Best Rules to Play & Win Office Politics

As we get older, we tend to understand life and we learn that it is not always fair. In most of the cases, the reward of competition goes to the most familiar, the most connected and the most funded people and not to the deserving people.

Even though, you might be ready to put your longest hours on work and even though, you are a talented and qualified individual, success cannot be guaranteed.

Those, who make it to the top of the organizations, can own their success to dynamics and factors that have only little to do with merit.

In a perfect world, whatever we earn will showcase the intentions, integrity and efforts we put into the work.

On the other hand, politicking and developing the influence of an individual through social networking to position himself closer to the resources and access to power can identify upward mobility as much or even more than value and virtue.

As office politics is something that plays a crucial role in climbing the corporate ladder, it becomes important that every staff should know the rules to play and win it.

Here are the rules to understand:office politics play win

Give the credit, when it is due

Only a certain situation will develop bitterness from your colleagues faster as compared to not acknowledging their contributions.

You might think that sharing the credit of completing a particular task should be wholly yours. But, the important point to be remembered here is that sharing credit does not cost you a thing, but it will help you earn great dividends in the form of gratitude and respect from your colleagues.

To succeed in office politics, collaboration is highly important. So, the important thing you will have to learn is how to work with others by recognizing the true efforts of each and every member of the team.

Be a person of your word

When you agree in your office that you will do something, try as much as possible to keep up your words. This will build trust in you and your colleagues and subordinates will also reciprocate the same back when you need their help.

Create a win-to-win situation in the organization

One of the best ways you can follow to ensure that your office mates will be there to help you out is that you should make working together beneficial for all the team members.

Even though, this might not always be possible, try to follow this rule as much as possible with sincere effort to gain respect among your colleagues.

Do not gossip

When someone comes to you with a complaint about other person, it is better to keep your mouth shut. The reason is that they will do the same about you to others as well.

The best thing you can do when an individual comes to you with gossip is to change the subject or better you can stay silent. Otherwise, you can also talk about the task in hand to be completed.

Keep your communications safe

It is better to maintain a complete record of your mails and other types of communication documents. These records will help you in proving yourself when some wrong comment is raised against you.

Neutralize toxic people

Some people have the practice of forcing their issues on everyone they come across. When you find such kinds of people among your colleagues, it is better to follow the rules given below to avoid getting disturbed by them:

  • Do not take things personally
  • It is better to keep distance from these people
  • Do not try and rationalize with them. The reason is that they do things with illogical motives.
  • Remember that their behavior has nothing to do with you and so do not get trapped in their net of craziness.
  • Stay away from them as much as possible and if unavoidable circumstances occur, just make your conversations as short as possible.

Be helpful

The world is always moving mainly because of reciprocity. If your time and resource permits, do some favors to others.

But, here you should be careful about people, who always want to receive and do not want to give anything in return.

On the other hand, you can save your resource and time on those appreciating your favors and they will also return the courtesy as and when they get a chance.

Show some interest to your colleagues as people

When you show real interest in your colleagues as a person and not as a co-worker, they will show interest towards developing a bond with you.

A simple birthday greetings and just a small help when they get caught in the table can develop authentic relationships.

Be quick to smile and slow to snap

There are great chances that there will be some situations that are out of control in the workplace. However, you can have a real control over three things and they are your attitude, your efforts and your reactions.

When an email in your inbox makes your angry, do not give a hot reply out of frustration. Just wait until your mind gets relaxed and once you become emotionally neutral, you can start drafting the reply.

On the other hand, you should be as approachable as possible to your subordinates and when people feel that you can genuinely understand them, they will come forward to discuss the problems they have in their work with you, so that you can find a solution together.

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