Pros and Cons of Airhostess Job

Airhostess Job is very glamorous. Young women would love to choose a career as an airhostess.

If you also want to be an airhostess then you must read this article. Before you decide to become an airhostess you have to look both sides of the picture.

Airhostess jobs can be glamorous but there are other issues related with this job. In this article we talk about both advantages and disadvantages of an airhostess job.


Pros of Airhostess Job

Let us begin with giving you positive side of the picture.

Travel around the World and Meet New People

This is very obvious. You get to travel all around the world if you are working for an international airliner. You get to visit some of the most exotic places around the world.

You meet a lot of new people because you travel from one city to another. You also get to stay in most expensive hotels.

You learn various things about other cultures. The job could be very exciting if you are ready to travel new places and stay there for few days.

However if you are working for a domestic airliner then you can only travel within the country.

Good Salary and Many Other Perks

The second best part of airhostess job is salary and other perks.

Most of the airliner pays their airhostesses and other crew members very well. They also pay you for extra hours in case flight is late or delayed.

You make good money compared to other jobs in the hospitality sector. Moreover most the airline companies give you free accommodation if you are going out of country.

Some of the airliners also offer health insurance. They also offer free tickets to travel for you and your family members.

So you get a lot of perks other than your base salary.

However some domestic airliners don’t give you accommodation.

Holistic Personality Development

But the best part of the job is you learn many things while you are employed.

You develop your overall personality. You learn how to handle pressure and communicate with all kinds of people boarding the plane.

You have to work with a team and you learn the most important virtue called patience. Moreover when you travel around the world visit new places and meet all kinds of people you develop social skills.

Your general knowledge and awareness about the world increases substantially.

Your experience as an air hostess can help you in forwarding your career if some day you want to leave this job.

Cons of Airhostess Job

Well you have to know both sides of the picture. Airhostess job isn’t that glamorous as it sounds to be.

Here are some of the disadvantages of airhostess job.

Jobs are Hard to Get

The worst part of the airhostess job is that it is very difficult to come by. If you know there are very few airhostesses working for various airliners in the country.

So the job openings are very low to begin with.

Even if there is an opening the competition is very tough. Out of 100 applicants only one gets the job.

So the success rate is just 1%.

You can’t walk into an airline company and apply for the airhostess job. There is long procedure and most of the time these companies tie up with training schools where they teach how to become an air hostess.

So first you have to spend a lot of money for joining the course. And even after completing the course it is not sure that you will get a job.

Physical and Mental Stress Because the Nature of Job

Travelling, meeting new people, staying in expensive hotels all of these things sound quite fun. But in reality it is exactly opposite.

The airhostess job is very difficult because you have to deal with all kinds of people on the plane, especially with flight safety and security issues.

You also have to listen their other complaints about flight delays, food and if someone is sick.

The work schedule is also very hectic and you have stay air borne for long hours. Hence you spend very less time in home with your family.

Your daily working hour is more than 10 hours. Moreover there is no fixed schedule. Sometimes you work in day and sometimes in night.

You develop a lot of health issues also.

Other Issues like Early Retirement, Quick Firing, Harassment, etc.

Finally there are many other issues related to the job.

You have to retire earlier because the job is for young women. As you cross 35 you have to look for another job.

You can’t work after 35 because you face many issues like family, children, marriage and moreover the job is very tough and demanding. So you retire earlier.

You can also get fired if you are still working. You can be fired from the job if you take leave without informing your superiors. Or there is a complaint then you will be put on probation.

Finally harassment is very common in this line. You are harassed by your seniors because they ask for favors.

Therefore after reading both pros and cons you have to decide whether you want to go for this job or not.

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