101 Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview

government job interview

There is no better career option than government job. Today, its becoming difficult to get a government job. If you want to get ahead, then you should prepare better for job interview.

government job interview

101 Tips on How to Prepare a Government Job Interview

Here are 101 tips to know whenever you prepare for a government job interview. All the tips are unique and cover almost all aspects of an Interview.

These tips are for any type of interview

1. Get Ready for the Challenge

An interview for a Government job is like a challenge. Therefore you should accept this challenge and start preparing yourself.

It is going to be a long battle.

2. Research About the Government Department

Well! In private sector you research about the company where you are applying for job, but here you have to find out about the government department or section.

3. Know Everything Thing About the Government Job

Ascertain information about the Sarkari Naukri where you will be giving the interview. You must know the subject in detail only then you can face the Interview.

4. Reference Should be Genuine

If you are going to attend the Interview on the reference basis then see to it that your reference is genuine and solid.

5. Jot Down All the Points that You Will Talk In Interview

For creating a chain of thought it is always good to note down all the topics on which you may talk to Interviewers in the whole Interview.

6. Gain Knowledge About Other Types of Government Jobs

You could do some research about other types of government jobs which is related to your job where you will be giving interview.

7. Learn All the Typical Questions that You Might be Asked

You can find resources on Internet where there are some typical questions that interviewers always ask. Learn about them.

8. Find out How Many Other Candidates Are Appearing for the Interview

Ascertaining competition will give you an idea about the interview. If the numbers of candidates are more, then Interview would going to be tough.

9. A Government Interview Needs a Long Preparation Beforehand

Never assume that you can crack an interview for govt jobs, just preparing overnight. It is a long process and you have to give due time.

10. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

To clear an interview you have to practice many things. We shall discuss them during the course of debate. So learn to practice and adapt new things.

11. Start With Your Family Members

An interview is about interacting with people. Hence you can start learning by talking to your family members or friends in a formal manner.

12. Practice in Front of a Mirror

To get confidence for facing an interview, you can start talking with yourself in front of a mirror. This is an old age technique.

13. Overcome Fear with Participation in Discussions & Debates

For an interview you have to overcome fear and best way to do is by participating in discussions and debates with your friends in your college or workplace. Wherever!

14. Participate in Quiz & Other Co-curricular Activities

As I said for clearing an Interview for Government jobs you have to prepare long before. Hence participate in quiz and other activities right in your college.

15. Give Mock Interviews to Practice

Mock interviews are best way to get a feel about a real interview. You can arrange a mock interview and get an idea how actually an Interview is conducted.

16. Meet Candidates Who Have Already Cleared an Interview

Meet your seniors or other candidates who have cleared an Interview for a govt job. Talk to them and get knowledge about their experiences. It will give you an idea.

17. Subscribe to Employment News & Other Relevant Newspapers

You should always remain updated for a Government job that you want to go for. Hence subscribe employment news and other newspaper for latest updates.

18. Take Coaching From Reputed Tutorials to Crack an Interview

You can also go for coaching from reputed tutorials. There you will meet other likeminded candidates who are also interested in a Sarkari Naukri.

19. Give as Many as Real Interviews to Bring Out your Inner Fear

Ultimate way to clear an Interview is to give more and more real interviews for other kind of government jobs. It will really bring out your inner fear and prepare you for a final interview that you would clear.

20. Prepare Yourself for Grilling by Interviewers

You might face aggressive attitude from the Interviewers, they may try to grill you. Although it is very rare, but in sarkari naukri you must prepare yourself for it.

21. Prepare a List of Questions that You May Want to Ask

It is good to jot down all the list of questions that you may want to ask interviewers. It could be about the job, work schedule, salary etc.

22. Prepare Yourself to Face a Panel of Interviewers

You might have to face a panel of interviewers where more than one person would interview it. It is like interrogation and you need a strong mind to face it. Keep reading this blog post to know more.

23. Psychological and Mental Preparation

You have to prepare yourself psychologically and mentally before you give an attempt. Both preparations take time.

24. Develop Your Emotional Quotient (EQ) Rather Intelligence Quotient (IQ)

Remember in an Interview it is Emotional Quotient matters over Intelligence Quotient. Hence develop your EQ over the period of time.

25. Carry Yourself Positively on the Day of Interview

Now comes the day you would be giving the Interview. On that particular day carry yourself positively without letting negative thoughts to take over your mind.

26. Try to Put a Smile on Your Face

Your face should be smiling as it attracts people. Never look tragic while giving an Interview. However, smile should be natural not superficial.

27. Body Language Should be Positive & Relaxed

Body language should be positive and relaxed. Not sloppy and tired. You must be active and energetic for the interview.

28. Eyed Contact & Handshake

Eye contact is the first thing that is going to happen with interviewers. Hence eye contact should be normal and you should always shake hands with them.

29. Dressing Should Always be Formal

When you are going for an interview then dress formally. Do not wear informal clothes as it looks unprofessional.

30. Avoid Perfume or Deodorant

Avoid using perfumes or deodorant with strong smell as it distracts the attention of interviewers.

31. Cloths Must Match Your Personality

Attire must match your personality. If you are dark then wear light colored clothes, if you are fair then you can wear dark colored clothes.

32. Remember its Personality not the Physique

In a govt job interview or any other interview it is your personality that matters not physique. We talk about this issue later in this blog post.

33. Do NOT Try to be Glamorous

KIS. It means keep it simple. Do not try to look glamorous. Remember, mediocrity is the best.

34. Resume Must be Short, Simple & Elegant

Now, comes the resume, which is also an important part of an interview. Design resume which is short, simple & elegant.

35. Do NOT Over Design Your Resume

Over designing your resume is not going to help you in an Interview for government jobs. Hence keep it simple and focus on developing your personality.

36. Do NOT Over-Describe Yourself in Resume

Do not over-describe yourself in your resume. You should have all those qualities that are mentioned in your resume. Do not write anything in resume which you do not possess.

37. Always by Heart Your Resume

You should know everything by heart whatever you have written in your resume. Hence study your resume carefully after it is completed.

38. Explore More about Resume on the Internet

Resume is also an important factor if you want to clear an interview. Hence take it seriously and look for more designs or how to prepare resumes on the internet.

39. On the Day of Interview Wake Up Early & have Light Breakfast

Wake early on the day of interview. Have a light breakfast. If you take heavy breakfast then you might become dull.

40. Visit the Venue of Interview One Day Before

It is very important to visit the venue of Interview one day before to avoid last minute rush. Your entire interview could go wrong on that day. Hence visit the venue one day in advance.

41. Try Using Personal Vehicle Rather Public Transport

For commuting on the day of interview try to use your personal vehicle rather than public transport.

42. Be Punctual

Come for the interview on time. If you come late then you will be screwing your entire interview. If you arrive late then I can only say better luck next time!

43. First Impression is the Last Impression

In an Interview it is the first impression that matters. If clothes are ugly or you arrive late then you do not make a good impression on the Interviewers.

44. Carry all Relevant Documents

Carry all important documents for the interview. It could be your certificates and other documents that interviews might ask.

45. Bring Less Things to Interview

Avoid carrying unnecessary luggage to Interview. Less things means less tension.

46. Avoid talking to Rest of the Candidates before Giving Interview

This is very important. Do not talk with rest of the candidates who have also come for the same interview. It might divert your attention and they may scare you.

47. Give Interview with an Open Mind

Your mind should be open without any negativity. It is easy to come negative thoughts so have an open mind.

48. Make a Decent Entry – Ask for Permission

As I said earlier first impression is the last impression. Hence, while entering the room you must follow all the protocols required for an interview.

49. While Giving Interview Ask Permission for Everything – Sitting, Drinking etc

In an interview ask permission before you do anything. If you want to drink water and the glass of water is in front of you then ask permission. Do not drink without permission.

50. Understand and Know About Interview Protocol

If you are not groomed for small things that I mentioned above then it is good that first you become familiar with protocols or etiquettes for giving an interview.

Remember these small things do matter in an interview for a sarkari naukri.

51. Your Pitching should be Perfect

Pitching is nothing but how you start your conversation with the interviewers. It must be perfect so that entire interview would go well.

52. Always Greet With Good Morning or any Salutation

Pitching can only be good if you greet interviewers with Good Morning. Never forget to wish.

53. Most Perfect Pitching is When You Give a Long Introduction of Yourself

Take this is as an advice. Prepare the most elaborate introduction of yourself. Introduction is the first thing that will asked wherever you go.

If your introduction is eloquent then your prospects to clear that interview is more. Self-introduction is very important.

Longer the introduction the better it is.

54. Present Yourself like an Open Book

Do not hide anything about yourself. Let your interviewers know everything about you. You can share about your family and other details. It will help you to gain confidence of interviewers.

55. While Talking to Interviewers Always Look into their Eyes and then Talk

In an interview you have to know small things. While talking to interviewers, look into their eyes and then talk. Otherwise they would not take you seriously.

56. Words and Actions Must go Hand in Hand

Whenever you are talking, try to explain them with action. Always move your hand and make other expressions. It makes you more expressive and you can grab interviewer’s attention quickly.

57. Always Use Formal Form of English Language

While talking, use formal English. Do not use words like Ya, Yep, etc. It is good to be formal.

58. Never Use ifs and buts.

Avoid using words like ‘but'. Instead of it use ‘However'. Also do not use word “No” too often. Use it only when it is necessary.

59. Put Yourself in Commanding Position but do NOT Hijack the Interview

In entire interview you should be in commanding position and you should dictate the terms. But do not try to hijack the interview. It will prove negative for you.

60. You Must be Less Talkative

Do not be talkative. A healthy conversation is good however talking too much can irritate interviewers.

61. Do NOT be Argumentative

If you have any doubt you can surely ask questions but do not argue with interviewers. It may give them a bad impression about you.

62. Great Presence of Mind is Needed

In a government job interview they might ask questions which require great presence of mind. Hence you have to prepare for it long before. You must be able to answer instantly.

63. Stay Calm and Composed While the Interview

You have to remain calm like cucumber. Do not show frustration even though interview is too long. You have to achieve the final goal at any cost.

64. Talk what you Know or about Your Expertise

Try to talk about topics which you have some knowledge. If you talk about topics on which you do not have any knowledge then you might make mistakes.

65. Answer with Courage and Confidence

You must be confident while answering to the interviewers. They must feel that you know the subject on which you are talking.

66. Always Show Your Sense of Humor to Interviewers

An interview for a sarkari naukri cannot be dull. Therefore, you have to show interviewers your good sense of humor. Humor is such a thing that can really leave a lasting impression on them.

67. Be Frank at Times

If a question from interviewers requires a frank answer then answer candidly. Talking frankly may help you to build a rapport with interviewers.

68. Answer Only What is asked

Be sharp and objective. If question is meant to be objective then give objective and straight answer. You do not have to go round and round.

69. Do NOT Ask too many Questions to Interviewers

In an interview it is expected that you will be asked questions rather you start asking questions to interviewers. It may annoy them and your interview might have to cut short.

70. Avoid Open Ended Questions from the Side of Interviewers

It is simple, always avoid a situation where your interviewer put a question for you every time. Your answer should be such that they never ask any other question again regarding that particular issue.

71. Share Good & Bad Experiences of Your Life

To make conversation more interesting between you and interviewer, share some good or bad experiences in your life. You can share many other moments that can make them laugh or even cry.

72. Do NOT Ask for Salary in Between the Interview

This is very important point. Do NOT ask for salary in between the interview. It is bad manners. You should ask only in the end.

73. Do NOT Start Growing Weary

Interview for Government jobs could be long and you may start growing mental and physical fatigue. So come prepared to overcome this weariness.

74. Be Humble & Down to Earth Kind of Person

Humility is an attribute that everyone loves. If you are a good candidate for the sarkari naukri then you have to humble and very down to earth person.

75. During Interview Share At Least one Weirdest Moment of Your Life

In an entire interview there must be one moment where interviewers are intrigued by you. That one moment would leave a lasting impression on their mind and they will remember because you will stand out from rest of the candidate.

76. Always Explain your Point with Analogies & Examples

Whenever you are explaining some technical aspect then always explain using examples. Your example must be relevant and to the point.

77. Do NOT Use too Many Fillers

Fillers are nothing but sound like Aaa Aaa Aa! You should always have words to explain any situation. If you use too many fillers then it would simply mean that you do not know anything about the subject.

In interview your conversation must revolve around the job that you are applying for. The reason is you would have more knowledge about your job as you have already done some research on it.

79. Avoid Expressing Your Religious & Political Views

It is best advised NOT to bring out personal prejudices. Hence, avoid expressing your religious or political views. Interviewers may also have their own views and it may contradict with yours.

80. Do NOT Panic if Something Goes Wrong

You might mumble jumble things. Do not panic if something goes haywire. If you get nervous then you might spoil your rest of theinterview.

81. Talk of Your Academic Performance Only If it is Good, Otherwise keep Quiet

If you think that your academic performance is good enough then you can brag about it. Otherwise keep quiet and focus on other aspects of the interview.

82. Openly Share Your Personal Life

Do not hesitate sharing your family or professional life with interviewers. If you feel that you cannot share then do not bring into the conversation. Because it is wrong to say no about anything that interviewers might ask.

83. In Entire Interview be Honest and Natural

Interviewer should never get an impression that you are superficially and you are not what you told to them. Hence be honest and natural.

84. Completely Engross Your Interviewers

After giving the complete interview your interviewers must be engrossed. You have to capture their imagination only then they will remember you out of thousands of other candidates.

85. Always Say Thank You and Greet Them When Interview is over

When interview is over, always say thank you and complete all the formality.

86. Do NOT Hesitate to Ask for Feedback – What Went Wrong

If you feel that you are rejected then do not hesitate to ask for feedback. You can ask them where you went wrong.

87. Make a List of Points Where You Went Wrong

Jot down all the points that interviewers told you where you went wrong. It may help you to improve yourself for the next interview.

88. Do NOT Show Anger at Interviewers if Rejected

Do not show your frustration or anger either physically or through expression to interviewers if rejected.

89. Do NOT Lose Heart, This is NOT the Last Chance

Do not lose heart, this is not the last chance. In fact failure is the first step to success, hence keep trying.

90. Cracking a Government Job Interview is All about Personality

Well! You do not clear an interview for a Sarkari Naukri overnight. You have to build your personality over years. Keep working on it.

91. Start Developing Personality From Now On

Developing personality takes time. Therefore, you have to start from now on then in future you can crack an interview for government jobs.

92. In Any Interview Personality is More Important than Academic Qualification

Keep in mind in an interview it is your personality that counts, more than academic qualification. In fact for any interview personality is must.

93. An Attitude of Thinking Positively That Yes You Can

For a great personality, you need to develop an attitude that yes you can crack an interview for a government job in next year.

94. Develop Listening Skills

Listening is a skill that you have to learn over the period of time. In interview you can answer anything only if you listen carefully & properly.

95. Overcoming Stress, Fear, Anxiety & Nervousness is a Main Challenge

Stress, fear, anxiety or nervousness are the primary factors why majority of candidates fail in a sarkari naurkri interview. Best way to overcome them is to give more and more real interviews and getting a habit of it.

96. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

It is good to figure out pluses and negative points in you. If you know what is negative in you, then you can improve on it and pluses will obviously boost your confidence.

97. Strengthen Your Communication Skills

You cannot even build a conversation without a good communication skill. In an interview you have to learn how to communicate with more than two interviewers.

98. Sharpen Your Analytical Skills

In govt. job interviews usually analytical skills of the candidate is tested. Hence you have to work on sharpening analytical skills.

99. Work on Your English Language

Today interviews are normally conducted in English language. Hence improving in both form written and spoken is essential for cracking an interview.

100. Up to Date Knowledge about Current Affairs

You could only answer all the questions if you have up to date knowledge about current affairs and what is going around the world in politics, science, business, sports, arts, literature etc.

101. Finally Clearing an Interview is all About PERSONA! PERSONA! And PERSONA!

Finally an interview for a government is all about your personality. Yes! Academic qualification does matter but it is Persona that is more important.

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