10 Best Short Term Investment Plans with High Returns

Short-term investment plans are ideal for those who want to grow their wealth but in short tenure. If you’re looking for short-term investment plans with high returns, read the complete article. Also, learn about the attributes of an excellent short term investment plan.
Best Short Term Investment Plans with High Returns

One of the main economic activities is investing, and the finest investment strategies are in high demand right now. Making the appropriate decision is crucial when selecting an investing strategy, along with clear planning and long-term thinking.

Because just making money isn't enough in today's society, investments are crucial. Even though you worked very hard to acquire your money, you might not have enough to live comfortably or fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

To do it, you must make your money and work very hard. You invest for this reason. Your bank account's idle funds represent a missed opportunity. To receive strong returns on your investment, you need to put your money in smart hands.

Best Short Term Investment Plans with High Returns

Finding the appropriate investment that meets your goals and profile is the first step in making an investing plan. Investment planning is selecting investments cautiously after sufficient study and avoiding schemes that promise high returns quickly.

Regular stock and mutual fund reviews are required, as well as attention to the tax ramifications of returns and capital gains from particular assets. Numerous investment opportunities in India can benefit you.

Best Short Term Investment Plans With High Returns

There are two different sorts of investment options in India: short-term and long-term. Short term investment plans can be made for shorter tenors, such as a year or two. You may use it to plan your vacation, get jewelry, a bike, a car, a laptop, or anything else you might need shortly.

Investing in one of the many profitable one-year schemes can get some rapid gains. Long-term investments are those you make for a period longer than five years.

Additionally, it implies that you won't require those funds until a need arises. Reinvesting your short-term investment earnings is another option you might want to consider because it can benefit your future.

Now, look at the top 10 short-term investment opportunities in India that will help you reach the following short-term objectives by offering higher investment returns.

1. Recurring Deposits (RD)

Recurring Deposits
Return on investment4% to 6% annually
Duration6 months to 10 years
TaxabilityAfter adding your income, the interest from your RD account is taxed according to your tax bracket.

As they are available in all banks, this is the most popular short-term investment option many people utilize to safely deposit their money for immediate requirements. It enables you to get fixed interest on your investment amount till maturity. You can create a recurring deposit (RD) account by logging into your net banking account. Select the monthly savings amount, indicate the time frame, and you're done!

2. Fixed Deposits (FD)

Fixed Deposits
Return on investment2.5% to 5.5% annually
Duration1 day to 10 years
TaxabilityThe interest from your FD is added to your income and taxed following your income tax bracket

It is another well-liked method for building a corpus for banks' short-term investments. The money is invested for a set amount of time—usually between 7 and 10 years—at a defined rate of return, after which it automatically reaches maturity and can be withdrawn. Although the interest rates are larger than savings accounts and RDs, early withdrawal is not an option.

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3. Corporate Deposits (CD)

Corporate Deposits
Return on investment6% to 8% annually
Duration1 and 3 years
TaxabilityThe interest is deducted from your income and taxed following the applicable income tax bracket.

Similar to bank fixed deposits, the only distinction is that corporates gather these deposits for growth and operations. Because there is a greater danger of default, the interest rates are slightly higher than those on bank FDs. These corporate FDs offer higher returns than bank FDs for investors willing to take on some risk.

4. Saving Account

Saving Account
Return on investment3.5% to 7%, depending on the bank
TaxabilityInterest earned on savings accounts is regarded as supplemental income and is subject to taxation

One of India's most used short-term investment strategies is the savings account. It is a deposit account where you can save your surplus money and earn interest at a bank or other financial organization.

Because users can withdraw their invested money whenever they wish, it offers maximum liquidity. Additionally, there is no cap on the deposit amount, and some institutions provide accounts with no balance.

5. Debt Mutual Funds

Debt Mutual Funds
Return on investment8% to 11% annually
Duration6 months to 3 years
TaxabilityLong-term capital gains are assessed if kept for more than three years and are deducted from your income if you redeem the units of short-term mutual funds within three years.

These mutual funds invest mainly in debt securities such as corporate bonds, government bonds, treasury bills, commercial papers, and similar money market items. This is one of the greatest short-term investing possibilities for risk-averse investors seeking greater short-term returns.

6. Stock Market

Stock Market
Return on investment10 % to 100 % annually 
Duration1 month to 5 years
TaxabilityTax is computed based on your income tax profits once the returns are applied to your income.

Stock markets are the finest short-term investments for high-risk investors since they offer the highest profits. If you could identify the proper stocks, you could invest in them for a few months and double your money. If you gamble on the wrong stocks, there is a very high probability that you will lose all of your money.

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7. Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

Systematic Investment Plans
Return on investment8% to 15% annually
Duration6 months to 5 years
TaxabilityLike debt mutual funds, equity mutual funds base their returns calculations on short- and long-term capital gains.

Although SIP works best in the long term, one can use it for shorter periods and still obtain good benefits. If you are considering an investment duration of up to one year, starting a SIP in large-cap mutual funds is advisable because they invest in major companies that can increase more swiftly in the market. 

8. National Savings Certificate

National Savings Certificate
Return on investment6.8%
Duration5 years
TaxabilityInvesting in 5-year NSCs may qualify you for a tax break under Section 80C of the Internal Revenue Code, but interest income is still taxable

Post offices sell National Savings Certificates (NSC), a short-term investment strategy that saves on taxes. It has a low risk and provides stable returns because it is a government-backed scheme. The NSC interest rates, however, are occasionally subject to change according to choices made by the Finance Ministry.

9. Treasury Securities

Treasury Securities
Return on investment7.8% on average
Durationbetween 91 days and a year
TaxabilitySince these are regarded as income from other sources, taxes must be paid following the income tax slab

Treasury Securities, backed by the government, provides excellent liquidity, safe capital, and respectable returns. Treasury Securities offer smaller returns than debt funds, but they are a smart way to secure your money.

10. Post-Office Time Deposits

Post-Office Time Deposits
Return on investment 5.5 % for 1st and 2nd and 3rd year and 6.7% for 4th year
DurationA post office time deposit account may be opened for one year, two years, three years, or five years
TaxabilityThe interest on the amount deposited is added to the depositor's income and taxed at the appropriate income tax rate for their tax bracket

Post-office time deposits are among the greatest and safest short-term investment schemes that provide investors with guaranteed returns. The program is provided by India Post and is particularly well-liked in India's rural and outlying regions.

What Attributes Does a Good Short-Term Investment Have?

Even though they may share a variety of characteristics, good short-term investments often exhibit the following three characteristics:

1. Stability: Unlike many stocks and bonds, good short-term investments don't see significant price fluctuations. The money will be available when you need it and is typically protected by FDIC insurance or government guarantees. 

2. Liquidity: A successful short-term investment typically has high liquidity, so you can rapidly withdraw the money you place in it. You will be informed when some CDs' funds become available, and you may always redeem the CD even if it frequently carries a penalty unless you choose a CD with no penalty.

3. Low transaction costs: Unlike, say, buying a house, a good short-term investment doesn't cost much to get into or out of. This is crucial at a time when short-term investment yields are historically low.


The greatest way to achieve your short-term financial objectives is through short-term investing. You can secure financial independence to help you manage unforeseen expenses with short-term investments.

Furthermore, it allows you to withdraw money anytime you need to without waiting a lengthy period. Furthermore, short-term investment plans offer consistency, liquidity, and minimal transaction costs, demonstrating ways to greatly prevent undesired situations.

As a result, you can make considerable returns in a short amount of time. There are numerous long-term investment plans accessible in India, and you can pick one based on your future goals. 

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