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Event Management – Booming Career to Watch out for!

event management

Most of us have attended at least one event till date. By event, we mean a grand wedding, feast or even a school/ college anniversary celebration. Further, most of us retain happy memories of the event for one or more reasons. Yet, most of us are not grateful to those invisible souls who exert extra…

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How to Become a Fashion Model? Best Modelling Tips

From outside, we see modelling as a very glamorous career. However, this is not true. If you are serious and want to become a model in your life, then you need to know the insides of modeling. You have to learn everything about the fashion industry and where do you fit in the industry as…

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Why You Should Consider Digital Marketing as a Career

Digital marketing is a relatively new profession. It first appeared worldwide in mid-1990s. Several other high density professions such as sales staff will be overshadowed as digital marketing gains momentum. The smallest start-up to oldest multi-national company, all require various digital marketers to showcase their products and services. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing means…

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Top 10 Professional Courses after 12th Standard

Professional courses after 12th

Indian students consider Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)/12th as turning point of their lives. Post HSC, students are confronted with multiple choices. Indian colleges and universities offer wide range of courses. Higher studies after 12th standards come in two categories: Bachelor/ Diploma degree profession linked courses. Degree/ Diploma courses These include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of…

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Make a Career in Fine Arts

“Part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on it were musicians, poets, and artists, and zoologists, and historians. They also happened to be the best computer scientists in the world. But if it hadn’t been computer science, these people would have been doing amazing things in other fields.”- Steve Jobs,…

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