50 Profitable Organic Food Business Ideas To Try in 2023

Are you planning to start a new business in 2023? Organic food products are in high demand. Check out here the list of organic food business ideas. Pick any unique idea and start your organic food products business in 2023!
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Surely you’ve heard about organic foods and possibly tasted some too. Nowadays, most brick-and-mortar stores sell organic foods, and some even have a separate section for the stuff. In fact, organic food businesses are the fastest-growing culinary trend worldwide.

Whether organic foods are actually healthier, tastier, ethical, or environment-friendly is highly debatable, but one thing is for sure. Organic food anywhere in the world commands a very high price, both in retail and wholesale.

This translates as an excellent opportunity to open your own food business in organic products. In fact, there are several best food business ideas for organic products just waiting to be taken.

And if you’re wondering whether organic food business ideas are worth your money, effort, and time, let’s glance at some quick facts and figures from very reliable sources.


Organic Food Facts & Figures

Facts and figures

The organic food and beverages market worldwide will cross the US$320.5 billion mark by 2025, finds a study by Grand View Research, USA. Organic food worldwide sales show a jump from US$15.2 billion in 1999 to US$97 billion in 2017, reports the European statistics portal, Statista.com.

With more than 835 hectares of organic farms, India ranks as the single largest producer of organic foods worldwide. The US accounts for more than 50 percent retails sales of organic food in the world.

In the US, over 5.5 percent of all food sales are of organic food. Similar trends appear to be developing around the world.

If you read between the lines, it simply means that the demand for organic food is growing. And this demand isn’t going to wane or fade away anytime in the near future.

Should you be looking at opening a business, organic food presents excellent and very promising opportunities for entrepreneurs.

50 Profitable Organic Food Business Ideas

Maybe you wouldn’t know how to enter this very profitable food business. Hence, here are the 50 best organic food business ideas that would help you start your own business. This curated list consists of the best food ideas for every entrepreneur, regardless of your location.

Remember, every country has its own definitions of what counts as organic food. Hence, check with local authorities before venturing into any of these 50 food business ideas.

1. Organic Farming

Organic Farming

Organic farming is the most profitable business in the field. If you own a farm, consider switching to organic farming.

Check with your local agriculture department or bureau about the definition of organic food in your country. In fact, some countries provide incentives and subsidies for organic farming.

2. Organic Kitchen Garden

Organic Kitchen Garden

And if you don’t own a farm, there are still several best food business ideas. One of these is creating own organic kitchen garden.

This food business idea is excellent if you live in a city or have a small space to grow organic vegetables.

You can sell these organic vegetables and herbs at local supermarkets that deal in the stuff. Or simply spread the word in your neighborhood to get customers.

3. Organic Snack Bar

Organic Snack Bar

Organic snack bars are trendy, especially near jogging and bicycling tracks. Fitness-conscious people look for organic snacks after completing of their daily jogging and bicycling. You can open an organic snack bar as a part-time business with very little investment.

4. Organic Homemade Fertilizer

Organic Homemade Fertilizer

Ever heard of composting? It’s a process of making fertilizer from vegetable and meat scrapings and wasted food from your kitchen. A lot of organizations that promote green living provide a composter for free.

Or you can easily assemble one at home or buy one from a gardening store. Compost fertilizer is in great demand among people that own gardens.

5. Organic Juice Stall

 Organic Juice Stall

Organic juice stall requires nothing much. Simply invest in a good quality juicer and buy organic fruits from your nearest supermarket.

You can sell organic juices in the neighborhood, near jogging and bicycling tracks, golf courses, and other public places. Or tie up with a store to provide fresh stocks of organic fruit juices daily.

6. Organic Vegetable Farming

 Organic Vegetable Farming

Anyone with an adequate spare in their backyard can become an organic vegetable farmer. It doesn’t need much space, really, because organic vegetables have a niche market.

Organic vegetables fetch a high price in the market. You can sell directly from your farm or from a small stall outside your home.

7. Organic Vegetable Wholesaler

Organic Vegetable Wholesaler

If you’re living near a farming community or know people that grow small quantities of organic vegetables, enter the wholesale business.

You can source organic vegetables from these growers by paying a slightly higher price than others. And sell them to upmarket organic food stores that have niche customers.

8. Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic Vegetable Seeds

Hundreds or even thousands of people wish to grow organic vegetables and fruits but don’t know where to get seeds.

You could help these people out and make enough money by selling organic vegetable seeds. This business, too, doesn’t require much investment.

You might be able to import seeds from another country to get superb rates. But check with the local agriculture department if it’s legit to import seeds. A lot of countries ban seed imports to protect their local ecosystems.

9. Organic Fruits Grower

Organic Fruits Grower

This is a business that requires patience and perseverance. If you’ve got a farm or orchard, growing organic fruits can be simple.

Nowadays, you can get whole, organically grown fruit-bearing trees that can simply be planted on your land. Or, you can create a small orchard in your garden too.

With more investment, buy some farmland and grow organic fruits. They are in high demand and fetch a lot of money in the export market.

10. Organic Health Supplements

Organic Health Supplements

Organic health supplements are very easy to make. They involve finding the nutritional values of various organic herbs, spices, and other ingredients and creating a mixture.

Using powders of organic stuff can help you make capsules of health supplements. Or you can make pastes and compounds.

11. Organic Body & Skincare Products

Organic Body & Skincare Products

Every woman wants the best in body and skincare. Discerning women use organic body and skincare products.

There’s a strong reason, too: Generally, organic body and skincare products are free from chemicals and other additives that can damage the skin upon frequent use.

A small, home-based organic body and skincare products-making business cost very little to start. Profits are high too.

12. Organic Baby Foods

Organic Baby Foods

If you’re a parent, surely you’d want to give the best to your child. Organic foods ensure that chemicals in the form of artificial preservatives and coloring don’t creep in. The same holds true if you are making a business plan for this.

Organic baby food is one of the excellent food business ideas, and there would be no shortage of customers.

13. Organic Food Canning

Organic Food Canning

More than 35 percent of all food produced worldwide goes waste. Organic food also forms part of this wastage. You can open a canning factory that processes organic food with some investments. Canned organic food fetches superb prices in the export market.

14. Organic Food Store

 Organic Food Store

Organic food isn’t available everywhere due to high prices and the extra care it needs for handling and storage. This prevents many people from buying organic food even when they want.

If your area doesn’t have an organic food store, you can open one right from home. Stock small quantities to begin with.

15. Organic Livestock Breeding

Organic Livestock Breeding

Organic livestock breeding means you’re raising animals on organic feed. That’s nothing strange or different. By nature, livestock is given organic grazing. All you need to do is feed your livestock on natural plants and herbs that grow in forests.

16. Organic Poultry Products

Organic Poultry Products

Organic poultry isn’t anything new either. In fact, organic poultry was something our grandpas and grandmas had before fertilizers and hormones came in the market.

Organic poultry simply means feeding birds on organic grains and feeds. Starting organic poultry can be a profitable food business idea.

17. Organic Medicinal Herbs

Organic Medicinal Herbs

Lookup for a list of medicinal herbs. There are plenty around that have medicinal properties and are useful for home cures. Grow these medicinal herbs in your garden or farm with organic fertilizers and other stuff.

18. Organic Fish Farm

Organic Fish Farm

Anyone that owns an aquarium will tell you that there are two kinds of fish food: organic and inorganic. The same holds true if you’re opening a small fish pond in your backyard. Feed them with natural organic food and sell them as organic fish.

19. Online Organic Food Store

 Online Organic Food Store

Buy organic food packages from wholesalers and launch your own online organic food store. You can set up your own organic food store website or go through platforms such as Etsy.com and Facebook Marketplace among others.

Also, sell your stuff through Amazon.in and other top online stores.

20. Organic Spices Importer

Organic Spices Importer

India, Indonesia, and some Far East Asian countries have organic spice farms. Import these spices in bulk and sell them to retailers. This is a fast-moving business in Europe and Asia where there’s a high demand for organic spices.

21. Organic Food Boutique

Organic Food Boutique

Organic food is also available in various types. Some are from topmost brands and command very high prices, similar to designer wear.

Open a niche organic food boutique that stocks select upmarket brands only. Who knows? You might find some celebrity customers.

22. Organic Food Exports

Organic Food Exports

If you’re living in a country or area with lots of organic farms and orchards, consider opening an organic foods export business. There’s a lot of money to be made in this field as the demand for organic food grows worldwide.

23. Organic Food Repacking

Organic Food Repacking

As I mentioned earlier, India is the largest producer of organic food. And many countries import the stuff from India in bulk. You can offer organic food repacking.

This means you’ll make small, consumer-size packs for the retail market from the bulk quantity.

24. Organic Food Blogging

Organic Food Blogging

Blogging is trending nowadays, and organic food is making news worldwide. If you have excellent writing skills, open a blog about organic food. Google AdSense and sponsorships from companies help you make big money.

25. Organic Food Chef

Organic Food Chef

Organic food requires special handling and cooking techniques. If you’re already a chef, try your hand at organic food. You can work as a specialty chef at top resorts and on cruise liners. Or start your own organic chef restaurant.

26. Organic Food Tester

Organic Food Tester

A lot of restaurants use the services of a food tester to check how a dish would actually taste. But very few people are well versed in testing organic food for taste, texture, flavor, and other features.

Acquire these skills with a short food testing course and fine-tune them with organic food.

27. Organic Agriculture Expert

Organic Agriculture Expert

If you know a lot about farming, teach people how to grow crops using purely organic techniques and stuff. With the demand for organic food on the rise, many farmers are eager to start organic planting. You can serve as a consultant.

28. Organic Food Bakery

Organic Food Bakery

This can be a great business idea. Use organic wheat, maize, barley, and corn flour to make organic bread and cookies.

Use natural flavors and colors and eliminate everything that isn’t organic from your recipe. You can actually supply home-baked bread and cookies to organic food lovers.

29. Organic Chocolate & Candy

Organic Chocolate & Candy

Check Amazon, and you’ll find they also have organic chocolate and candy. Check top Swiss and Belgian chocolatiers and confectioners. You’ll find a fantastic range of organic candy and chocolate. Create these at home and sell them on an order basis only.

30. Organic Food Truck

Organic Food Truck

Setting up a food truck isn’t all that expensive. Buy a used van or bus and convert it into a food truck; serve organic meals from your food truck. The best part of owning an organic food truck- you can drive it to any area where organic food is in demand.

31. Organic Ice Cream Parlor

Organic Ice Cream Parlor

Organic ice cream parlor? Yes. Ice cream can be made of coconut milk, soy milk, and lots of other natural bases instead of cow or buffalo milk.

And flavor it with organically grown fruits. Who would mind paying a bit more for yummier ice cream?

32. Organic Dairy & Dairy Products

Organic Dairy & Dairy Products

Organic butter, cottage cheese, and plain and flavored yogurt are some products you can consider to open a small business. Make these products on order only to ensure your investment and effort don’t go waste.

33. Organic Jams & Pickles

Organic Jams & Pickles

Make jams and pickles with organic vegetables and fruits, and keep away artificial colorings and flavorings. Just look up good old recipes that grandma used in her days when artificial colors and flavors didn’t even exist.

34. Organic Desserts Shop

Organic Desserts Shop

Organic puddings, ice cream, and other desserts you can make at home can easily find customers. You’ll require marketing skills to ensure people know that such stuff is available in their locality.

35. Organic Food Processing

Organic Food Processing

Dried onion, dried potato, and dried fruit, you’ll definitely have tried and tested these products. Now consider a scenario where these fruits and veggies are available in organic form.

Imagine the profits you'd make if you could process such organic fruits and vegetables at a small plant.

36. Organic Mushroom Farm

Organic Mushroom Farm

Mushrooms are year-round favorites. Japanese and other varieties of mushrooms don’t take long to grow and command a fabulous market price.

Convert a small portion of your garden as a greenhouse and cultivate high-end organic mushrooms. They’ll sell even in the blink of an eye.

37. Organic Food Flavorings & Colorings

Organic Food Flavorings & Colorings

In the good old days, fruit peels would be pressed to extract oils and natural colors. The process is slow and, of course, requires some effort.

However, there’s a real shortage of genuinely organic food flavorings and colorings. Try this organic food business from home.

38. Organic Hand Pressed Oils

Organic Hand Pressed Oils

Hand-pressed oils are helpful in cosmetics and food. You can easily buy organic oilseeds wholesale and in a small oil press.

Spread the word around, and you’ll find ready buyers. If you’re more daring, go online on Etsy.com, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace.

39. Organic Gardening Instructor

Organic Gardening Instructor

Once you have some experience in growing organic herbs and vegetables, offer your expertise to others for a fee. Become an organic gardening instructor.

Teach people how they can help the environment and reduce dependence on chemicals right in their own gardens.

40. Organic Recipe Book

Organic Recipe Book

Organically test your own recipes and write a book. The only difficulty here is finding organic food ingredients for your recipe since not everything is available in an organic version.

Adapt your recipes to remove inorganic stuff and replace it with organic variants. If you love the result, write your recipes and make a book.

41. Organic Recipe Website

Organic Recipe Website

Love cooking? Spend some money and try your own recipes using organic food products. Write your recipes and compile them into an excellent collection.

Buy a domain name, website hosting, and other essentials. You can get money from Google AdSense and sponsorships from organic food companies.

42. Organic Brewery

Organic Brewery

Nowadays, craft beer’s something of a rage worldwide. What if you could offer organic beer made with organic barley or organic wheat, organic hops, and similar stuff? Organic craft beer attracts people automatically.

43. Organic Liquor

Organic Liquor

Did you know that organic liquor actually exists? It isn’t much different from ordinary booze.

Only organic liquor is made of grains and fruits grown with organic horticulture and agriculture. It tastes better, claim some drinkers.

44. Organic Food Waste Collection

Organic Food Waste Collection

Did you know that star-rated hotels and resorts actually include organic meals on their menu? And what doesn’t sell land in trashcans?

Instead, you can collect such organic food waste. Charge hotels and restaurants for removal. And recycle as much as you can to make organic fertilizer. You win both ways.

45. Organic Food Waste Recycling

 Organic Food Waste Recycling

Other than organic fertilizers, there are countless ways to recycle organic food. Vegetable and fruit scrapings are rich in fiber and can go for making organic cloth and organic paper.

Instead of setting up a recycling plant, simply hand it over to a business that already does it.

46. Packaged Organic Ready-To-Cook Meals

Packaged Organic Ready-To-Cook Meals

Busy people love ready-to-cook meals. And if you can make such meals with 100 percent organic products, you’ll surely find ready customers.

Those health-conscious executives and figure-conscious students would definitely pay a bit more to eat organic.

47. Organic Grocery Store

Organic Grocery Store

An organic grocery store means selling food grains and packaged organic foodstuff. You’ll need to identify clients and publicize your organic grocery store. Organic products cost more than regular variants. Yet, you’ll definitely strike it rich.

48. Organic Food Café

Organic Food Café

Have some space at home? Or can you rent a small shop? Open a wonderful organic food cafeteria. Serve organic snacks, organic juices, and other organic beverages. Nobody can resist the temptation to try organic snacks if they’re reasonably priced.

49. Organic Culinary Tour Operator

Organic Culinary Tour Operator

Take people from other countries on a tour of organic food restaurants, farms, and other facilities. Most tourists are averse to trying foreign diets while holidaying abroad. Show them how organic food is grown and cooked in your country.

50. Organic Food Nutritionist

Organic Food Nutritionist

Organic food nutritionist is the best home-based business you can look at the opening. All you’ll need is a good course in nutrition and diet planning. This is again a niche business that will earn lots of money since there’re few nutritionists that specialize in the all-organic diet.

Understanding Organic Food

Before you venture with any of these best food business ideas in organic foods: here’s a tip. Visit your local agriculture department and find your country's exact definition of organic food.

The definition of organic food is different in every country. This will give you a clearer picture of which organic food business idea you should go for.

In fact, it can also help you start with lower investments since certain things necessary for organic food business ideas could be available for free or at low prices.

Some countries provide free resources and other benefits for organic food planters, farmers, and processors. Check if such benefits are available at your location too.

Also, read a lot about organic food and its benefits, learn about bestseller organic food products and keep abreast with market information.

Closing Thoughts

As the figures, I mentioned earlier in this article rightly prove, the organic food industry is growing fast. Governments and people are now aware of the benefits of organic food.

Therefore, take one of these best 50 organic food business ideas and get a slice of this very profitable market.

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