32 Latest & Best Part Time Jobs from Home (Online & Offline)

Part time jobs are a great way to make some extra income from home. There are various part time offline jobs as well as online jobs that can pay you an extra income.

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30 Latest Part Time Jobs

Majority of the people who are looking for part time jobs want something that can be done from their home in their extra time. So first, we will show you 15 simple online part time jobs that can give you instant income.

Part Time Online Jobs

Although we have already written about the best paying 14 online jobs here with the complete details but here you can see the list of around 15 online jobs that you can do in part time.

1. Part Time Ad Clicking Job

When it comes to easiest way to earn money on internet then ad clicking job comes on the top. Here you can earn money by simply clicking the ads & view the ads for 15-30 seconds.

Although there are dozens of sites for this online job but as you are looking for a part time work, we will show you few of the most trusted sites that pay on regular basis.

You can check  these top 6 Ad clicking sites here & join all the sites.

It does not take more than 30 minutes to work daily on these sites. You can easily earn $100-$200 (Rs.5000-Rs.10000) per month by working on these 6 sites.

If you have more time then I will highly recommend 5 more sites here where you will not only earn by clicking ads BUT Also by completing many simple offers.

2. Online Surveys

This is another part time option, wherein you can spend your free time in a relaxed manner. Here, you will have to give your opinion about a number of products and services.

Surveys are generally important for businesses to identify the tastes and interests of their potential customers. Here you should be careful about a reliable surveying website.

You can find the list of 20 survey sites here with complete details to earn from this part time online job.

3. Part Time Blogging

If there is  something best on internet that can give you life long income then its blogging.

Blogging is nothing but creating your own website (free or paid) where you can write your daily experiences, tips & ideas, share your knowledge or opinion or anything else you think is beneficial to the world.

People visit your blog & you make money.

There are dozens of ways to make money with blogging & you can choose any method you like.

You can make money by displaying ads on your blog, by selling affiliate products, provide consultancy, sell your own products, through paid membership etc.

You can become a part time blogger & make a stable income  but it takes time to learn blogging. We have developed one of the best training that can help you to learn blogging quickly. Don’t worry, its FREE.

You can check how I earned Rs. 20 Lacs in 2013 from AdSense by working full time. But now I make much more than this.

Although it's not that simple as above 2 but you are ready to put hard work then you can really earn good money even by working part time.

You can just Signup Here, download our training package that contains not only blogging but all the part time jobs opportunities & start earning from all the jobs.

4. Affiliate marketing

If you want to become rich by working hard then affiliate marketing is the best option for you. There is a great potential of making money from affiliate marketing.

There are thousands of websites on internet that provide affiliate programs. You can join the affiliate programs of your choice & promote their products.

You can make up to 50% by selling the products of the advertisers. And you don’t need to worry about maintaining the products, shipment, customer handling etc.

Some of popular affiliate programs are Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, VCommission etc.

5. Complete Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is one of very popular sites where you can become a seller & provide your services for $5 or multiple of $5.

There are thousands of Indians who are making good money from Fiverr. There are hundreds of things you can do on Fiverr.

I will recommend you to visit Fiverr & check what other people are doing & what can you do.

Our training will show you how to make great income working part time in Fiverr. Just click the Signup link above & download Fiverr & other online jobs.

6. Online tutoring

With the availability of online video chat facilities through Skype, you can earn by tutoring students online. In addition, if you are a subject matter expert, you can also provide consultancy services as well.

You can check the sites like Wiziq, Tutor India, TutorCity.in where you can become a tutor & teach online in part time.

Refer: Online Tutoring Jobs -Earn 40,000 pm

7. Content Writer

Content writing is one of the best part time option if you love writing. There are number of ways you can make money writing content.

You can check the job sites like Indeed, Quikr etc. where you can find jobs related to writing work or join the sites like Lexiconn, Fiverr, UpWork & other freelance sites to find work related to writing.

If you are successful in writing, you can make $20 per hour with this online job.

8. Data entry or Form filling

There are so many types of data entry jobs available on internet. If your typing speed is good & want to make some good part time income then you can go for this work.

There are 6 best places to find data entry jobs mentioned here. You can read it carefully so that you can find a legitimate company for data entry or form filling jobs.

9. Get paid to play games

You might giggle at this heading. Yes, but the fact is that playing games can earn you. For testing purposes, some gaming companies provide opportunities for people to earn as game testers.

There are also websites that give rewards to play games. There are good chances of earning in part time. You can read on MoneyConnexion to know more about this online job.

10. Micro jobs

Do you know you can get paid to work on number of small tasks like sharing a page, searching on Google, identifying an image, watching a video, writing a short article/review & many more.

We will show you some of the best sites that can provide you such micro jobs online. You can join these sites & work part time for 2-3 hours daily & make a decent income.

You can signup for our Free training package to get the list of micro job sites.

11. Become a captcha solver

Everyone knows captcha. It’s an image that you see at the time of creating an email or signing up any website. It’s a way to control SPAM.

There is no way a software can read this message.  So you need to become a capthca solver, identify such images & type the characters so that automatic signup will be successful.

Companies pay you $1-$2 to solve 1000 Captchas. If your typing speed is good, you can solver 1000 captchas in 1-2 hours. This is a low paying online job & you will hardly make Rs.5000-Rs.6000 per month by working part time.

You can check best Captcha solving sites here.

12. Become a part time seller

Whether Flipkart or Amazon is profitable or not but their sellers are very much profitable. It’s simple to become a seller on any ecommerce site.

Just go to Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal or any of your favorite shopping sites & join there as a seller.

Now you can sell anything that you want. If you don’t have anything then go to your local market & see some of the interesting things available only in your city.

You can also take the dealership of some products & then sell on these sites. You just need to check your orders & ship the products when you receive the order.

13. Online Consultant

If you have knowledge in a particular field or you are some expert  then you can provide online consultancy or even training through Skype.

You just need to create a website or a Facebook page where you can mention your expertise & how you can help other people with your knowledge.

14. Part time Photography

Do you know that in addition to behind as a hobby, photography is now turning out to an income earning source these days. You can either  sell your photos online or set up your own website .

If your photos are excellent then you can submit your photos on sites like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, Fotolia & make quick income.

15. YouTube Partnership

YouTube is one of most popular website for watching videos. You must have observed the various ads when you watch any video on YouTube.

You can create a YouTube channel and upload some interesting videos to make money from YouTube. There are many YouTubers who make money in money part time.

You need to join YouTube partner program to start earning from your YouTube channel. You get paid according to the number of video views and many other factors.

Refer: A complete guide to make money from YouTube

Signup Free for getting all these online  jobs.

Offline Part Time Jobs

If you do not have a computer or internet connection in your home, you can opt for these top 15 offline jobs in part time:

1. Part time office job

This is one of the best way to work part time if you are looking for an offline part time job. You can check the popular job portals like Indeed, Quikr, TimesJob, Naukri etc. for finding such office jobs.

You need to check the travelling time & office hours before you join an office job otherwise it may become like a full time job with part time salary.

2. Offline data entry:

There are data entry positions that need just a computer without any internet connection and they will require you to type a particular number of pages per day. This job can be done on a part-time basis.

You can check these 6 ways to find offline data entry jobs.

3. Home Tuition or a home tutor

If you love teaching, you can take part time tuition for young kids in your area. If you do some research in your area, you can easily find at least 10-20 students who need tuition because their parents are unable to each them.

You can become a home tutor & teach the students at their own home. You need to advertise through mouth publicity, or pamphlets distribution, whatsapp marketing etc. to get more kids for your tuition.

4. Network marketing

This is one of the best part time options for people who like to work in their own terms. There is a great earning scope if the company is new & product is good.

There are many old companies like Amway, Herbalife etc. which are popular & has good products but everyone know about these companies so its hard to convince people to join in your team.

You can find new companies with good products and compensation plan to earn good income.

5. Insurance Agent

Personally I don’t like becoming an insurance agent because I hate follow-ups but if you are good in taking follow-ups & good at convincing people then this is for you.

You can become an insurance agent with companies like LIC, ICICI Prudential, TATA AIG, HDFC Life etc. You will get paid lifelong commission for each & every policy you sell.

6. Candle making

Nowadays, candle making is turning out to be a business for many. All you have to do is to take up a course for the same and some moulds and candle making equipment will be needed.

You can earn great income from this source as designer candles and fragrance candles are gaining popularity these days.

7. Domestic call center

You can choose to work from your house for call centers that look for executives to answer the queries of their customers. There are many companies who hires part time executive for their call centre.

Just refer to your local newspaper in English or your language for number of openings in call centres & apply with confidence.

8. Translator

If you have fluency in some other language in addition to English, you can look for translator position. Of course, you will need a computer for doing this work. But, internet connection is not essential.

9. Part time faculty

There are many colleges in your city that need part time faculties. If you are qualified, you can approach each & every college in your city & apply for a part time faculty. I am sure, you will get positive reply from at least 1 college.

10. Jewelry making

Handmade jewelries are gaining importance among young girls these days and you can choose this business at home.

Initially, you can just make jewelries on your home and can take them to your local stores to sell and if they are satisfied with your work, you can get more orders. The same thing can be done for other artworks as well like pottery painting.

11. Home-based food business or bakery

If you are interested towards cooking, you can turn your interest into income during your free time. However, food production is a regulated field and so you should understand the local rules pertaining to this field before starting.

12. Child day care

If you are interested towards small kids, you can start a child day care center to take care of little ones for few hours after their school hours until their parents get back from work.

You can advertise your center locally and can invite parents to leave their school going children with you for caring when they are away for work.

13. Home-based franchise business

There are some companies that are looking from franchisees to sell their stuff in their local area and you can also choose franchise business opportunities. Either you can focus part time or full time depending on your convenience.

You can even hire someone who can take care of your franchise business and while you can attend the same in part time.

14. Event planning

If you can plan events, you can choose to become an event planner.

Nowadays, in their busy schedule, people hardly find time to plan their events and when you can provide this service there are great chances that you will get more and more work orders by word of mouth popularity.

When you get orders in advance, you can plan things during the four or five hour time you get per day.

16. Music instructor

Not only as educational tutor, if you have knowledge about music, you can choose to become a music instructor as and well by working part time. This can be done in the evening hours after you return home from your office or college.

15. Hand-made invitation creation

You can also choose to create handmade invitations as a part-time business. Initially, you can start by creating invitations for the personal functions in your home and then can develop yourself to providing this service for others and can earn handsomely.

17. Pet groomer

If you are interested in pets, you can turn out to be a pet groomer and there are many pet grooming supplies available in the market to help you out.

So these are some of the best part time jobs available for you. Thousands of people are making good income from part time online jobs & other jobs mentioned above. Just signup & get FREE Training Kit for all part time jobs.


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