Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Your First Job after Graduation

You just got your college/university degree, you had your moment of celebration, and now you have to bring yourself to reality.job search mistakes

After spending several weeks in scanning different job opportunities, you realize that the most attractive ones require experience.

How are you supposed to get that experience when job recruiters are rarely interested in recent graduates?

According to essay writing service Essay.scholaradvisor.com, college students are not entire ready for real jobs upon graduation.

Although their professors do their best to prepare them for the job markets, most students are too busy living in their safe bubble of studying, exams, and partying. Thus, they are overwhelmed when they have to hunt for the first job after graduation.

Do you want to give yourself the best odds? Recognize the most common mistakes recent graduates make when looking for a job. Then, learn how to avoid them!

1. Using the Internet as the only source of information

Yes, you can find tons of ads all over the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect other ways of discovering opportunities.

Job boards and LinkedIn are extremely important tools in your success as a recent graduate. However, you should also form real-life connections. Learn which companies in your area have open positions. Take initiative and give your card to important people.

2. Applying for any job you locate

When you don’t have many options, it’s easy to end up wasting your time on ads for positions outside your range.

If you know you are underqualified or overqualified for a particular job, don’t waste your energy on it. Conduct a focused job search and the right opportunities will reveal themselves sooner or later.

3. Neglecting your social media profiles

Your Facebook profile is full of photos from your partying nights? You continue trolling Kanye West on Twitter? It’s time to get serious!

Believe it or not, job managers always check out the applicants’ social media profiles before making decisions.

The first thing to do is clean up your profiles from inappropriate posts & photos. Then, spend some time polishing out your LinkedIn page.

4. Sending bad resumes and cover letters

You were too focused on studying and taking tests during college, so you didn’t have time to think about proper resumes? This is the most important aspect of your job application.

You need a clean, professional document that will present you as the perfect candidate for the job. Include all relevant experiences, but avoid making the resume too long.

The cover letter should not repeat the information provided in the resume. This document should be brief and vivid. It is meant to show how interested you are in the particular position.

5. Failing to research the company

When you apply to a job ad, you have a responsibility to conduct a thorough research of the employer. What’s the company’s core mission?

Is it often in the news? What are its strengths and challenges? If you are aware of all these aspects, you’ll be able to make a great impression at the interview.

6. Avoiding to build a network

You cannot rely on your parents and friends to get you a job after graduation. Don’t be reserved! Reach out to anyone who can help you meet other people and grow your network.

When you know several professionals in your area of interest, it will be easier for you to find out about open positions and get recommendations. Remember: networking is important & should not be limited to LinkedIn!

7. Negative attitude

Welcome to the real world. It’s tough! Potential employers won’t appreciate your achievements. They will underestimate your intelligence and challenge you with outrageous interview questions.

At one point or another, you will get discouraged, tired, and desperate. Don’t allow those emotions to prevail.

No matter how hard it is to find a good job, you need to stay positive when communicating with hiring managers, networking contacts, and even friends and family. When you show some enthusiasm, you’ll have a better chance of getting noticed.

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