10 Reasons You Are Still Unemployed

Are you worried about your unemployment, even after attending many interviews or even after applying for many jobs? Rather than worrying about your unemployment, this is the right time to identify the reason behind the same.

Here are the 10 reasons, why you may not be able to find the right job opportunity for yourself:

1. You do not have a routine for yourself

This means that you lack structure and discipline in the process of your job search. Remember that the process of searching for the right employment opportunity should be considered similar to the job itself.

This means that you should have the same seriousness and rigor. You will have to first create a to-do list for yourself.

Right from searching for the job opportunities, researching about companies and sending introduction letters, everything should be done carefully.

This should continue until you send thank you letter to the interviewer for considering your resume.

2. You are not prepared

This might be another reason for your unemployment. When you are not serious about the interview, you will never prepare yourself.

But, this should not happen anymore. As soon as you get an interview call letter, you should prepare yourself for the interview and should plan for everything, right from your dressing to the gesture you should show at the interview.

3. You are not networking enough

Nowadays, many people are finding jobs through networking, rather than from other sources. So, your lack of networks can also be the reason behind your unemployment. Do not stay isolated, just because you are unemployed.

Rather, when you network with others, there are chances that you will get job opportunities through referrals.

4. Your CV is missing something

Many job seekers commit the mistake of using the same generic unfocussed resume for all the jobs they apply.

But, whenever you apply for a job, you should prepare a resume that is more focused towards the company to which you are applying.

This means that your resume should contain details about the skills, qualifications and experiences that rightly match the job for which you apply.

5. You are not sending cover letters

If you do not have the practice of sending cover letters along with your resume, it might be the reason for your unemployment.

Even, if you were sending cover letters, so far, you might not have sent a cover letter tailor made to the company for which you applied.

The letter should communicate without any uncertain terms about the suitability of your qualifications and experiences listed in your CV.

Also, you should show your enthusiasm towards working with the company through the cover letter.

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6. You attend interviews poorly

Most of the unemployed people fail mainly because of this issue and many things come under this category like:

  • Arriving late
  • Showing aggressiveness
  • Commenting or answering inappropriately
  • Dishonesty
  • Giving negative answers
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Not having answers to common interview questions and
  • Lack of preparation

So, you should focus on these areas to grab a job to your favor

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7. Not dressing well

Generally, when you are attending interviews, you should be well-aware of the dress code of the company.

At least you should follow a general dress code like formal dressing, as against going informally for an interview. Dressing too casually will show that you do not respect the interview norms.

8. You do not have a public profile

Nowadays, you can have a good profile online. Reports state that most of the companies view the profiles of new recruiters online before they decide to hire.

The content you have in your social profile will form the first impression in the minds of interviewers. In short, these days it is important to have a well-managed public profile to find your dream job.

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9. Lack of motivation

Your lack of motivation can also be a contributing factor towards your unemployment. So, try to motivate yourself or at least have motivational people by your side to boost up your spirits, when you lack it.

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10. Not following up

If you follow the job search strategy of sending CVs to different companies and waiting for the response, remember that you are not following the right strategy.

The key to win a job is to follow up. So, plan your follow-up strategy and also execute it well to win the job in your favour.

After applying for the job, you can just call up to confirm whether your application has reached the hiring manager. Until you receive some form of response, it is better to follow up.

So, winning the job is in your hands and when you make some corrections, your unemployment will come to an end.

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