Best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai from Top 10 Training Institutes

digital marketing courses in Mumbai

Do you know it is possible to make an excellent career if you complete digital marketing courses from best training institutes in Mumbai.

Digital Marketing is the best career you can opt for nowadays. You may wish to know why.

Why? Here are some answers.

On average, an Indian aged between 14 and 65 years spends 4.4 hours on the Internet every day, find various studies.  They spend the time on social media, watching videos or listening to music, gaming, messaging and other activities.

For companies that wish to sell products and services, this opens new and promising vistas. Longer time on the Internet presents them with excellent opportunities to promote their stuff through Digital Marketing.

Facts and Figures

There can be no doubts that Digital Marketing will boom in India. Figures below clearly indicate this trend.

  • Over 5 million Indians will have smartphones and connect to the Internet by the year 2022.
  • Digital advertising will cross the 10.573 billion mark by 2023, doubling from the projected Rs.5.672 billion in 2019.
  • E-commerce or online buying and selling is growing at 51 percent rate per annum and will touch US $200 billion by 2026 in India- the fastest in the world. Digital Marketing fuels this e-commerce.

These amazing figures clearly point to one thing: the future of marketing is digital. And this presents you with an excellent, long-term career opportunity.

If the prospect of being part of this ever growing industry fascinates you, opt for one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai from top 10 training institutes.

digital marketing courses in Mumbai

Best Digital Marketing Courses & Training Institutes

Our selection of top 10 Digital Marketing training institutes and courses considers several factors.  These include placement assistance, duration, online and classroom studies, faculty, syllabus and several other factors.

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1. DMatic Digital

DMatic Digital ranks as the best training institute for providing Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai. Three distinct Digital Marketing courses are available from DMatic Digital.

DMatic Digital is the only classroom training institute in Mumbai that provide 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the course.

DMatic Digital is the only institute where you can learn about blogging and how to make money with Google AdSense and affiliate marketing.

The course fee at DMatic is reasonable. And another best thing about DMatic is they give discount to students.

  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization: This course offers complete theoretical, practical and working knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. It teaches how to get any particular content or website on top rankings in Google and other search engines. You learn how to use keywords and target specific audiences, thus increasing chances for a website or content to attract generic and paid traffic quickly.
  • Certificate in Digital Marketing: With this course, you learn all basic and advanced techniques of Digital Marketing. Course syllabus includes Advanced SEO, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Email Marketing, Data Analytics, Facebook Marketing, and maximizing traffic to a website or specific content. The course also enables you to launch own enterprise and offer Digital Marketing services to other businesses.
  • Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing: Other than learning all latest techniques such as SEO, SEM, PPC and SMM, the Advanced Certificate course also includes modules on blogging, content writing and content marketing. You learn how to create own content for employers or own blog. You learn how to create great blogs and make money with your blogs. The course is ideal for budding entrepreneurs and individuals eyeing own blogs.

Dmatic Digital Pvt Ltd is brainchild of reputed Indian blogger and entrepreneur, Pritam Nagrale. This institute has a faculty of highly qualified and skilled trainers for every Digital Marketing process. The institute offers internship for deserving candidates with the prospect of employment at DMatic Digital. They also offer placement support.

You can read this DMatic Digital review to know why this is the best training center for digital marketing course.

2. Digital Vidya

Digital Vidya claims to be the leader in Asia’s Digital Marketing training institutes. The institute offers diverse Digital Marketing courses.

  • Digital Marketing Master Course: Consists of 44 modules and is online, instructor led training course. Duration of the course ranges between four and seven months. It provides 100 hours of training and 140 hours of assignments. Syllabus includes SEO. SEM, SMM, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing and data analytics, among other topics.
  • Specialized Digital Marketing Courses: Digital Vidya has nine assorted specialized Digital Marketing courses. These include SEO for Fresher and certification courses for various Digital Marketing processes.

Digital Vidya offers placement assistance for its students. Their courses enable you to get certificates from Facebook and LinkedIn for their individual Digital Marketing processes. This institute was cofounded by Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra. Additionally, they have an internship program for aspiring bloggers.

3. upGrad

Chandigarh-based upGrad offers three excellent online courses in Digital Marketing for students in Mumbai. One of these courses if for younger students, another for graduates and third for executive learning.

  • Digital Marketing Certification: Anyone that has completed Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) or its equivalent is eligible to join this five-month online course from UpGrad. Course syllabus includes SEO, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Branding and Data Analytics. The course includes over 50 hours of online learning with practical hands-on sessions. Part of training is conducted by professionals in Digital Marketing industry working with various companies.
  • Post Graduate Certification in Digital Marketing & Communication: This is also an online course and gets you certifications from Facebook and MICA (formerly Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmadabad. The course includes SEO, SEM, Social Media and Content Marketing, Branding, Marketing Analytics and other Digital Marketing essentials. It includes live and mock campaigns. Fresher with any graduation degree and working professionals can apply for this course.
  • Executive Program in Strategic Digital Marketing: Offering over 100 hours of online study, this course is for working professionals. You get one-on-one interactions with industry experts in Digital Marketing and eight case studies and two live simulations. Certification is awarded by Cambridge Judge Business School Executive Education & upGrad. Fees can be paid in easy installments.

upGrad has tie-ups with foreign universities to offer certification for students of its IT courses, including Digital Marketing programs. The institute was established in 2015. Over 300,000 students from upGrad are now working with reputed companies.

4. NMIMS, Mumbai

One of the topmost Business Schools (B-schools) of India, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Sciences (NMIMS) offers an excellent post graduate program in Digital Marketing.

  • Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing: A 12-month distance education course from NMIMS. This is a very comprehensive Digital Marketing course in Mumbai. It aims at developing skills to create various Digital Marketing strategies and brand building. You learn how to use first and third party data while using analytical tools to achieve business goals. Developing content strategies, search advertising campaigns, leveraging social media including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms for optimizing business are some advanced skills you learn from this program

Admissions are open for graduates in any field and working professionals. Students that have completed HSC or its equivalent and minimum two year work experience and those with Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or equivalent with Diploma recognized by All India Council for Technical Education can also apply.

NMIMS is a very reputed B-School. Hence, its certificates are valid across India and worldwide.  This is an ideal digital marketing course for persons already working in this industry.

5. Udacity India

US-based online learning platform, Udacity (India) offers fabulous Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai that meet international standards. This is a three-month duration, online course. You can get jobs with some of the topmost employers like Google with a Udacity course since the company has tie-ups for placements with some industry leaders.

  • Nanodegree Program in Digital Marketing: This course packs in every essential you need to become a very successful digital marketer. Broadly speaking, the course covers entire spectrum of Digital Marketing processes such as SEO, SEM, SMM, Email Marketing and others. However, Udacity deploys its unique 360-Degree Approach for training. This means, trainers guide you through the entire spectrum of Digital Marketing. You will work on real-world projects with other students from various countries and the US.

Instructors of Udacity’s Nanodegree Program in Digital Marketing` are reputed personalities in the industry. They include Anke Audenaert from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Daniel Kob, a Stanford MBA and digital entrepreneur and Julia Aspinal, a renowned digital marketer in the US.

Udacity offers a special price for students in India- about Rs.45,000 (depending upon exchange rates). This is the best online course in Digital Marketing. The company is hiring partner with most respected companies worldwide.


Formerly known as Mudra Institute of Communications, MICA offers one of the best Digital Marketing courses in India. In fact, MICA is a pioneer in launching Digital Marketing courses in this country. They offer one advanced course for students in Mumbai to acquire vital Digital Marketing skills.

  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing: MICA offers this excellent online course that helps you become a professional in Digital Marketing. This is a one-year course and covers a wide array of topics. This course is especially for working professionals that wish to gain advanced skills in Digital Marketing or launch own enterprise to offer services for other businesses. Syllabus includes business, business marketing and e-marketing, search marketing, social media and email marketing, display and mobile marketing, data analytics and other critical topics.

Upon completion of this Digital Marketing course from MICA, you are ready to apply for certification from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and other major companies.

7. St. Paul Institute of Communications Education (SPICE)

St Paul Institute of Communications, Mumbai offers a three-month classroom course in Digital Marketing. It aims at preparing fresher students to find excellent jobs in India’s Digital Marketing sector.

  • Digital Marketing Certificate Course: Syllabus of this classroom course includes understanding online customer behaviour, branding and brand leveraging, all features of SEO, SEM, SMM processes, email marketing, influencer marketing, blogging and vlogging, setting up and managing e-commerce websites and lots more.

St. Paul Institute of Communications is located in Bandra (West) in Mumbai and hence is easily accessible from any part of the city or its neighbourhood areas. It is known as the fastest growing media and digital sciences institutes in India. SPICE is operated by the Society of St. Paul that was founded in 1914 in Alba, Italy.

8. Aptech Learning

Aptech is a reputed name in computer education. The institute is one of the pioneers of fostering IT education in India and has significant presence abroad too. Aptech offers best Digital Marketing course in Mumbai for graduates and engineers. This course has duration of nine months and combines classroom and online learning.

  • Smart Pro Web Analytics and Digital Marketing course: This course trains you to become a professional in various processes of Digital Marketing including SEO, Data Analytics and Social Media Optimization, among others. It teaches how to build next generation websites, financial analysis with MS Excel, utilizing social media on mobile platforms, online advertising and management and other essentials.

Aptech has learning centres across India. You can register at any of their Mumbai centres for this course. It is customized to meet needs of graduates and management professionals who wish to upscale their careers.


NIIT has hybrid courses in Digital Marketing under two different categories. They are globally acclaimed courses and offer foreign university certification. Additionally, NIIT has placement partners that include reputed Indian companies. Hence, they offer employment assistance too.

University of Edinburgh, UK gives certification to successful candidates that complete these courses. These courses are equivalent of similar programs conducted in the UK by University of Edinburgh. Hence, they are valid globally.

  • Advanced Program in Digital Marketing & Branding: This course is open to all students that have completed their HSC or equivalent and higher. The course has a duration of 216 hours. Syllabus ranges from introduction to Digital Marketing to acquiring advanced skills in various processes. This is a very comprehensive Digital Marketing course for youngsters that wish to make a career in this industry. NIIT has centres in Mumbai too.
  • Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing & Branding: This is also a course where you get University of Edinburgh certification. However, this course is for graduates and professionals working in any sector and want to enter Digital Marketing. Other than learning basic and advanced Digital Marketing skills, you also get interactive sessions with University of Edinburgh faculty and professionals.

10. Digital Marketing Training Institute

If you are looking for a long and comprehensive classroom study course in Digital Marketing, opt for the one from Digital Marketing Training Institute (DMTI), Mumbai. Their syllabus is simply amazing. Additionally, they offer 100 percent placement guarantee to meritorious candidates.

  • Advanced Digital Marketing Diploma: Consists of 27 modules. These include SEO, SMM, Google Adwords with assured Google certification, re-marketing, conversion, media buying and selling, graphic designing, freelancing techniques and video creation, among others. As student, you get five different certifications upon completion of this wonderful course.

This is entirely a classroom study course available from two centres of DMTI in Mumbai. Depending upon your needs and time, you can opt for fulltime or part-time course. Part-time courses are available for 10 week duration while fulltime ones have two and three month durations.

Wrap Up

As I mention earlier, Digital Marketing is a growing industry in India. This is evident from that digital advertising spend is rising by 36 percent annually since the last five years.

The trend will continue well into 2020s. As more Indians connect to the Internet with smartphones, mobile devices such as laptops and tabs, companies from India and abroad will target them as clients through Digital Marketing.

You too can make a fantastic career in this field by studying Digital Marketing courses in Mumbai from any of these top institutes.

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