Searching a Job? Social Media Might can Help

Social media is a smart way to raise your profile and get recognized. Here are 7 important tips to use social media to help find your next job.

1. Keep a revised profile on Linkedin, Plaxo and Xing.

The recruiters and head hunters have a tendency to use these social networking websites for executives as an extension to Monster.

You've got to make sure your profile can be simply found on these internet sites, and is peppered with keywords. A fast word of advice, confirm any net links to you enhance instead of reduce your private brand.

You might find it better to ramp up the privacy settings on your Facebook account to the top level possible instead of ask your pals to take any pictures of you socialising as a student down.

social media job search

2. Use LinkedIn to target companies in your preferred geographical location

Try a search on LinkedIn and find out all of the corporations within your chosen geographical location, which are certain to hire somebody like you.

You may then use LinkedIn to get more information about these companies & contact previous workers and current workers to get the inside track – and who you need to contact in the company to discover about vacancies.

3. State obviously on your email signature & short bios you're currently hunting for your next opportunity

This only applies if you're overtly hunting for your next job…

4. Write a blog & post articles & comments on web forums

Writing a blog is a way of demonstrating your expert abilities. If maintaining a blog is too much work, what about getting an article printed on a favoured online magazine? ( When I say preferred, I mean well-liked by potential hiring bosses ).

This is a superb way of raising your profile and getting yourself spotted. When you do answer a question on LinkedIn, or another web forum, ask authorization to join with them on LinkedIn and start an off-line dialogue.

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5. Use your private standing updates to keep folks informed of your job-seeking progress

Your Facebook network is an excellent spot to keep folks informed of how your job-hunting is going. You may use your standing to run people’s memory on who they know who might possibly be able to help you.

6. Use LinkedIn (and other networking sites) to grow your private & pro network

Eighty percent of all vacancies aren't formally advertised – and your network is the number 1 place to discover about these vacancies. Or, who may just be able to help you in finding one of those vacancies!

33% of all employment seekers who use their personal or pro network to discover about vacancies, were successful.

7. Intend to connect to well connected folk

For instance, recruitment advisors, folks who run networking groups are often one of the first folk to hear about potential job vacancies. Befriend these folk – and they're all over LinkedIn, they might possibly be able to help you.


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