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25 Most Common Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers & Experienced

interview questions for freshers

Every jobseeker on this planet looks forward to call for an interview. Reasonably so, because an interview call or letter signifies you are in the shortlist of potential candidates. An interview call brings elation, anticipation and of course, a sense of apprehension. Elation because the interview call means your application has passed screening and is…

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10 Underestimated Tips for Clearing Civil Service Interview Round

Every year thousands of students appear for civil service interview but less than 100 of them are selected. You can imagine how tough competition is. You can clear written rounds however interview is the most difficult part of civil service examination. In this article we give you some tips that you will require to clear…

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Effective Body Language Tips

We all tend to think that we are an expert on body language and people often give out body language tips. Yet not many of us are. Various studies have shown that we communicate mainly through non verbal means (7% through words, 38% intonation, 55% non-verbal). And yet most of us don’t know what we…

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8 Tips to Keep in Mind for the Second Interview Preparation

Some companies will require that you attend a second interview before deciding who to select for the position. Also called a ‘plant visit’, second interviews have specific goals. Understanding these goals will help one prepare for these interviews with success. 1. Second interviews usually try to help an employer understand your specific qualities. During the…

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Great Questions to Ask the Interviewer

In any interview, you can almost always count on the question: “Do you have any Questions?” Even if you have thoroughly researched the company and the position, and have a clear understanding of the expectations of the role, an answer of “No, I have all of the information I need,” is a bad choice (and…

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Best Way to Answer Common but Tough Interview Questions

You can clear written exams but it is the interview where most of the candidates fail to make it. To be honest you cannot clear an interview by preparing in few days. Basically an interview tests your personality which has been developed over a period of time. So in order to clear an interview you…

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