the world you are sitting.

This saves your additional cost of travelling to the other country and thus saves lot of your valuable time and money. Once you join this type of class, you dint have to leave your house or the place where you reside, unless there is really a need to meet your profession.

Such type of facility has started few years back and looking at the response, chances are high that in coming next years, this type of facility will play a dominant role in all colleges and campus.

Things that you need to Know:

If you are planning to enroll yourself for such type of classes, then here are some of the tips that you must know so that you don’t land up getting the wrong type of class:

Always make a good research on the course for which you are planning to enroll yourself.

Make sure the difficulty for understand the subject is within your capacity as well. Otherwise, you may land up with too many questions and professor can find it difficult to explain you the solution through online classes.

There are many companies that claim to offer good services of such type. Ensure that you go for the one that have the license to practice such classes and has got years of experience in this field.

Make sure you read all the terms and conditions and get the best of the services that offer value for money and ensure that you get all the necessary knowledge.

How are Online Classes Different than visual Classes:

  • It saves your time
  • Your unnecessary cost of spending it on traveling gets saved
  • You can study as and whenever you want
  • You don’t have to schedule your exam

There are both advantages and drawbacks associated with online classes. Given below are the two side of the coin that you must take a look at:


  • Such classes don’t force you to attend your school or college at particular timing. You can attend it as and when you want to. This would keep your interest as well as your desire to learn.
  • If you are housewife or have hob, you can considers this type of learning. This will help you do your work as per your need and you can learn whenever you get time.
  • You never have to worry about the traffic. You can be at your home even when the climate is worst and thus, learn as per the schedule that you have planned.
  • Driving to the campus or college entirely gets eliminated. Thus, you have to worry about your professor getting mad at you.
  • You can get more knowledge about the course that you are persuading by searching about it through other online content and search engines like Google.


Though such type of classes seems to be pretty much interesting, remember, there are certain drawbacks associated with it which you should always keep in your mind:

  • As compared to visual classes, such type of courses is far more expensive. You need to prepare your budget in advance to afford such courses.
  • Chances of lack of supervision are high. If the person doesn’t get motivated at the beginning itself, then there is no use to start and continue with online course.
  • As student may become lethargic and might not understand the value of learning. Thus, chance is high that his/ her interest from studies may go and the person might not feel important to give the assignments on time and accomplish the goal.

Though such type of classes seems to have few of the cons but certainly the above mentioned advantages can easily overcome them. You need to however ensure that you choose the best course and the qualified instructor which can guide you.


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