How To Answer “Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?”

We all have heard this question, “Why do you want to join our company?” In this article, I have explained why this question is so important and how you can prepare your answer for this question
why join our company

Interviews can be tricky. There are so many aspects to focus on; such as your personality, expressions, confidence, and most importantly great answers. Cracking them can be a lot easier if you have already prepared for some of these questions. 

The interviewer is sitting there to judge you. To know if you can fit into their organization.  One of the most popular ways to know this is from your answer to “Why do you want to join our company?”

“The pay is good and I’m looking for a job” might be the most honest answer. But, this is not what your recruiter is looking for. After this answer, he has probably decided not to offer you the job. 

After reading this you are most likely to come up with a better answer for “Why do you want to join our company?” which will impress the questioner and see the potential within you.

Why Do You Want To Join Our Company?

What’s the real reason behind asking the question “Why do you want to join our company?”

1. To know your knowledge about the company: Your employer needs to know that you are passionate about working with their organization. You need to have a good deal of knowledge about their work ethics, biggest achievements, motives, and mission.

2. To know how serious you are about the job position: If you are applying for a job it is crucial that you understand what role you have to play there. You have to show the interrogator that you know your responsibilities. Depict how your skills will be perfect for the role and the company’s future.

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3. To know how the job fits in your future plans: It’s important for the company to know how this job will fit in the course of your career. They want to get an idea of how long you are planning to work with them. 

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4. To know what motivates you to work: Corporations are looking for employees who are keen and excited to work. They don’t want people whose only reason to work is money. They want employees who are driven by the similar motive of their organization. For eg; Customer satisfaction, serving society, making life simpler, etc.

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How to prepare yourself for this question

How to prepare

1. Do your research about the company

We all love it when our efforts are recognized. Your recruiter loves it too. So go to the company’s official website or social media accounts and try finding the following:

  1. What is their work culture?
  2. What is the mission the company is trying to achieve?
  3. Learn about its business operations
  4. Find the news and important events that recently occurred

You can also read various articles about the firm (if available). Once you’ve found all the information, think about how your skills can benefit the company. What aspects of the company and its work attracts you. All such questions will make you as well as your interviewer clear about your reasons why do you want to join the company.

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2. Go carefully through your job description

Take a personality check. Analyze what parts of your behavior are perfect for the position offered. It can be your patience, recognition for maintaining customer relations, co-operation, etc.

Ponder on, what knowledge and experience can you bring in to improve their current team. To narrow it down there are three things to focus on:

  1. Responsibilities you’ll have 
  2. Skills and knowledge you can bring
  3. Your personality traits suitable for the job

3. Evaluate your career goals

Assess your vision for yourself in the coming years. You have to beware not to mention the money or your personal financial goals. They mostly want to know two things; How long you are planning to work and what motivates you to work.

Here are the things you can mention:

  1. Improving your work performance or being more efficient
  2. Reaching a particular designation 
  3. Future educational or skill addition goals
  4. Personal development goals

Make sure whatever goals you mention should be relevant to the company and the job. You can mention how your current job will benefit you to achieve your plans. Avoid mentioning plans to work in a different firm in the future. 

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Examples for answering 

Example 1

“ I’ve known your company for years and It really inspires me. I strongly believe that education can change a person's life if it is delivered in the right way. Your company is changing the era with its research-based teaching techniques. My past experience in machine learning and computer vision can really help in understanding the complexities of online education and solving them. Last month I read about you launching an education program for marginalized kids. I would love to wake up and come to work for a company where I know that I’m making a difference and giving back to society.”

Example 2

“I know the reputation of this company in our community and I'll be proud to be a part of such an excellent team. I love being creative as well as innovative. My friend has been working here for years and he always goes on about how innovation and hard work are rewarded and encouraged in your firm. It really inspired me. That’s why as soon as I saw an opening here, I knew I had to apply for it.”

Example 3

“Last month I read an article about your company’s CEO, Mr. Adam Brown. It was about the way his company constantly looks into the well-being of its employees. You encourage creativity and education with your on-site learning programs, employee training, skill development programs, and mentorship programs. You have been constantly rated as one of the best places to work. I think such empowerment is what excites me. I can create, innovate, work hard, learn and contribute along with my team.”

Example 4

“ I have been working as an Engineer for the past 5 years and I’ve been constantly learning and making my way up through smaller firms and gaining new experiences. After all these years I am finally equipped with the required knowledge and skills to be a part of your team.  My technical expertise combined with your commendable team will really help me be a valuable asset for the company.”


Do your research, make notes in your mind, and rock that interview. Remember there are a lot of other factors considered before they hire you for a job. Answering these questions is just one of the aspects. Be confident and just prepare your best.

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