8 Important Benefits of After School Activities

If you are a parent of young kids then it is your utmost responsibility that you encourage children for after school activities. After-school activities are just fun and kids learn something new every day.


Here I give you 8 good reasons how important after school activities are for your kids.

1. Discovering a Hobby

After school activities help your child discovering a hobby. A hobby is something that he or she like doing besides reading math and science.

Suppose the kid is showing interest in music and loves playing guitar or cello then encourage your child to do so. Or if the child loves painting then your responsibility as a parent is to help the kid in pursuing his or her hobby.

Finding a hobby is very important. It helps your kid to learn something more other than what he is taught in the school even he/she can earn from the hobby in future.

2. Mental Growth

When your kid is young his or her mind is growing. It is still adapting to the environment. In order to foster the mental growth of your kid in right direction certain after school activities are very important. For example, you can play certain board games like chess or Sudoku that can help the child understanding math more easily.

The kid will learn how to think and learn mathematics having fun. In fact, he will learn more things playing games like crossword puzzles or magic numbers than in his classroom.

3. Imagination – Creativity, and Innovation

The fact of the matter is young kids love colors and pictures. They do not like reading books at their very early age. They learn more drawing and painting than reading books. At an early age, kids need to develop imagination and after school activates can help them in doing that.

Kids will become more creative and able to innovate as they grow old. So there is nothing wrong if kids watch tv, play with your iPhone or play video games. They will learn many things in a short period of time.

4. Developing Social Skills and Teamwork

Kids are going to interact with other kids. They will communicate with each other and learn various social skills. If they are playing in a park with other kids then will develop social skills like interacting, responding, teamwork etc.

Later as kids grow then these skills are very important. You can’t succeed in your life without teamwork. It is very important that kids learn how to get along with each other. And after school activities can definitely help in doing that.

5. Management Skills

There are various management skills that your kid needs to learn at very early stage of his or her life. For example, managing time is one of the most important management skills.

Suppose he plays the game in which the kid has to finish something in a given time than by playing such games they will learn how to manage skills. Not just time but kids also learn how to manage pressure. They will get prepared for future when they have to learn many things in a small amount of time.

6. Personality Development and Confidence to Face the World

Your kid can never develop a personality by reading textbooks. Your kid has to develop his personality. Personality is an attribute that can’t be acquired in just one or two years. It is a process that starts very early in the kid’s life.

As kids grow old they have to face interviews for various jobs. And you know better that you can’t clear an interview without a fully developed personality. Personality gives him or her confidence to face the world.

So take after school activities very seriously.

7. Owning and Personal Responsibility

Kids are not going to mature unless they become responsible. They must take responsibility and not run away from it. Owning something is very important. Whether the kid succeeds or fails, he or she has to own in both cases.

You learn to become responsible for taking part in after school activities. If you fail to do a job then kids must be taught to take full responsibility. This will help them later in their lives.

8. Physical Activities Keeps You Healthy

Finally, health is wealth. Physical activities are as important as mental activities. Your kids can’t just sit on the couch and watch TV or play video games. They need to go out and play football. So they become tough.

If kids want to stay away from diseases like diabetes or obesity then they better go out and play. You can’t fully concentrate on your studies unless the child is fit and very active.

So these were 8 benefits why kids must take part in after school activities.

As a parent, you must not ignore after school activities at any cost.

  1. no i am not a mother but thank u for encouraging me though in a certain way where i know wen i become a adult i will know what to do

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