14 Best Low Investment Franchise Business In India

Thinking of starting a new business in India? Try any best franchises in India. In this article, you will find a list of 14 low investment franchise business in India. Pick any of these low cost & high profit franchise businesses for yourself.
लौ इन्वेस्टमेंट फ्रैंचाइज़ी बिज़नेस इन इंडिया

Low-cost business opportunities are prevalent in all markets and sectors of the economy. The Indian economy has been driven by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). After 2020, selling and providing quality work should make up 80% of the market.

This business did not make it through the process, but it also grew steadily with time. A big part of it comes from business opportunities that don't require a lot of money.

It helps in bringing investors and people who want to buy a business for the first time. From the perspective of an investor, franchise businesses are most appealing to the person who doesn’t need safe and sure ways to make money.

They want an easy-to-use model that lets them run a business. These investors put their money into companies that have linked to well-known brands. If you don't want to invest much money, you may be interested in business opportunities that require little capital.

Instead, both are profitable for people with much money to support. Invest in these Best Low investment Franchise Businesses in India. Allows easy access to money, fast spread of advertising, growth of a network's distribution system, help for motivated entrepreneurs, and fast growth rates.

India is the third-biggest buyer of goods and services around the world. A tried-and-true method is to start a cheap franchise in India. The franchise business is one of the model brands that has grown in India, and many low-investment franchises are available in the country.

Some popular franchise areas are cars, beauty, fast food, education, wellness, the postal service, fashion, and health care.

India is a great place to find low-cost franchise business opportunities in retail, cafes, health care, entertainment, and education. These franchises have a good chance of increasing and becoming successful businesses.


What is a Franchise?

Have you ever given thought to why there are so many international brands on the Indian market? The answer is to start a franchise business. It is one of the most critical foreign companies and brands that have made its way into the Indian market.

A franchisor (franchise brand) gives a franchisee (outlet owner) support in ideas, structure, law, and training in exchange for a start-up fee and royalties. 

The franchisor and the franchisee can make money from owning and selling a franchise. Once the franchisee has access to the brand's loyal customers, creative help, legal advice, and training support, the franchisor can grow the business in new markets and increase market share and revenue.

Investors and companies must do a lot of research on their potential business partners before entering this model and signing it. It's safer for investors to stick with well-known names and brands.

Some people say that the franchise idea requires a significant financial investment. Let's clear up this confusion. Franchising is the best and most profitable way to start a business. You only need to know how to get a franchise. You could even open a franchise for just 1 lakh.

A business model is what Franchising is. The franchise model for business helps the business grow and gives the business flexibility when the organization's cash flow isn't sure.

The franchising idea gives firm and location-specific conditions that explain when and why some organizations allow Franchising and others do not.

When cash flow is uncertain and the cost of starting a business is high, the franchising system gives entrepreneurs a way to improve and keep up with the competition.

How to Choose Which Franchise is Best in India?

Becoming a company franchisee is like becoming a partner in a business, and you should treat it as such. It's easy to find one of the best low-cost franchises.

Here are some tips to help you find franchise businesses in India that require little money to start:

  1. Before you sign a franchise deal with a company, do your research.
  2. Investigate and think carefully about the situation
  3. Clearly state what you want from the parent company.

Always try to get the job you always wanted to be. Working with passion will be easier than working as a mercenary.

Remember that your franchising company should help you in fundamental ways throughout the life of your business.

Stick to the same pattern for the next 5–10 years since businesses change quickly.

14 Best Low Investment Franchise Business In India In 2023

Here is the list of low-cost franchise businesses in India. You can also check the 90 most profitable franchise businesses in India.



The Skill development and entrepreneurship Ministry of the Indian government-run the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna (PMKVY). The government franchise is to help India's young people improve their skills by giving them different kinds of job training.

With the PMKVY, you can start a training center. To become a training partner (SMART), you must meet the standards set by the Skill Management and Accreditation of Training Centres to become a training partner (SMART). It will also look at your progress as a Training Center and keep track of it.

The government pays basic costs for each candidate at 30.30, 36.30, or 42.40, depending on the training in three different areas. You must pay an annual application fee of 12,000 and an annual monitoring fee of 8,000 rupees.

2. KidZee School

KidZee School

KidZee is one of Asia's best-known preschool franchises, not just in India. You can pick the KidZee School franchise if you want to do business in a teaching career.

KidZee is a popular preschool franchise business opportunity in India. It has over 1900 centers in 700 cities, and there are a lot of them.

For the franchise, you need to spend at least 12 lakhs and have a school space between 2000 and 3000 square feet. KidZee will take care of your advertising, enrollment, work of your infrastructure, and accounting.

3. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day

Café Coffee Day cafes are trendy right now. “A lot can happen over coffee” is the slogan of the well-known coffee shop chain Café Coffee Day.

CCD has stores in Nepal, Bangladesh, Egypt, Vienna, and the Czech Republic. It runs more than 1700 coffee shops in 200 cities.

It is, without a doubt, the best choice for a low investment to choose a coffee shop franchise. You can start a CCD franchise with an investment of about ten lakhs.

You will also need a building between 1,000 and 1,500 feet with at least 25 feet of frontage and enough parking.

In exchange, the CCD will give you its high-tech coffee machine, which makes excellent coffee in a short amount of time. CCD also has a variety of drinks for sale.

4. Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry

Shoe Laundry has seven locations and is a very new idea in the service industry.

If you make a small investment of Rs.7 lakh and an area of 250–400 sq. ft, they have made words a quick breakeven of a few months and a 100 percent ROI.

5. Jugnoo


Jugnoo is a taxi and rickshaw service that is overgrowing. About 29 million rides have been taken through the app so far.

They want to grow their business and want more people to join them as franchisees. Jugnoo is one of the best businesses you can start at a low cost.

6. Dominos 


Domino's is one of the most popular pizza delivery services, and it now has more than 500 locations all over the United States.

Their promise to deliver pizza within 30 minutes has made them very popular in India. Because pizza is so famous, you can start a Domino's franchise business with a good chance of making money.

You will need a space of 1500 square feet for a traditional store and a minimum investment of 50 lakhs. For a non-traditional store, you will only need lakhs of rupees.

After signing a contract with them, they will show you how to run the business well and give you the training you need.

7. Carz SPA

Carz SPA

Carzspa is a professional car detailing center that offers franchises opportunity to the people who can provide the area for the shops where the business can run; the extent required is 750 to 1000 square feet with parking for at least two vehicles in front and a reasonable investment of Rs.9 to 12 lakhs.

They promise a total return on investment and a fast break-even point.

8. Amul Ice Cream

Amul Ice Cream

Amul is a well-known franchise brand in India. It has been in business for almost 75 years and is known for its high quality.

So, opening an Amul Ice Cream Parlor might be a good franchise idea. Amul has about 1,500 ice cream shops in India.

You need at least 300 square feet in a good location for an Amul Ice Cream franchise. The space must be well-decorated and have air conditioning.

The first investment can be under five lakhs. The best thing about owning an Amul franchise is that the products have been sent straight to you.

One of India's most popular low-cost franchises is a store that sells Amul ice cream.

9. Patanjali


Patanjali started doing business in 2006, becoming a well-known franchise brand among Indians, making it a valuable company.

It has about 47,000 stores all over India and focuses on Ayurvedic and herbal treatments, cosmetics, personal care products, and food.

Given Patanjali's popularity, investing in a franchise will be a good business move for you. To open a Patanjali store franchise, you will need at least 500 square feet of space and at least seven lakhs.

10. Himalayan Range

himalayan range

Himalayan Range makes unusual items for the kitchen. Now, the organization works in 11 different online marketing channels worldwide and has a strong web presence in nine countries on four continents.

Himalayan Range runs its business with the customer and believes value and variety are essential for billions of retail customers.

After 2020, the market for organic goods has became eight times bigger than it was. So, now is the best time, to begin with this creative line of thinking.

11. HomeShine

home shine

They offer the people who want to work with them an investment of Rs.8–10 Lakh and a space of 100 ft.

This is to meet the growing demand for home cleaning services. The investor can expect a return on investment of 30–35 percent and a breakeven point of 15–18 months.

12. Bean Here

Bean Here

Bean Here is a well-known franchise brand from Allahabad that has won many awards for how well it works and what it offers (Best Themed Cafe, Best Stand Alone Cafe, to name a few).

Bean Here is a cafe that serves many delicious things, such as bubble iced tea, waffles, and live ice cream rolls.

Bean Here helps franchisees reach their goals for the future and gives them great opportunities to grow their businesses.

13. The Original Shawarma

The Original Shawarma

There are two ways that the brand has run: the easy servicing of restaurants and the area for dining. Both require the sum of Rs. 15 lakh and Rs. 24 lakhs.

The space needs to be between 400 and 650 square feet and 750 and 2,000 square feet. For both models, it takes one year and eight months to break even, and the return on investment is between 76% and 156%.

14. Giani's


Giani's is the oldest ice cream brand that has been made in India. This also allows you to have an ice-cream franchise opportunity in three areas: “a kiosk, a small outlet, or a large outlet”.

The space requirements for each are less than 150 square feet, more than 150 square feet, and more than 250 square feet, respectively.

Depending on the format, the cost is between the sum of Rs. 10 lakh and Rs. 30 lakh.


There are many low investment franchise opportunities in many fields or industries in India. But picking a franchise company to work with is a big job requiring much research.

Always start with capital expenditure (start-up cost) and revenue expenditure to figure out the return on investment (ROI) (running cost).

Some things that affect your return on investment (ROI) are how much you like your business, how much money you make per transaction, and how much people want your products.

The main reason an entrepreneur would choose a franchise system is that it gives them a good chance of making more money and gives them the opportunity to learn on the job.

The franchising model makes it easier for the company to grow in other ways. The goal of this article is to show a way to choose the most profitable franchise.

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