How to Find Bank Jobs in India

Looking for bank jobs in India? If your answer is YES then how would you find bank jobs staying in India? Well! As a matter of fact there are few bank jobs and millions of aspirants. This would certainly make very tough for bank jobs aspirants. But if you have a proper technique to find out then you could be one of the candidates [....]

How to get Media Jobs like “Barkha Dutt”?

I think title of the article is very clear. It is all about the media jobs. Younger generation in India is very much interested about the jobs associated with it. In this article we shall discuss what is a media job? Then we will look at some reasons that why it is so trending in India. Moreover, we will find out how media jobs are [....]

Salary Comparison between a Sarkari Naurki and a Private Job

Every graduate who is looking out for a job would try his best to get a job that pays him well. Normally, fresh graduates just coming out of college have only one criteria in their mind for choosing a job. And that criterion is how much is the salary. They are more bothered about the salary than anything else. Moreover, they think if salary [....]

10 Questions About Job Fairs Every Fresher Should Ask

You might have heard about job fairs. If you are a graduate or still attending college, you must be aware of job fairs organized in your city. So a fresher who is looking for a job must know about them. Thus, here are 10 tentative questions that a fresher would like to ask regarding job fairs ...

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid in Your College Life

Perhaps college days are the best time period in your entire life. You will never forget moments for your whole life that you spent in your college. We all enjoyed every moment of our college life. But, if you look in hindsight then we will realize that we did many mistakes when we were in college. In fact, when I ....

Do you go With the Trend or Listen to Your Heart for Your Career

Are you among those who follow the trend for choosing their career? Or you are among those who listen to their heart rather going with the prevailing trend. I really do not know, in which category you fit in. However, in reality, majority of youngsters choose to go with the trend that is prevailing right now....

When is the Right Time for Career Planning?

Career planning is a growing phenomenon among younger generation. Today, they are very concerned about their career than they were before. In fact, not just young students and graduates but also working professionals, even they are showing interest in career planning. Hence, what would be the right time ....

Why You Should Visit a Career Counselor?

This is an interesting question, why you should visit a career counselor? In a country, where majority of its students and graduates living in small cities and town aspire only for a Sarkari Naukri. So what is the need of a career counselor? How is it possible for them to invest time and money for a career counselor ....

Top 10 Tips for Effective Presentation

Someday, would you like to give a presentation like Steve Jobs? The answer would be yes! Everyone has to give presentation in his or her life, in some or other form. If you are in college then you have to give presentation for final project, if you are a working professional then also you have to give ...

Do Engineers From IIT Really Earn Big Fat Salary?

Well! The title of the article is very relevant to all those students who are in 10+2 or Pre University College want to get admission in IIT’s. In fact, the title of the article is a question and the question is, do really IIT engineers earn big fat salary? We will find the answer of this question in this article. However, this question is very intriguing for many reasons. First is ....

Sarkari Naukri for a Cyber Security Professional

As we all know, a cyber security job comes under the Information technology (IT) and IT industry is mainly driven by private sector. I know better because my home town Bangalore is the hub of IT industry. But why would you prefer a cyber security job in Sarkari Naukri, when there are so many vacancies in private companies. Well! I leave up to you why you want [...]

21 Crucial Tips for Candidates Appearing for a Civil Services Exam

In India, candidates who are aspiring for best sarkari jobs, are definitely looking for Civil Services Exam. Civil Services Exam or CSE is most popular exam in India. If you want to become an IAS officer or IPS officer then you have to clear CS Exams. Lakhs of student appear in CS Exam every year ....